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Room and Set Recipe Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Room and Set Recipe Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2

There are only two rules you need to follow when you craft rooms and sets in Dragon Quest Builders 2. The first is they have to be boxed in with blocks at least two stacks high and the second is they must have a door. The size of the room and its location is up to you and to add a function to it you must have the correct ingredients. Check out our Room and Set Recipe Guide to get some recipes.

Room Recipes

Any 1 pot, any 1 towel.

Simple Kitchen:
any 1 chest, any 3 bonfires.

Basic Bedroom:
Any 2 beds, any 1 light source.

Social Bedroom:
Any 4 beds, any 2 light sources.

Communal Bedroom:
Any 8 beds, any 4 light sources.

Farmers' Bedroom:
1 farming tools, 1 firewood, any 2 beds, any 1 light source.

Farmers' Flophouse:
2 farming tools, 2 firewood, any 4 beds, any 2 light sources.

1 inn sign, any 3 pots, any 8 beds.

Rustic Bathroom:
1 basic bathtub, any 3 towels, 4 washtubs, any 1 chair.

Shower Room:
1 shower, any 1 towel, 1 folding screen.

Scenic Shower Room:
4 showers, any 2 towels, 2 folding screens, any 2 light sources, 4 small windows.

Any 2 fighting kits, any 4 beds, any 2 light sources.

Pot Chamber:
any 5 pots, any 1 chest.

Agricultural Kitchen:
Any 1 chest, 3 sacks of wheat, 2 firewood, 3 bonfires.

Mushroom Cookroom:
Any 1 chest, any 1 fungus (pick up with gloves and place inside), any 2 bonfires.

Castle Kitchen:
Any 1 chest, 1 well, 1 brick barbeque.

Castle Cafeteria:
Any 1 chest any, 1 well, 1 brick barbecue, 1 buffet (set – for sets, see below).

Agricultural Cafe:
1 any chest, 3 sacks of wheat, 2 firewood, 3 bonfires, 1 dining table, 2 any chairs.

Dining Room:
4 dining table (sets), any 1 light source.

Private Bedroom:
Any 1 resident’s sign, any 1 bed, any 1 light source, any 1 chain.

Rough 'n' Tough Bedroom:
Any 1 resident sign, 1 barrel, 1 bottles, 1 dumb-bells, any 1 light source, any 1 bed.

Neat ‘n’ Sweet Bedroom:
Any 1 resident’s sign, 1 dressing table, any 1 chair, any 1 ornamental flower, any 1 light source, any 1 bed.

Royal Bedchamber:
Any 1 resident’s sign, 1 king-sized bed, any 1 fancy chair, any 1 fancy light source, 1 fireplace.

Basic Bar:
Cocktail counter (set).

Well-Stocked Bar:
1 cocktail counter (set), 1 pub sign, 2 simple sipper’s (sets), 1 social sipper’s (set), 2 casks.

Any 1 chest, any 1 pot, 1 haystack, 1 rope, 1 farming tools, 1 firewood.

Any 1 chest, any 4 fighting kits (ornamental armour, spears, etc), 2 barricades.

1 forge, any 1 chest, any 1 hanging bag, any 1 pot.

Item ShoPumping p:
Any 1 table, 1 price tag, 1 shop sign, any 2 crate.

Pumping Station:
2 dumb-bells, 2 mining tools, any 2 towels.

Relaxation Room:
Any 1 bed, any 2 curtains, 1 folding screen, any 1 light source.

1 altar, any 2 tabletop light sources, 1 goddess statue, any 4 chairs.

War Room:
1 emblematic table, 1 map, any 2 wargame pieces.

Wizard's Workshop:
1 wizard’s workbench, 1 crystal ball, 1 comfy cushion, 1 incense burner.

Training Room
4 target dummies, 2 ornamental spears, 4 wooden fortifications.

Throne Room:
1 throne, 4 bold banners, 2 braziers.

Shabby Throne Room:
1 disfigured throne.

1 chains, any 1 pot.

Sculpture Gallery:
Any 3 handrails, 1 stationary statue.

Summoning Chamber:
1 forbidden altar, any 1 chest, 1 false idol, 2 peculiar pillars, 1 unholy altar, 1 sinister sconce.

Gory Grillhouse:
Any 1 chest, 1 meaty marshy mountain, 1 brick barbecue.

Creepy Conservatory:
Any 1 chest, 2 blooming poxglove, 4 budding poxglove.

Set Recipes

Tree Swing:
Any tree, 1 swing. Rules – attach swing to the tree.

10 pure water, 1 ladder. Rules – ladder submerged.

Slime Stack:
Any 3 stackable slimes. Rules – stacked.

Fiery Frying Pan:
1 frying pan, 1 bonfire. Rules – pan on top of the bonfire.

Dining Table:
Any 1 table, any 1 chair, any1 decorative food. Rules – food on top of table.

1 big table, 1 crock pot, 1 crockery. Rules – crockery on top of the table and crock pot on top of the table.

Playable Piano:
Grand piano, any 1 chair. Rules – chair next to piano.

Cocktail Counter:
1 bar counter, any 4 chairs, 1 cocktail shaker. Rules -bar counter next to chairs.

Simple Sipper’s Set:
Any 1 table, any 1 chair, any 1 decorative food. Rules – food on the table.

Social Sippers' Set:
Any 4 chairs, any 1 large table, any 4 decorative food. Rules – chairs next to the table and food on the table.

Card Table:
1 playing cards, any 1 table, any 2 chairs. Rules – chairs next to the table, cards on the table.

Medication Station:
Any 1 chair, 1 first aid kit, 1 crate. No rules.

Potted Flower:
1 plant pot, any 1 flower. Rules – flower on plant pot.

Any 1 track, 1 stop sign. Rules – stop sign next to the track.

Darty Party:
3 dartboards. Rules – put them on a wall.

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