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Follow the dark path or use the light


Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Attack – Press X (or Y for certain characters). Each character has their own, unique attacks once upgraded. Refer to the Characters section of this guide.
Slide – Press down and X to slide and kick. This move deals very little damage but is very effective in dodging attacks.
Double Jump – Press A to jump once and press it twice to double jump.
Stomp / Jump Kick – After double jumping, hold down then press A again to stomp on the enemy. This is a great way to jump even higher by using the target as foothold.
Back Dash – Press the LB to make your character dash backwards. Though used primarily for dodging frontal attacks, it is possible to keep attacking while back dashing for offensive purposes.
Personal Skill – Press RB to activate the character's personal skill. These are unique to every character.
Hunter Skill – Each character has their own set of hunter skills. They can use up to four hunter skills at any given time, which are assigned to the D-PAD. Press the D-PAD direction and the B button to activate the assigned hunter skill. Using these skills consume MP
Adjust Camera – Click the right analog stick to adjust the camera zoom. This is a good way to view the entirety of the map to know your location and of course to easily find the marked spots as featured in this guide.
Use Item – Hold LT and press RT to use the equipped item. To use an item on another player (e.g Water of Life), stand next to the player and press RT.
Dual Crush – This skill can only be activated with a partner. Both players must have at least 80MP and they must press RT while standing next to each other.

The game features different kind of chests which contains various items. When playing in multiplayer, non-blue chests will contain random items or money. In solo play, non-blue chests hold fixed types of items.

Blue Chests - These contain random items in solo play. However in multiplayer, these chests contain the valuable item called Water of Life. You can only carry one WoL at any time and the person that opens the chest gets it. That said, if a player is already carrying a WoL, he/she must not open a blue chest. Otherwise, it will just be wasted.
Green Chests – These chests contain random, common items
Red Chests – Contains random amount of gold
Brown Chests – These hold various food items and low level gear. Mimics also appear as brown chests in chapter 5 and 6 (Normal) or all chapters in Hard Mode.
Gold – These rare chests only appear after a boss fight. The best items in the game are acquired from gold chests.

Reviving Players
In multiplayer, if a character's HP goes down to zero, he/she will become a skeleton. While in this state, players can still move, jump and attack while the other controls/ skills are disabled. They only have 100 HP and are very fragile so it is strongly recommended for them to stay out of trouble until they get revived. If all players become skeletons, it's game over.

Skeleton players can be revived to full HP/MP by using a Water of Life. This item is very limited in number per chapter so players must use this item carefully. As mentioned above, Water of Life can be acquired from Blue Chests and players can only possess one at a time. If a player that has WoL already opens a blue chest, it will be wasted (and may trigger hostile reactions from teammates). To use a WoL on a skeleton player, stand next to him/her and press RT. Due to the value of WoL, you should consider reviving a skeleton player that possesses a WoL (he/she can't use it on himself) or a very skilled/ high leveled player that can help team go through the entire chapter.

You pretty much know HP/MP so this section will discuss the stats and their effect in the character's overall development.

ATK – Attack rating; determines your character's damage output or attack power
DEF – Defense; determines your character's resistance against physical attacks
STR – Strength; boosts ATK rating when physical weapons are equipped.
CON -Constitution; also raises the DEF rating of the character
INT -Intelligence; determines the damage of magical attacks
MND* – Mind; raises your character's magical resistance.
LCK – Luck; this stat affects the item drop rate (soul drop rate for Soma).

*Shanoa and Charlotte's glyph/spell absorption is also affected by the MND stat.

Tip: Pre-set food items in the levels will increase your character's core stats (STR, CON, INT, MND, LCK, etc.) when consumed at full (or nearly full) health. Since these increases are permanent, it would be to your advantage to eat all the food you can find (and not get hit) while exploring the castle. (Unconfirmed from this source.)

Understanding the different attributes in the game can be beneficial for you to exploit and know the strengths and weaknesses of both you and the enemy.

Status Ailments
When inflicted by status ailments, you must use items to alleviate them. The item called Remedy can be used to cure any ailment while there are cures for specific ailments only. It will be disadvantageous to fight with a status ailment so make sure to cure it right away.

Poison – The common status ailment across all games. You'll gradually lose HP until this ailment is cured. You can get this ailment from certain enemy attacks or by consuming Aminita mushrooms and Rusty Food Tins. Use an Anti-Venom to remove this status.
Petrification – Your character turns to stone and becomes immobile. You need to wiggle your way out of it.
Curse – Your character loses all MP and cannot regenerate it for a few seconds. Use Uncurse potions to remove this nasty status ailment
Charm – A charmed character won't be able to control their actions and will attack other players (multiplayer). Only two enemies are known to cause this status ailment: Imps and Dracula. Imps needs to be defeated to release the charmed player from its grasp.

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Comments for Basics

2 comments, latest first.
May 13th 2012 Guest
Food bonuses are in-lvl only they are not permanent. Str is also used for damages that are non-magical non-basic attacks, these include slides, jump kicks, aswell as the assorted subweapons on Jonathan, Julius, etc. Souls and Alucard use purely INT. Every 2 points of Str boosts Atk by 1. Every 5 points of constitution raises Def by 1 point, it also plays a factor in recovery time from status ailments such as poison and curse (unsure on charm status), in addition to that it reduces ground based knock back.
ID #141961
Sep 17th 2010 Guest
Food items DO NOT permanently increase your stats. They only give you a temporary buff, which is overwritten if you have another food type item. These buffs only last until the level is over.
ID #12815