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Yusuf's Missions
1: Sexy Time

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Walkthrough

Yusuf's Missions

You'll get a call from Yusuf following the “Chinese Takeout” or “Practice Swing” missions in Tony's mission line. He has work for you, so follow the ‘Y' icon on the radar to Yusuf's apartment near Middle Park and hit the marker outside to get started.

1: Sexy Time

You're tasked with stealing a helicopter. There's just one problem: it's on helipad, which is on top of a yacht that's currently out at sea.

First, it's off to the marina in Castle Garden City to grab a boat. After the cutscene, quickly steal a car (or hail a taxi if you don't care about score) and follow the marker on your radar to reach the marina. When you reach the marker, climb down the stairs and hope in one of the Jetmax motorboats along the dock.

Once you have a boat, start toward the marker on your radar. There is one patrol boat protecting the yacht, so you don't want to make a beeline for it. When the yacht comes into view, continue heading straight until you are near the front of the yacht. Then, turn toward the yacht and move along its side to its back end. Slow down as you near the back of the yacht and then jump out of your boat.  Quickly swim to the back of the yacht by holding the A and then press the X button once to grab hold and again to climb up.

Get behind the yacht and climb onboard.

After the short scene, make your way onto the helipad and get in the Buzzard. As soon as you're in, hold the RT button to ascend and press the RB button to turn toward the Statue of Happiness. If you want to satisfy the “Boats Destroyed” secondary objective, you'll have to destroy the patrol boat before flying off. Either way, fly toward Happiness Island, but not too quickly. As soon as Luis dials Yusuf's phone number, slow down and hold the RB or LB button to turn back around to face the yacht.

Yusuf asks that you destroy the yacht, killing everyone onboard.  Doing so might be a bit of a hassle if you're not used to the helicopter controls. If you take your time, you can fly over the yacht and destroy it with missiles in one pass.

While piloting the Buzzard, the X button fires missile and the A button the machine gun. Start back toward the back end of the yacht, flying just a bit above it. As you near, push the Left Stick up to tilt the front end of the Buzzard toward the yacht and start tapping the X button to fire missiles. If you're too high and the missiles miss their target, hold the LT button to descend a bit or continue pushing the Left Stick up. You need to hit the back, middle, and front of the yacht with missiles to sink it. The Buzzard's onboard computer will notify you when a missile is headed your way.

Using the Buzzard's weaponry to sink the yacht.

When you've managed to sink the yacht, you'll then have to kill the three fleeing arms dealers. Use the Buzzard's machine gun for this task. Start toward the three motorboats, making sure you're not too high up in the air. Once you're above the arms dealers, stop moving forward, push the Left Stick up and hold the A button while trying to direct the fire to one of the three boats. It's quite difficult to hit the boats while moving forward, but slowing down to a near stop seems to improve accuracy greatly. The goons onboard are armed with RPGs, so keep an eye out for missiles headed your way.

You might find it easier to destroy the boats with the camera set to first-person. To switch to the first-person camera view, press the Back to cycle through until the camera is set. A word of warning: If you suffer from any degree of motion sickness, stick to the third-person view.

Once all three targets have been dealt with, fly to the helipad on top of the skyscraper in Fish Market South and land the Buzzard there to complete the mission.

Secondary Objectives
Time: 0:06:00
Player Damage: 0%
Boats Destroyed: 4

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Comments for Yusuf's Missions
1: Sexy Time

23 comments, latest first.
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Jul 1st 2015 Guest
Its really good idea to plant sticky bombs ....thanks man[color=red][/color]
ID #578575
Nov 20th 2014 Guest
The mission is not that hard actually and these strategies to go to the place where they land... its pointless, use the little machine gun of the chopper and shoot with shift, its enough to hit one time the boats with it and they explode fast, the problem is that unlike gta san andreas u can not aim from the chopper to them :( Thats shit but I just used the water to orientate where are the bullets going and for on the 10th time I passed it, lay up with 8 from num pad and u see where the bullets go when u shoot in the water and sooner or later u kill the boats ;) Hope I helped
ID #474059
Sep 26th 2014 Guest
i tried to pass the mission for a week, some have better luck, i killed the boats with the rocket launcher near the mansion on the beach
ID #451886
Jan 3rd 2014 Guest
It takes practice.i hated that mission to
ID #338964
Oct 30th 2013 Rexpel
Well, I done it, it is really an idiotic mission. Went to they're landing place and waited for them. Took out a few with rocket launchers. They others with an AK. If you don't leave that chopper to far away behind, you're still in the game. Had to climb back in that chopper to find they other guys. Destroyed a few with on board missile.
Done my head in that mission. All on a keyboard and mouse.
ID #317071
Oct 13th 2013 Guest
they always have to screw their game with some idiotic helicopter/ariplane mission. sick of ur sh1t already rockstar
ID #314258
Aug 31st 2013 Guest
Well i tried putting sticky bombs around the boat when i was in my boat going to get the helicopter but on a cheat ive seen, it shot the patrol boat that was surrounding the boat, maybe that will help or killing everyone on bord the ship before you take the helicopter or throwing grenades onto the ship before you set off on the helicopter, or press the select button on the remote to change the view till its at the nose of the helicopter which should be easier
ID #307600
Jul 22nd 2013 Guest
Why wont the helicopter register being on the helipad?
ID #299455
May 27th 2013 Guest
This part of the game sucks ass rockstar really screwed the game up with these sloppy ass motorcycle controlls and plane controls its so stupid , but i went to where they go on foot and tried to chase them but i failed the mission becuase i so called "abandoned the plane" so this mission is kinda impossible unless yu can catch them all on foot but this mission is irrelevant and stupid as hell and makes me regret even getting the game
ID #285818
Feb 28th 2013 Guest
Well instead of doing it the way the game way. I automatically went to the place where the arms dealers run on land and met then there. I got out of the Buzzard and shot then with a rocket lounger. and got back in the buzzard and took it to the helicopter landing port. Hopes that helps.
ID #259589
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
this is so hard how do u do it
ID #249326
Jan 18th 2013 Guest
I did this mission about 15 times in a row and as if flying the helicopter wasn't hard enough, detroying all of your targets is next to impossible. Finally i got sick of trying to fly the thing and took it to the cove where the 3 boats eventually dock and planted explosives where they land and detonated them upon arrival. Had to shoot more more guy after that but don;t get too far away from the chopper or you'll fail for that too
ID #244006
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
Gayest mission ever wth
ID #242745
Jan 7th 2013 Guest
this sucks, i keep going in the water. i cant get close to the boats at all much less shoot them! >:[
ID #239414
Jan 6th 2013 Guest
how do I get other bombs cus I got the sticky bombs but I want more
ID #238333