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4: For the Man Who Has Everything

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Walkthrough

Yusuf's Missions - 4: For the Man Who Has Everything

This mission will become available sometime after “Dropping In” in Bulgarin's mission line. You'll want to acquire some Body Armor beforehand. Travel to the construction site in Castle Gardens when you're ready and hit the marker there to get started.

The next item Yusuf desires is a subway train car. Drive to the marker on the Algonquin bridge and get out your car once there. Stand at the marker overlooking the tracks and wait until the subway train comes into view, at which point leap from the off-ramp and onto the moving train.

Make your way to the front of the train.

Once on top of the train you'll be promptly attributed a four-star wanted level. Yusuf has provided you with another batch of explosive shells for your Explosive Shotgun, making shooting down the police helicopters that will soon swarm you possible. Each helicopter takes three to four direct hits to take down.

Inch your way toward the front of the train and shoot down police helicopters as they appear. When you reach the front car, you must hold out until Yusuf appears in his crane helicopter before Luis will disconnect the car. While waiting for that, use your Explosive Shotgun to blast any helicopters that engage you.

When the train reaches the Schottler station, be ready to duck down by clicking the Left Stick, as a gunship will soon appear before you and continuously fire. Duck as soon as you're through the Schottler station and remain down until the gunship is behind you. Lock-on and blast the cops at the next station as the train passes through and Luis will soon detach the car to complete the mission.

Helping Yusuf steal the train car.

Secondary Objectives
Time: 0:04:20
Player Damage: 50%
Duck Chopper
Helicopters Destroyed: 8

Sometime after completing this mission, Yusuf will call to tell you that he has left a car for you in front of his apartment near Middle Park. Travel to the ‘Y' icon on your radar and to find Yusuf's Super Drop Diamond. Get in the car to obtain a unique golden SMG. The Super DD will spawn in front of Yusuf's apartment from now on.

Look for the Super DD in front of Yusuf's apartment.

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