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2: Dropping In

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Walkthrough

Bulgarin's Missions - 2: Dropping In

Bulgarin wants you to storm the Liberty City Rampage building in Algonquin and kill the owner, a man named Ashvilli. Since simply strolling through the front door would be too easy, you must instead Parachute from a helicopter and land on the helipad atop the building, fighting your way down from there.

You'll want to purchase Grenades or Sticky Bombs before starting this mission, so give Armando a call beforehand. Grenades are the better option, but enemies don't seem to scatter when a Sticky Bomb is thrown, so those are suitable as well. When throwing a grenade you can hold on to it after pulling the pin by holding down RT; do this and enemies won't have as much time to react before it goes off.

Hit the checkpoints as you ascend to position the helicopter.

Make your way to the helipad in Fishmarket South and hit the marker there. Get out of the car and into the helicopter on the helipad. Wait for Timur to get in as well and then ascend. Fly high enough that you're level with the first checkpoint, and then fly through it. Look to your radar and ascend until you're on level with the second checkpoint, and then fly through it. Fly through the next two checkpoints and you'll be over the building.

After hitting the final checkpoint, move the helicopter forward just a bit more. You're aiming for the pink marker on the helipad on top of the building. Once you've spotted the target, jump out of the helicopter. Allow Luis to freefall for a few seconds, angling him toward the target, and then press the A button to activate the Parachute. Push up on the Left Stick to slow down while gliding, or push down on the Left Stick to glide forward. Land as close to the marker as possible.

The “Perfect Landing” secondary objective doesn't seem to be overly particular, as even landing near the market seems to satisfy it.

Landing on the helipad.

Enter the building after the cutscene and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs look for a vest of Body Armor to your left. There are four goons in the hallway beyond the yellow double-door, so toss a Grenade in or be ready with an automatic weapon or your .44 to quickly take them out with headshots. At the end of the first hall is an elevator shaft. There are two guys below, so either kill them before dropping down if they are visible or toss a grenade or Sticky Bomb to clear them out.

Drop down the elevator shaft and quickly gun down the enemies in the hallway. Take cover off to the side if need be. When the way is clear, move to the double-door at the end of the hall. There are two enemies through the double-door. One of them should be out in the open, and the other will likely be covering by the table on the right side of the room. Gun down the visible enemy with an automatic weapon and headshot the other when he peeks his head out.

Nudge open the yellow door at the end of the room and gun down the enemy in the stairwell. At the bottom of the stairs, have a grenade or Sticky Bomb ready and nudge open the door. Toss the explosive behind the desk at the other end of the room to clear out the two enemies there.

Storm the building in search of Ashvilli.

There's a mess of enemies in the board room adjacent to the desk, so inch forward, break the glass with gunfire and lob a couple of explosives in there. To satisfy the “Ashvilli Plummet” objective you must push him out the windows at the back of the boardroom with gunfire. To do so you will first have to clear away his bodyguards, leaving Ashvilli (who is unarmed) for last and moving in to knock him out with gunfire when he's in front of one of the windows.

When Ashvilli is dead, jump through the window at the north end of the board room and attempt to land on the back of the truck marked on your radar. You don't have to land right on the truck to make the escape; if you land on the street next to it, you can just get in passenger's seat, however you will fail to complete the “Truck Landing” secondary objective. If you land too far away from the truck and Timur takes off, just grab any car in the street and drive away to escape the bodyguards coming after you. Lose your pursuers to complete the mission.

Killing Ashvilli and escaping.

Secondary Objectives
Time: 0:06:40
Player Damage: 40%
Accuracy: 70%
Perfect Landing: Land in the marker on the helipad atop the target building.
Ashvilli Plummet: Kill all of Ashvilli's body guards first, then lock-on and shoot him when he moves in front of the window.
Truck Landing: Glide onto the back of the flatbed truck driven by Timur after jumping through the window at the end of the mission.

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