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2: This Ain't Checkers

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Walkthrough

Mori's Missions - 2: This Ain't Checkers

This mission will become available after “High Dive” in Yusuf's mission line. To complete this mission you must beat Mori and two other participants in a vehicular triathlon. Hit the marker in Fishmarket South to get started.

First, participants will skydive out of a helicopter and aim for one of the boats docked at Happiness Island. The boat will be used to clear a series of waypoints. Once on land, participants will get into one of the cars parked nearby and clear another series of waypoints. First one to the final waypoint in Middle Park wins.

Winning this race is really not much of a challenge; as long as you can get in first place and maintain it, your lead on the other participants will steadily grow larger, making for an easy win.

Landing on one of the boats at the start of the race.

At the start, allow yourself to freefall a bit, trying to direct yourself toward the boats below, and press the A button to activate the Parachute when ready. Don't use the Parachute right away because you'll be left gliding in the air high above the boats if you're too quick and likely end up completely missing the mark. Ideally you'll land onto one of the boats; it doesn't really matter which one you take, since they are all suited to beat out the competition.

Once in a boat, start it up and make for the first waypoint. Hold the RB button and use the Right Stick to turn the rudders left or right to make sharp turns. In each waypoint is an arrow pointing in the direction the next waypoint will appear, so use these arrows to guide you on your way.

When you hit the final waypoint in the water, drive the boat up the beach and toward the cars parked there. Get one of the cars and start toward the first waypoint. The car is equipped with nitro, however definitely wait until you're off the beach before using it! Traction is poor on the beach, so take your time or you might have a difficult time making up the hill and onto the road. If you performed well enough on the boat portion you should have enough of a lead for such a delay to not matter much.

Clearing the final series of waypoints.

As soon as you're off the beach and on the first straight stretch of road, hit the B button to activate nitro. Don't be too liberal with the nitro though, as a turn is coming up. While using nitro, be sure not to move the Left Stick to the left or to the right, as your car is likely to spin out if you do so. The best opportunity to use nitro efficiently will come when you reach a bridge. As soon as you reach the bridge, hit the B button and do so after each boost until your tank is empty. You'll have to turn right when you reach the north end of Middle Park, so use some discretion.

Push on to the final waypoint to win the race and complete the mission. You can now participate in multiple-vehicle races around the city by travelling to one of the checkered flag icons on the map and radar.

Secondary Objectives
Time: 0:07:35
Player Damage: 0%
Landed in Boat: Land on one of the boats at the start of the race.
Always First: Get in first place and remain there for the rest of the race.

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