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Mini Medal Puzzle Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Mini Medal Puzzle Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Scattered across each island are Builder Puzzle Shrines which when you solve will earn you a Mini Medal, this can then be used as currency to trade for items. Our Mini Medal Puzzle Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2 will help you solve each of the them.

Furrowfield Island Puzzles

Puzzle 1
This puzzle is found immediately south of Furrowfield Farm and to solve it you just have to take the two blocks on the floor and place them atop the shorter brick post so it matches the height of the opposite one.

Puzzle 2
You will find this puzzle just east of Furrowfield Farm. To solve it you just need to take out or smash the dirt block that's blocking the water.

Puzzle 3
This puzzle can be found nothwest of Puzzle 2 tucked away on a cliffside near the waters. To solve it you just need to pick up the errant dirt block that is nearby and insert it in the empty space in the shrine.

Puzzle 4
If you go directly east of Puzzle 3 you will find Puzzle 4 nestled in a green space by the sea surrounded by a chalky mountain. To solve this puzzle you need to climb the mountain behind it to reach the water supply and unclog it by taking out the clogging blocks.

Puzzle 5
You will find this puzzle deep inside a mountain that is northwest of Puzzle 3 in the northern part of the map. To solve it you need to take out the blockage from the water source on the left side of the room and then build a path for the water to reach the pool. This cannot be done by just building a path as the water flow is not strong enough to reach the pool. To make the water supply go further you need to elevate the path by two or three blocks.

Puzzle 6
You will find this puzzle in the southern part of Furrowfield, near the beach southwest of the Hargon Church warp crystal. When you zoom out your map you will notice that the two blocks esemble a slime monster. To solve the puzzle you basically need to clean up the shrine of stones and other junk on the left side so that it matches the right side. You will also need to use your hammer and dig 1 block each on the left and right tip of the slime monster's mouth and then fill it up with the 2 blocks that are lying around nearby.

Puzzle 7
This puzzle can be found on the other side of the mountain immediately north of Puzzle 6. To solve it you will first need to take out or destroy the block that is preventing the water from flowing. Once you have done this you need to increase its flow so it reaches the pool by adding more water to the source using the bottomless water pot which you now have access to.

Puzzle 8
This puzzle can be found on the southeast corner of Furrowfield just west of the destroyed church orb portal next to a mountain range that has a plot with blue plants. All you need to do to solve this puzzle is pick up a couple of the blue plants and place them down on the empty grass patches.

Puzzle 9
You will find this puzzle on the opposite end of Puzzle 8 to the west just south of the orc that likes tomatos. If you climb to the top of the white, chalky mountain you will see a puzzle shrine with brick blocks that are arranged in a square. To solve the puzzle you just need to pick up the blocks that you find scattered on the floor and use dirt blocks or something similar to reach the top and fill the gaps with the brick blocks you picked up.

Puzzle 10
Furrowfield's last puzzle cannot be accessed until you are able to glide in the air. To reach the puzzle you need to go to the mountain range near the southwest beach where the giant enemy crab can be found and climb to the top of it. Once there you need to face west from the signpost that is there and jump off so you glide to another island. You will find the shrine on the northwestern side of the mountain facing the sea. To solve the puzzle you just need to take out the dirt block and then use your bottomless water jug to fill the pool with water from the top. Note: At this island you will find the Coraline flower seeds for the Deitree.

Check the video below if you need more help solving the Furrowfield Island Mini Medal puzzles.

Furrowfield Island Mini Medal Puzzle Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Khrumble-Dun Island Puzzles

Puzzle 1
From the ship dock at Khrumble Dun head east and climb the nearby mountain. At the top go south until you reach the ledge and then jump and glide across the waters. While doing so you keep an eye out for the shrine which will have 4 cacti, including one that is missing a couple of pieces. To solve the puzzle you need to complete the cactus by replacing the missing pieces. This is achieved by putting on your gloves and grabbing the middle and top portions of random cacti that are nearby and placing them on the incomplete cactus.

Puzzle 2
Head east from your village and then go north so you go through the ravine. If you turn right once you have gone past the mini oasis you will reach the puzzle. This puzzle will consist of several coloured blocks, to solve it you just need to place the green block on the empty front hole, the yellow block on the side hole and the red block on the top hole.

Puzzle 3
Head east from Puzzle 3 and climb the nearby mountain. If you keep going east you will eventually reach the edge and will be able to see the shrine atop a huge sturctue in the desert. There will also be an abandoned structure in front of it that has a broken set of rail tracks. To solve the puzzle you need to fix the rails and then use the mine cart to travel on the tracks up into the shrine.

Puzzle 4
From Puzzle 3, head south and climb up the mountain. At the top you need to first go east before changing your direction and heading south so that you hug the western edge of the ledge. Eventually you will reach a shrine that will have a magnetic puzzle. The objective of this puzzle is to get the red double box to the blue square on the ground. This is achieved by pressing the magnet switches to move the double box while at the same time also placing down a block between the blue square and the nearby wall (between the two black boxes) toward the end so the double box doesn't overshoot its target.

Puzzle 5
This puzzle is next to Puzzle 1. From the cactus puzzle head south until you are able to see two mini islands in the middle of the water. Jump and glide to the first one and memorise the flower pattern, then do the same for the second island but this time picking up a nearby milkblossom flower and laying it down on the empty spot in the flower bed.

Puzzle 6
At Khrumble Dun dock climb the same spot you used to get to Puzzle 1. At the top head west, then if you go south before reaching the western edge you will come across another magnetic puzzle. The objective of this one is to align the red boxes with the blue squares on the floor. The first one with the mini waterfall will line up easily once you hit the magnet switch, the secnd one will require you to put a block right next to the blue square so the red block doesn't overshoot the target when you press the magnetic switch.

Puzzle 7
Head directly north from Puzzle 6 and jump of the ledge when you reach it. Glide down to the puzzle which houses a cemetery and solve it by grabbing the block near the goddess statue and placing it in the empty spot in front of the tombstone.

Puzzle 8
This is the first of 3 underground Puzzle rooms. To reach it you need to teleport to the northeast warp orb (this is the one that can be found north of the underground lake) before heading west while paying attention to your right side until you eventually reach a puzzle shrine with 3 rooms. To solve the puzzle you need to rearrange the righmost room by placing the bookshelf on the top left corner, the dresser on the top right corner, and the bed inbetween both. You also need to place the table 2 blocks south of the dresser and the chair immediately south of the table.

Puzzle 9
Head south from the mushroom teleporter room following the path until you reach a crossroads. At this point go west, then north, then west again, then north and finally west once more until you see some miners working on a mine and some puzzle ruins. To solve the puzzle go up the stairs of the shrine and find the magnet switch that is in the opening below the right wall torch. Click the switch to summon a red staircase of blocks and grab the nearby candlera. Then go up the stairs and place the candlebra on the blue square on the floor near the two other candlebras.

Puzzle 10
This puzzle can be found on the underground lava area that you come across late into the khrumble Dun campaign. At the lava level's north teleporter orb go south before heading west. If you then head northwest you will see some rail tracks. Fix the tracks and then use the mine cart to travel up and reach the puzzle shrine. To solve the puzzle you need to pick up the extra burning urn and place it on the blue square on the floor on the right corner of the mini stairs.

Check the video below if you need more help solving the Khrumbul-Dun Island Mini Medal puzzles.

Khrumbul-Dun Island Mini Medal Puzzle Guide for Dragon Quest Builders 2

Moonbrooke Island Puzzles

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