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Gangstar Vegas Cheats for Android

Cheats and Tips for Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas Walkthrough and Guide
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Gangstar Vegas is an open world-action game released for mobile devices where you play the role of Jason Malone, a skilled martial arts fighter who gets involved with local mafia ganster Frank Veliano after winning a match. Aside from the main story missions, you are able to freely roam and/or partake in several side-activities like gang wars, bank robberies, street racing and underground fighting tournaments. Our Gangstar Vegas Cheats and Tips for Android will help you in many of these features.

Gangstar Vegas Cheats and Tips for Android

We have a collection of useful cheats and tips that will help you progress and survive in this danger filled game.

Buy the Best Weapons
In Gangstar Vegas it is important that you try and grab hold of the best weapon possible as quickly as you can. Don't rely on uzi's and pistols to get the job done, you will find it a lot easier to complete the missions if you have an assault rifle as it offers a lot more options.

Best Weapons

Upgrade Skills
Don't waste your time upgrading skills that involve vehicles as they are not really necessary as you can use the fast travel feature to get around the map. The skills you want to focus on upgrading are health, since you will need a lot of it, your damage and rate of fire for the weapons you use.

Buy Med-Kits
In Gangstar Vegas for Android you can buy whatever supplies you need by accessing the shop via the 'Map' screen. If you hope to complete all the missions it is advised that you stock up on med-kits as well as ammo.

Run and Shoot
You will have a lot more success in Gangstar Vegas for Android if you adopt the run and shoot mechanic rather than staying behind cover. Obviously there will be times when it is will be in your best interests to stay out of sight but to ace missions in general run and shoot is the way to go.

Fast Travel
You will be able to save a lot of time in Gangstar Vegas if you start missions by accessing the 'Map' screen and tapping on the mission icon, then hitting 'Begin' rather than driving to the missions locations.

How to get VIP Points
You will earn VIP points when you complete story missions, side-activities, events, and pretty much anything you do in the game. We have a VIP page that will tell you everything you need to know about this feature in Gangstar Vegas for Android.

Mission Types
There are two main mission types in Gangstar Vegas for Android and they both play differently. These are Campaign missions and Diversions which are then split into more mission types that include Heist, Carnage, and Ring Challenge. Check out our Mission Types page to see a complete list of all the different types of missions in the game along with their objectives.

Game Guide

Check out our Complete Guide to get help on all the different features in Ganstar Vegas for Android.

We have a large collection of Questions and Answers for Gangstar Vegas on Android so be sure to check this page out if you need additional help.

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Good Vehicle to Sell

There is a vehicle that sells for 67,500. It's the Storer Lvl 2, they have a physical difference from Storer Lvl 1. That difference is that the Lvl 2 has black on the front half of the sides. In case you don't know how to obtain one, I'll tell you. They show up maybe about once every minute in the South Vegas District. Which is the area with the big, fancy houses with their own pools. Hopefully, this helped, if it didn't, then good luck finding what you're looking for.

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