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Hidden Orbs

Crackdown 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Hidden Orbs

There are 300 Hidden Orbs in Pacific City. There are 87 in Hope Springs, 101 in Green Bay, 105 in Unity Heights and seven on Agency Island.

Collecting a Hidden Orb will grant your Agent a small amount of experience in all five skill areas.

The maps below show the location of all 300 Hidden Orbs. Collect all of the Hidden Orbs in Pacific City to unlock the “Sixth Sense” Xbox 360 achievement worth 30 gamer points.

Click map to view full-size image

A small number of Hidden Orbs live up to their name. Most are quite easy to track down, and you will have an easier and easier time finding them once you become familiar with what types of places they tend to be hidden.

Below is a list of tips to aid you in your quest to collect them all:

1) Use Orb Ping: Press up on the D-Pad and all nearby Agility Orbs, Hidden Orbs and Online Orbs will flash briefly on your tracker in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Hidden Orbs are denoted by blue blips.

You cannot use Orb Ping continuously and nearby orbs will only appear on the tracker briefly, but it is a useful feature nonetheless. When you use Orb Ping, you can only use it again once the green border around the tracker disappears. You can zoom out the tracker by entering and exiting the Agency Intel screen (using the Start button). Ping right after exiting the Intel screen to detect orbs further out.

Orb Ping is invaluable when hunting for Hidden Orbs. Be sure to use Orb Ping in conjunction with the map provided in this guide. Travel to the location depicted on the map and then use Orb Ping to make certain you're searching the right area.

2) Look Around: Some Hidden Orbs can be quite difficult to find. In these cases, using Orb Ping is a must. Once you're standing on the spot the blue blip appears on your tracker whenever you ping, start looking around for possible spots the orb might be hidden. Determining where the orb could be hidden will become easier as you collect more and start to become familiar with the types of places they tend to be hidden.

The trickiest Hidden Orbs to find are those underground. If you're having a tough time finding a particular orb and you've used Orb Ping to determine that you're searching the right area, start looking around for a tunnel entrance or some other way underground. For example, there are several orbs hidden in underground parking lots.

Some common spots for Hidden Orbs are below bridges, between rocks and inside ruined buildings.

3) Keep Track: There's little worse in an open world game than taking on the task of gathering a huge number of collectibles only to come up one or two short at the end. As such, it is wise to keep track of the Hidden Orbs you collect from the start.

If you're using the map provided with this guide, be sure to tick off each marker as you collect the corresponding orb. If you're viewing the map on a desktop computer or laptop, copy the map over to an image editing program such as Paint and use a paintbrush tool to tick off each orb as you collect them. If you don't have a computer near you while playing the game, you can print out the individual area maps and tick off each orb with a pen or pencil.

4) Use Agency Intel: Fortunately for completionists, Ruffian Games have included a way to track collected orbs in-game. Take advantage of this.

To use this feature, start by entering the “Achievements” section of the Agency Intel screen. Once in the Achievements section, use the Left Stick to scroll down to the “Sixth Sense” achievement to view your progress. Press the A button once you have the achievement selected to view a map showing all of the Hidden Orbs you've collected thus far. As well, in the bottom-left corner of the screen is a list of all four areas of the city and the number of orbs you've collected in each one. This list is especially useful if worst comes to worst and you wind up missing one or more orbs after following the map, as you could then limit your search to a particular area of the city and use Orb Ping to track down any remaining orbs.

5) Get a Helicopter: There are four helicopters parked on the helipad east of Agency Island. Reaching the helipad requires a Wingsuit, so you'll need an Agent with an Agility skill at level five.

Some Hidden Orbs require a helicopter to reach and others are just much less tedious to reach with one. Unlike with Agility Orbs, you can collect Hidden Orbs while in a helicopter.

See the video below to learn how to reach the helipad with the Wingsuit.

Reaching the Agency Island helipad

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