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7: Frosting on the Cake

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Walkthrough

Tony's Missions - Mission 7: Frosting on the Cake

Make your way to the marker in East Hook to trigger a cutscene. An on-rails sequence follows. You have an unlimited number of Sticky Bombs at your disposal, and must use them to take out the bikers pursuing you.

Use the Right Stick to aim, the RT button to throw a bomb, and down on the D-pad to detonate it. You can detonate bombs that are in mid-air, so there's no need to wait for them to stick before hitting the switch. Detonate a thrown bomb while it's by a target in mid-air, or throw it on the street next to a target and detonate it immediately.

Use Sticky Bombs to fight off the pursuing bikers.

Red blips on the radar mark hostiles, so keep an eye on your radar for blips indicating enemies up ahead. When you notice a group of enemies is coming up, turn to face them and try to clear them away the car reaches them.

Eventually you'll reach a police barricade and attain a three-star wanted level. Quickly lay some Sticky Bombs down by the police cruisers and detonate them to clear the way. Following the barricade, an APC Tank will appear and start tailing you. Continuously toss Sticky Bombs at the approaching APC and detonate them until the vehicle explodes. It might help to stick the bombs to the street and wait for the APC to roll over before setting them off.

As you cross the bridge, some more bikers and a police helicopter will trail after you. Use Sticky Bombs to kill the pursuing bikers, and then turn your attention to the helicopter. Aim up above the blades of the helicopter, throw a bomb, and set it off while the bomb is in mid-air to knock the helicopter down.

Bring down the police chopper!

At the other end of the bridge, Luis will be forced to take the wheel. You'll have to lose your wanted level next. Continue speeding straight when you reach the end of the bridge until you're out of the flashing circle. Then, take a left or right to avoid any approaching police cruisers and remain out of sight long enough to shake the cops. With that done, follow the highlighted route to Tony's apartment and drop him off to complete the mission.

Secondary Objectives
Time: 0:05:45
Player Damage: 50%
Bomb Accuracy
Escape Cops Time: 0:00:35

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Comments for 7: Frosting on the Cake

3 comments, latest first.
Aug 9th 2013 Guest
It is soo hard
ID #303625
Dec 30th 2010 Guest
This is sooo hard and, you make it seem like a walk through the park. I can't do this without dieing, I'm getting very frustrated! :(
ID #23097
Jul 31st 2010 Guest
this mission is a pain in tha @ss
ID #6841