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Chapter Two:
Lord of Unseen Strings

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter Two: Lord of Unseen Strings

Refer to the map for points of interest and more details regarding them. The book near the starting point will open up the menu for you to equip the armors and weapons you have acquired. There are similar points like this scattered in the area so make sure to visit them if you ever acquired better gears to keep your equipment updated.

This stage will introduce you to new enemies. The Moldy Corpses drops Amanita Mushrooms which can poison your character for a few seconds. You may want to deliberately pick one up so it can be registered to your Item Compendium but you must avoid them in the future.

Another thing to note as well are the Iron Maidens scattered in the stage's many rooms. Stepping on one accidentally will cause massive damage so you must jump over them and avoid getting captured at all costs. If you noticed, there are pushable crates where some of the rooms where Iron Maidens are located. Push the crates to block them so you won't accidentally step into one. This stage's boss tends to move around the place and iron maidens play major role in its most damaging attack so blocking them will also prevent the boss from using them at all, making the boss fight ahead a lot more bearable.

1.Use the bone pillar as your foothold to reach the chest in the eastern ledge.

2.Use the bone pillars again to reach the chests inside the rooms on both side.

3.Destroy a few skulls to lower the bone pillar, just enough for your to reach the two chests on both ledges.

4.Activate the lever to open gate (a)

5.Activate this lever to open the gates on both sides of the boss.

6.(Hidden Item) After defeating the boss, you can obtain a hidden item here by playing a specific tune. Refer to the video below to learn how to accomplish this.


Hidden item (crown)


Boss: Puppet Master
This battle will be a bit easier if you blocked the other iron maidens in the rooms where there are crates. This will restrict the boss' movements and will confine it to easily accessible iron maidens, giving you more time to catch up and prevent it from using the torture devices to its advantage. As mentioned a while ago, the boss will move around stage and attempt to use an iron maiden. It will put a puppet inside the contraption which will be replaced by your character, dealing massive damage (around 160 HP). To prevent this, you must chase the boss to the next iron maiden it will go to and destroy the puppet before it can be put inside the device.

The only way to damage the boss is by attacking its head which must be done at close range. It will also release several cursed pink dolls that can drain your MP to zero and prevent any MP regeneration. These guys can be destroyed easily, though they can be annoying if they keep harassing you while you're trying to hit the boss AND destroy the puppet its trying to put inside the iron maiden. The boss will regularly release a cursed doll as it moves around the area. Have a few healing items ready (remember that you can carry several copies of the same item) since you'll be running around the area to defeat it.

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Lord of Unseen Strings


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