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Chapter One:
Caught in the Cradle of Decay

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter One: Caught in the Cradle of Decay

There is no fixed way of exploring the area so just refer to the map for points of interest and more details regarding them. The book near the starting point will open up the menu for you to equip the armors and weapons you have acquired. There are similar points like this scattered in the area so make sure to visit them if you ever acquired better gears to keep your equipment updated.

Start off by killing the zombies near the starting point until they drop a Hobo's Clothes. Return to the book and equip it for added defense.

1.Couple of balancing scales; need at least two players to access the chest b. Chest (a) should be accessible jumping stepping on the rightmost platform then quickly jumping to the left as it goes down. It may take a few tries but its definitely possible.

2.(Hidden Item) Slide under the middle bell so you can stand up inside it. Now jump and a yellow bell should fall down from the left. There is a Red Licorice on the top right corner of the room which recovers 15 HP and MP. However, it lowers LCK which can make it harder for enemies to drop items.


Hidden Item: Yellow Bell


3.Pulling the lever will drain the water and fill up the room with four mermans below.

4.Keep jumping up the water to reach the upper right corridor.

5.Pull the switch to open the door (c). You can clear the enemies there to make it easier for you to deal with the boss later. This is the shortest path to the boss and the easiest way to defeat it since you will clear the enemies underneath it. The downside however is that you won't be able to collect that many chests compared to the original path.

6.Pull lever to lower the drawbridge. Don't forget to check out the blue chest on the topmost room.

7.You need to time your jump to ride the pendulum to reach the other side.

8.This room is a bit tricky since you'll need to time your jump, especially on the upper pendulum.

9.This elevator needs two persons; while rides it while the other activates it. This leads to a book and a path leading to the rooms under the boss to clear the enemies there (f). When playing solo, you can just bypass the elevator.

10.You can enter this room when fighting the boss. Before it completely destroys the floor, hug the left wall so you'll land on the alcove containing the two extra chests.


Extra Room


The fire-breathing skeleton contraptions in (d) and (e) can be destroyed to make it easier for you to jump on the upper platforms.

If you need food, you may want to destroy the hidden breakable walls scattered in this stage. They are already marked in the map for your convenience. These specific foods also increase your stats so make sure to grab them all whenever you can.

Boss: Gergoth
You can avoid most of the boss' attacks by crouching though expect to deal lesser damage when attacking its armored legs. However, once those leg braces are destroyed, you'll deal twice as much damage when you hit it. After dealing considerable damage, it will jump and destroy the floor, destroying the adjacent floors and dragging along all enemies with it to the bottom floor. You may want to hug the walls to the left to find a room with two extra chests. (see #10 above) If you made a long detour by opening the switch (see #5 above) and killing all enemies there, then you shouldn't have problems dealing with this boss. Otherwise, it will get messy with all the enemies you need to kill. This shouldn't be a problem though if you have a strong weapon and really good defensive gears.


Boss: Gergoth


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Caught in the Cradle of Decay


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