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Crackdown 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 15 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Crackdown 2 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Crackdown 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Play as Agent 4 from Perfect Dark

When you have a saved game file from Perfect Dark on your hard drive and you create a saved game file from Crackdown 2 you will be able to play Perfect Dark from Xbox Live Arcade again. When you play Perfect Dark this time the console will detect the Crackdown 2 saved game file and Agent 4 will be an available option in the Combat Simulator multiplayer modes.

Unlock Deluge Avatar Awards

When you complete the following tasks in the 'Deluge' bonus downloadable content the corresponding Avatar Award will become unlocked.

Unlock PVP Helmet:

Download and play Deluge.

Unlock PVP Suit:

Earn the '15 Minutes Of Maim' achievement.

Unlock Toy Box Avatar Awards

When you complete the following tasks in the 'Toy Box' bonus downloadable content the corresponding Avatar Award will become unlocked.

Unlock Green Agent Helmet:

Download and play Toy Box.

Unlock Green Agent Suit:

Earn the 'Fly Swat' achievement.

Secret Cave

Get your Agent's agility up to level 5 so you have the Wingsuit and then spawn at the Agency tower. Move to the right and look for a large cylindrical pipe which is directly in front of the Agency holding pen building. This cylindrical pipe will be very tall and is the only one that has an opening at the top. Jump down and use the Wingsuit's glide ability to slow your descent as it is a long drop to the bottom. When you reach the bottom you will find yourself in a small cave where there is a very large toilet, rubber duckies and beach balls.

Watch the video

Helicopter - Reaching the Agency Island helipad

There are four helicopters parked on the helipad east of Agency Island. Reaching the helipad requires a Wingsuit, so you'll need an Agent with an Agility skill at level five.

See the video below to learn how to reach the helipad with the Wingsuit.

Watch the video

Mounted Turret Reload

To reload a mounted turret that you took from its stationary post just locate the orginal post and replace the turret (requires level 3 stength). When you pick it up again you will get fresh ammo.

Avatar Awards

When you complete the following tasks you will be rewarded with the corresponding avatar.

Unlock Freaky Slippers (Male and Female):

Complete the 'First Hurdle' achievement.

Unlock Level 1 Agent Suit (Male and Female):

Complete the 'Light Bringer' achievement.

Unlock Official Agency Hoodie (Male and Female):

Complete the 'Jack of all Trades' achievement.

Unlock Ruffian Hat:

Complete the 'Hope Spring Savior' achievement.

Unlock Orb Shirt (Male and Female):

'First Blood' achievement detected from Crackdown.

City Glider achievement

Unlocking the Wingsuit requires levelling your Agent’s Agility skill to level five. Once unlocked, you can activate the Wingsuit by holding the Y button while in the air.

Gliding with the Wingsuit is fairly simple. Once you’ve activated the Wingsuit, push up on the Left Stick to dive down. When the trail behind your Agent turns from blue to red, push the Left Stick down to fly higher. Continue doing this and you can glide indefinitely. Be careful not to push down on the Left Stick too soon or too late, as doing so will cause your Agent to lose altitude and make it more difficult to remain in the air.

This video shows how to use the Wingsuit to unlock the City Glider Xbox 360 achievement.

Finding Orbs - Tip and Maps

An easy way to locate them is to press Up so you get a quick view of any nearby Orbs on the mini-map. This can be repeated after a few seconds if you need to have another look.

Alternatively check out our maps in our Crackdown 2 Guide:

Agility Orbs

Hidden Orbs

Renegade Orbs

Pebble Dash achievement

Unlocking this achievement requires you to jump from the highest point on Agency Tower, drop through the open chimney stack at the south end of the island and survive the fall long enough to land in the water at the bottom.

Start by getting into one of the helicopters on the helipad on the east side of Agency Island. Then, ascend up as high as you can and move toward the tallest pillar on top of the tower. Position the helicopter so you can hop out and land on the pillar without your Agent getting cut up by the blades.

Once on top of the pillar, look for the chimney stack to the south. When you’ve spotted it, jump from the tower and use the Left Stick to guide your Agent toward the opening. When you fall through the opening, continue using the Left Stick to direct..

Rubber Ducky Explosives

These explosives are located at the carnival with the giant Ferris wheel. To get them you must first beat the Cell stronghold to establish an Agency stronghold there. When you have done this save the game and reload it and the explosives will be in the booth with the rubber ducky sign.

Watch the video

Infinite Ammo

To perform this glitch get on a mounted turret and start firing. If you now have a friend punch or kick you off of the turret while you are firing you will have infinite gun and grenade ammo when you recover.

Agility Orbs

Collecting Agility Orbs is one way you can level your Agent's Agility skill. Increasing your Agent's Agility skill level will allow him to jump higher and run faster.

There are 500 Agility Orbs scattered about Pacific City. There are 231 Agility Orbs in Hope Springs, 140 in Green Bay, 115 in Unity Heights and 14 on Agency Island.

The maps in our Crackdown 2 Guide show all of these Orbs plus a number of useful tips to aid you in your quest to find them all:

The maps below show the location of all 500 Agility Orbs. Collect all of the Agility Orbs in Pacific City to unlock the “King of the World” Xbox 360 achievement worth 50..

Big toilet on angcy island

go to angcy island and there is a big pipe go in it and you wil find the toilet myst be on level 5 on aglty

Agency tower

Ok get the suv and you jump up to the wall go to the 4 turents and you must be lvl6 to do this see the choppers (helicopters)you go to the top of agency tower then jump on to the heli pad then for xbox360 you press lt to go up b to shoot the mini gun then there you got it submited by boppy1 go to roblox tp and add me Smile

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