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Mori's Missions
1: Kibbutz Number One

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Walkthrough

Mori's Missions

You can take a mission from Mori following “Practice Swing” in Tony's mission line. Follow the ‘M' icon on the radar and hit the marker there to get started.

1: Kibbutz Number One

Drive Mori to the docks in Chase Point at the south end of Bohan. Once there, step out of the car and follow Mori down the nearby stairs. After the cutscene, equip a weapon (the Pistol .44 is ideal) and use Free Aim or auto-aim to score some headshots on the two or three enemies closest to you.

After killing the first few enemies, an enemy armed with RPG will appear on the third level of the parking garage along the north side of the dock, and another with a pistol on the second level. After dealing with the enemies closest to you, step out of cover and walk along the railing to the shipping container covered by a green tarp. Take cover behind the container and pick off the two enemies in the parking garage when they pop up to fire. Once those two enemies are down, move up to the two boxes further ahead and pick off the remaining enemies there

Help Mori take out his rivals.

When the dock is clear of enemies, hit the marker at the east end to board a dinghy. Now you must destroy the three marked boats using Sticky Bombs. You can throw a Sticky Bomb while driving a vehicle by pressing the LB button. Luis will throw the bomb to his left, so you'll have to be next to the boats to make the kill.

Don't drive right up alongside your target, as doing so would give the driver a prime opportunity to hit you with gunfire. Leave a sizeable gap between your boat and the target before throwing a bomb. When the bomb hits the water, immediately press down on the D-pad to detonate, destroying the target in the process.

Destroy all three boats and then dock in Fishmarket South to complete the mission.

Secondary Objectives
Time: 0:05:00
Player Damage: 50%
Headshots: 10
Accuracy: 70%
Boat Damage: 60%
Top Boat Speed: 70 mph
Quickdraw the RPG: Kill the RPG-wielding enemy in the parking garage before he can fire.

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Comments for Mori's Missions
1: Kibbutz Number One

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Jul 31st 2012 Guest
Well I get close to the boat and they always speed up!
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Dec 17th 2011 Guest
you suck
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