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Agent Diagnostics

Crackdown 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Agent Diagnostics

Before your Agent can be deployed to Pacific City, you must run through a few diagnostics programs. Once your HUD is online, use the Right Stick to move the target reticule at the centre of the screen onto the four red lights on the sides of the shielded door. You can then invert the aiming style by pressing the B button when prompted or leave things as they are by pressing the A button to continue.

Once you've completed the targeting program, the shield will lower and you will be instructed to jump off the ledge through the doorway. Run to the ledge and press and hold the A button to jump. Your Agent will take severe fall damage when he lands, but not enough to kill him. Once your Agent's health is completely restored, move on to the agility zone. Follow the white trail up the steps and collect the Agility Orb at the top.

Exit the Agility Zone to move on to the next test.

Your next task is to leave the area. First, you must stand on the switch on top of the platform to open the exit and then pass through the door at the other end of the room before the door closes. Follow the white trail onto the first platform and stand on the marker to open the door. Then, jump over to the top of the platform north of the marker and from there to the green ledges at the other end of the room. Hold the A button when jumping to jump higher and travel further. Your Agent will automatically grab hold of a green ledge when he reaches one. While hanging from a ledge, press and hold the A button again to jump up to a higher ledge and then again to reach the top of the platform.

Hit the marker beyond the door to move on to the firearms program. Make your way to the white blip on the Mini Map and pick up the SMG there by holding the X button. Use free aim to kill the idle Freak nearby. You then must use precision aim by locking on the Freak that appears and using the Right Stick to target the Freak's head or legs. Shoot the Freak's head or legs while locked on to continue. Next up is a free-for-all. Pick up the Shotgun that appear and blast the Freaks to complete the program.

Follow the white trail to the next area to start the hand-to-hand combat program. Beat down the first Freak with the B button and then take on the group of Freaks that appear.

Once you're finished with close quarters-combat, pick up the Grenades that appear (at the bullets icon on the Mini Map) and use them to destroy the group of Freaks at the centre of the zone. Lock on with LT and press RB to throw a grenade. Kill all of the Freaks with grenades to complete the program.

Kill the Freaks in the manner specified.

After the explosives test, follow the white trail out of the area and get in the Agency car there. Standby and an Agency Helicopter will pick up the car and transport your Agent to Hope Springs.

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