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Agent Skills

Crackdown 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Agent Skills

You can develop your Agent in five different areas: Agility, Strength, Firearms, Explosives and Driving. Each time you level one of these skills your Agent will gain new abilities and become more proficient in that area. At the time of this writing, the level cap for each skill is five.


The Agility skill determines your Agent’s running speed and how high he can jump. Level the Agility skill by collecting the Agility Orbs and Renegade Agility Orbs scattered throughout the city and by completing Rooftop Races and Wingsuit Stunt Rings.

Check out the “Agility Orbs” and “Renegade Orbs” sections of this guide for maps showing the locations of all 500 Agility Orbs and 30 Renegade Agility Orbs respectively.

Agility 2 - Running speed and jump height increase (about 15 feet).
Agility 3 - Running speed and jump height increase (about 20 feet).
Agility 4 - Running speed and jump height increase (about 25 feet).
Agility 5 - Unlock Wingsuit (hold Y while in the air to activate) and Wingsuit Stunt Rings.


Your Agent’s Strength skill determines his total number of hitpoints as well as what objects he can pick up and how far he can throw them. Each Strength skill level gained will unlock an additional health bar (denoted by a red circle below the red health meter in the top-left corner of the screen) and a new skill.

Develop your Agent’s Strength skill by killing Freaks and Cell soldiers with melee attacks, thrown objects, and the Barge Attack and Ground Strike abilities.

Strength 2 - Health increase, ability to lift some heavy objects and wield them as weapons
Strength 3 - Health increase, ability to remove and wield turreted weapons
Strength 4 - Health increase, unlock Barge Attack (hold B while sprinting)
Strength 5 - Health increase, unlock Ground Strike (hold B while in mid-air)


Levelling your Agent’s Firearms skill requires killing Freaks and Cell soldiers with non-explosive weapons. Each time you gain a Firearms skill level, new Agency weapons will be unlocked and from then on available whenever you deploy your Agent.

Increasing the Firearms skill will also improve your Agent’s lock on function when targeting enemies.

Firearms 2 - Unlock Assault Rifle, Sniper, UV Shotgun
Firearms 3 - Unlock Ultra SMG, Ultra Shotgun, Machine Gun
Firearms 4 - Ultra Assault Rifle, Harpoon
Firearms 5 - Unlock Turret Machine Gun, AM Sniper


Improve your Agent’s Explosives skill to increase the size and impact of explosives, as well as unlock grenades and explosive weapons. You can level your Agent’s Explosives skill by killing Freaks and Cell soldiers with grenades, explosive weapons and explosive objects (barrels, canisters, etc.).

Explosives 2 - Unlock UV Grenades, Satchel Charge
Explosives 3 - Unlock Proximity Mines, Flocket Launcher
Explosives 4 - None
Explosives 5 - Unlock Turret Rocket Launcher, Turret Flack


Levelling the Driving skill won’t offer any enhancements to your Agent’s driving abilities, but each level gained will unlock a new Agency vehicle you can from then on request when deploying your Agent.

Level your Agent’s Driving skill by running over Freaks and Cell soldiers, completing Road Races and Vehicle Stunt Rings, collecting Renegade Driving Orbs or by performing tricks (barrel rolls, J-Turns, etc.). Check out the “Vehicle Stunt Rings” and “Renegade Orbs” sections of this guide for maps showing the locations of all 30 Vehicle Stunt Rings and all 15 Renegade Driving Orbs respectively.

Driving 2 - Unlock Agency Buggy
Driving 3 - Unlock Agency Supercar
Driving 4 - Unlock Agency SUV
Driving 5 - Unlock Agency Tank

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Comments for Agent Skills

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Jan 19th 2015 Guest
ID #504144
Jul 30th 2014 Guest
Nice I didn't know about the barge attack
ID #427709
Apr 17th 2014 Guest
When you get agility 5 you can jump to a chopper on top of agency tower

ID #375923
Mar 30th 2014 Guest
can u get a choper at level 6
ID #369705
Dec 17th 2013 Guest
Explosive level 4 unlocks the turret flack, not level 5
ID #330725
Feb 10th 2011 Guest
the agency buggy has a turret
the agency supercar can scoop other vehicals
the agency suv can jump y pressing B
the agency tank has a rocketlancher on the top
ID #28654