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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chapter Six:
Come Sweet Hour of Death

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter Six: Come Sweet Hour of Death

Be careful when opening brown (ordinary) chests here since they may be mimics. One best practice to avoid getting damaged by a mimic is to open a brown chest and step away from it. As soon as you notice that it didn't give you any item, you should find higher ground.

There are three Final Guards in this stage and you need to face at least two to reach the chamber where Dracula is located. You can only deal 1 damage per attack so you may want to do a hit-and-run tactic against them as you need as much HP as possible for your battle against Dracula. Other characters with multi-hit spells can easily take them out from a distance.

1.(Hidden Item) You can get this secret item alone though it still requires timing; missing it will require you to do the chapter again to get a chance to grab it again. Above the breakable wall jump to the roof and press UP. The Konami Man should be flying from the from the right side of the screen; it will be easier to see it by viewing the full map.

Hidden Item

Boss: Dracula
Dracula has three forms and your main objective is to get to the third form with as little HP lost as possible. Knowing the patterns for the first two forms are easy enough You may check out the video below for the full length battle against Drac, using a not-so-pimped-up Shanoa (Normal Mode)

Boss Battle: Dracula

For the first form, the easiest way to deal with Dracula's human form is by jump-kicking over his head then attacking him from behind. If ever he teleports in the far end of the room, keep jump-kicking him until he finishes his attack. There will be times that he will use a fire pillar spell on his own position so you can't help but to take the damage. Keep doing this until he changes to his second form.

In his beast form, you can just stay in one side of the room. Don't chase him to damage him; just stay where you are and approach him only if he jumps near your position. Beast Drac's diagonal energy blast attack can be evaded by double jumping, as well as his shockwave. He will also jump back and forth, leaving a rain of poison. He also releases five projectiles that will curse you in addition to damaging you. Move/ slide/ backstep to avoid them.

After dealing enough damage, Dracula will change to his demon form. In this form, the only weakness is its heads. For ranged attacks like Shanoa's Fulgor (lightning), you can just simply stay in the corner while attacking and move only when you need to evade an attack. If playing as Charlotte or Shanoa, players must take care not to get charmed since they'll be rendered immobile for a few seconds. Other players need to slide under Drac's hands and attack the heads while attempting to avoid any attacks thrown to them.

Post-Battle Rewards
Hard Mode unlocked
New items added in the Shop Inventory
Gamer picture added

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Come Sweet Hour of Death


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