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Refinery Infiltration

Crackdown 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Refinery Infiltration

This objective becomes active once you've detonated the initial nine Beacons in Pacific City. Before you can move on to the final Beacon at Agency Tower, you must crash the Refinery at the west end of northern Hope Springs and open the five valves there to restore the supply of fuel to the tower. A ridiculous number of Cell soldiers guard each valve, so you'd best prepare well.

It is recommended that you equip your Agent with a Mach HMG-120, either a Homing Launcher or Flocket Launcher, and Cluster Grenades. You'll have unlocked the Flocket Launcher when you levelled your Agent's Explosives skill to level three, but the Mach HMG-120 and Cluster Grenades are Cell weapons.

Unlock Cell weapons at the Agent Redeployment screen by delivering them to the Marker at an Agency Landing Zone.

To acquire a Cell weapon, you must take it from a dead Cell soldier and then bring the weapon to the marker at an Agency Landing Zone to store it. Once you've done that, you can then select the weapon at a Landing Zone or when redeploying your Agent.

Cluster Grenades are quite common, but you can only find a Homing Launcher at Cell-held Tactical Locations in Unity Heights. The Mach HMG-120 is sometimes used by Cell soldiers defending Tactical Locations in Unity Heights.

Make your way to the Refinery at the east end of northern Hope Springs when you're ready to go. The initial four valves appear on the tracker as red exclamation mark icons. It does not matter in which order you activate the valves, so just fight your way to each valve and clear the surrounding rooftops of enemies before attempting to open it.

Use your Homing Launcher, Flocket Launcher or grenades to clear each valve platform and any enemies in the near vicinity. Snipers and enemies with explosive weapons are the biggest threats here, so target them first. If you're continuously being pelted by explosives and your Agent is losing health fast, drop down to street level and take cover behind a building until his health is restored.

Open all five valves in the Refinery to restore fuel to the Agency Tower. Each valve is heavily guarded, so prepare well.

To open a valve, position your Agent in front of the turnwheel and press the Y button when the prompt appears. Getting this prompt to appear is a bit finicky, so it's important that there aren't any enemies nearby while you're attempting to open a valve.

Once you've opened the first four valves, a fifth will appear on your tracker. This valve is on the pipes at the northwest end of the Refinery. Fight your way to the final valve, toss a grenade onto the platform to clear away the enemies there, then move in and open the valve to complete the mission.

If your Agent is killed while pursuing this objective, there's no need to re-open any valves. Just redeploy your Agent at the nearest drop point and continue on to the next one (but be more careful this time!).

Activate the fifth valve at the northwest end of the Refinery to complete the mission.

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