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Chapter Four:
Esquisse of Violence

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter Four: Esquisse of Violence

This stage can be a bit challenging to navigate if you're after the key items when playing solo. You need to enter paintings to travel to another part of the mansion. If there are two paintings beside each other, the only one you can enter is the one where the spotlight is pointed to. Refer to the map provided to know which painting leads to what part of the mansion. Blue (small) letters are the entry points while the red (small) letters indicate the exit point.

The large beheaded knights called Dullahans are serious obstacles since besides having high HP, the only way you can damage it is by attacking the head. Be careful of the projectile the head will release as it will instantly curse your charater.

1.Pull lever to activate platform (c). This is a crucial lever since this is the only one that will allow you to get to the boss. You can just rush towards this lever and face the boss if you want to finish this stage quickly.

2.Lever will shift the spotlight in (2A)

3.Lever will shift the spotlight in (3A)

4.(Hidden Item) Just enter the alcove and Goemon will appear to the left.

5.Enter the mirror to reach the boss.

Boss: Brauner
This boss should be manageable but bring in some healing items just to be safe. Since there isn't that much space, you need to keep close to him and deal as much as damage as possible. When he uses his blood art to draw a pattern, expect that a larger version will appear in the room. Getting hit or staying within that line will damage your character. You can "erase" those patterns or lines by attacking/ sliding them. Next, the boss will summon various creatures, each inflicts different status effects. Among all of them, the pair of poisonous, starfish-shaped monsters will be the hardest to avoid. Keep close and slash your way through – remember that if you managed to get behind him right after he summons his creatures, you can land some free hits since he'll be most vulnerable at that time. Refer to the video below for further info. 

Boss Battle: Brauner

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Esquisse of Violence


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