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Pokemon Blue

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Fight any pokemon game shark code for Pokemon Blue

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Fight any pokemon

Fight any pokemon:
0DxxD1B5 the xx means you must put the Pokemon you desire to catch has a number on it put it where the xx is…

BA: Bulbasaur
2A: Ivysaur
BB: Venusaur
D1: Charmander
D3: Charmleon
D5: Charizard
D2: Squirtle
D4: Wartortle
3D: Blastoise
9C: Caterpie
9D: Metapod
9E: Butterfree
91: Weedle
92: Kakuna
93: Beedrill
45: Pidgey

B7: Pigeotto.
B8: Pidgeot.
C6: Rattata.
C7: Raticate.
26: Spearow.
44: Fearow.
8D: Ekans.
4E: Arbok.
75: Pikachu.
76: Raichu.
81: Sandshrew.
82: Sandslash.
30: Nidoran’.
24: Nidoran,.
C9: Nidorina.
C8: Nidorino.
31: Nidoqueen.
28: Nidoking.
25: Clefairy.
AF: Clefable.
73: Vulpix.
74: Ninetales.
85: Jigglypuff.
86: Wigglytuff.

8C: Zubat.
A3: Golbat.
DA: Oddish.
DB: Gloom.
DC: Vileplume.
8E: Paras.
4F: Parasect.
62: Venonat.
98: Venomoth.
5C: Diglett.
97: Dugtrio.
6E: Meowth.
B1: Persian.
50: Psyduck.
A1: Golduck .
5A: Mankey.
96: Primeape.
42: Growlithe.
35: Arcanine.
68: Poliwag.
8F: Poliwhirl.
90: Poliwrath.
B5: Abra.
47: Kadabra.

B6: Alakazam .
8B: Machop.
4A: Machoke.
9F: Machamp.
DD: Bellsprout.
DE: Weepinbell.
DF: Victreebel.
39: Tentacool.
BC: Tentacruel.
CA: Geodude.
48: Graveler.
52: Golem.
C4: Ponyta.
C5: Rapidash.
46: Slowpoke.
29: Slowbro.
CE: Magnemite.
57: Magneton.
61: Farfetch’d.
67: Doduo.
95: Dodrio.
5B: Seel.
99: Dewgong.
2E: Grimer.

A9: Muk.
38: Shellder.
AC: Cloyster.
3A: Gastly.
B4: Haunter.
2F: Gengar.
43: Onix.
51: Drowzee.
A2: Hypno.
6F: Krabby.
AB: Kingler.
27: Voltorb.
AE: Electrode.
2D: Exeggcute.
2B: Executor.
32: Cubone.
B2: Marowak.
4C: Hitmonlee.
4D: Hitmonchan.
2C: Lickitung.
58: Koffing .
B0: Weezing.
33: Rhyhorn.
22: Rhydon.

49: Chansey.
3F: Tangela.
23: Kangaskhan.
7D: Horsea.
7E: Seadra.
BE: Goldeen.
BF: Seaking.
3C: Staryu.
B9: Starmie.
4B: Mr. Mime.
3B: Scyther.
69: Jynx.
56: Electabuzz.
54: Magmar.
3E: Pinsir.

A6: Magikarp
37: Gyarados
34: Lapras
6D: Ditto
87: Eevee
8A: Vaporeon
89: Jolteon
88: Flareon
CB: Porygon
83: Omanyte
84: Omastar
7B: Kabuto
7C: Kabutops
CC: Aerodactyl
A5: Snorlax
6B: Articuno
6C: Zapdos
6A: Moltres
79: Dratini
7A: Dragonair
63: Dragonite
A4: Mewtwo
36: Mew

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