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Mission Types

Gangstar Vegas Walkthrough and Guide by MongooseGeneral & Dennis (Sanzano)
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Mission Types

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gangstar vegas differs from previous games in the series as it has all the usual full, campaign missions, supplemented by side missions and diversions, more like players may be used to with the like of the Grand Theft Auto series. Below, we look at each of the mission types you can expect to find, both in the campaign and as diversions.

TIP: you can replay any mission or diversion using the game's Main Menu without even entering the main game.

Campaign Missions

There are a variety of campaign missions on offer. Usually they require a variety of gameplay styles to complete. you may find that the below are combined to provide longer missions. Also, bear in mind that the game introduces you to the diversions on offer, such as gambling, street races, and so on, in the form of campaign missions during chapter one, but you can find these listed in the Diversions section.

There is good variety to Gangstar Vegas missions


With assassination missions, you usually have to fight your way to a target. Once there, you either need to intimidate them (normally by beating them up), or kill them. Typically, these targets are very well defended and you will have to fight through lots of guards to get there.


Assault-style missions see you completely clear an area of enemies. Even once you have taken out what seems to be everyone in an area, more enemies may spawn in and you will have to continue battling until the game says you've completed the mission.

Fight to a Target

These are similar to Assault missions, except once you have fought your way to the target, you need to plant a bomb or interact with the environment to complete the mission.


With chase sections, you have to stay within a certain distance of the target. You need to either simply stay with the target, or destroy it, depending on your mission objective. Usually, if the target gets out of a certain range, you will have just 15 seconds to get back within the required distance. Often, at the end of the chase, you will be fighting the target.


Diversions are side-quests designed to give more life to the game in addition to the simple set of campaign missions. They range for straightforward races to high-adrenaline Freefall missions.


in Survival missions, you are required to fight off enemy waves for as long as you can, or more accurately, fight off five waves in as short-a-time as possible. Because you can purchase med-kits, ammo and body armor mid-mission, you should never really die.

In Survival missions you have to fight off hordes of enemies

you are required to stay inside the yellow zone or have 15 seconds to get back to it. The zone gets smaller with every wave, but to kill the enemy quickly, you have to go out so that you're closer to them. A sniper rifle is a good weapon for this diversion.


Heist missions, as the name suggests, require you to pull off audacious robberies on various locations throughout vegas. You experience one of these when robbing frank's casino in the single player with Karen.

the first thing you have to do in these missions is to find the manager of whatever building it is that you are robbing. You need to kill them and take the key to the vault, safe, cash register, or wherever the swag is kept.

Once that's done, you have to defend the location against waves of enemies trying to stop you. When the progress bar completes, you can make a run for the exit. You also, once outside, need to lose the cops and return to your Stash location before the diversion is completed.


These are very enjoyable diversions. Basically, you need to use a vehicle of your choice to destroy as many targets as you can. You may think this means you want the biggest vehicle possible, but bear in mind that those targets are pedestrians, so you need something fast and large. Note also that you can fire from your vehicle to kill pedestrians and rack up additional points.


in Delivery missions you have to pick a vehicle and then take some 'delicate merchandise' to all of the drop locations as quickly as possible.

Time Attack

Time Attack involves you Racing against the clock around a waypointed course in vegas. get to the end as quickly as possible to win.

Ring Challenge

in Ring Challenge, your aim is to drive through all of the yellow rings with as much time left on the clock as possible. This is made more difficult by the red or pink rings, which take 5 seconds off your time for each one you pass through. The yellow rings add 5 seconds, so watch out for the pinks!


With Freefall missions, you have to drop through all the rings and land in the target zone. There are three rounds to each mission. You need to pull up to slow Jason down and push down to speed him up - mastering this is essential for making all the rings.

Freefall missions are very tricky!

you also have infinite parachutes, which means if you are going to miss a ring you can open your parachute and use it to slow your descent and provide more accurate movement so as to make the next ring. However, this does slow you down so you can't do the whole course with a parachute and it should be used very sparingly.

Obviously to land in the drop zone you will want to deploy it.


the most familiar of the diversions is Racing. Simply race around the course and beat all your competitors to win, in as fast a time as possible. Yes, even if you beat all the other players, that won't matter if your finishing time is outside the target.

Time is added on for crashing and damaging your vehicle, so bear that in mind!


in Brawl missions you need to take out all of the opponents using only melee combat (hand-to-hand fighting), and as quickly as possible. This is similar to the mission in chapter 2 of the campaign where you have to fight frank's henchmen.

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Nov 26th 2015 Guest
ID #628632
Nov 23rd 2015 Guest
What I want to know is if there are taxi missions like GTA 3 , if there isn't Gameloft please put them in!
ID #627709
Jul 18th 2015 Guest
ID #586060
May 21st 2015 Guest
there all cool missions
ID #559223
Apr 10th 2015 Guest
go to the map section, then on the right side, there will be a crown icon there, click it, and there you go, u need to get all 4 stars on all the missions on that particular district to get a free cool item.
ID #540470
Apr 6th 2015 Guest
I dont know, i've been wondering the same thing
ID #538689
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
what does it meen when u get four stars on a side mission and "unlock the district"
ID #530496
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