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Mission 7: Destroyed Argent Facility

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Grab the Data Log from the crate and go upstairs, then through the door. Follow the walkway and defeat a Cacodemon along the way, then climb up to a second walkway. At the end of it, jump to a platform with a pillar that has the number 1 on it. Here, check out the left side of the area to find the Rageguy collectible.

Mission 7 - Rageguy Collectible

Climb back up to the walkway you came from and look up; jump to the higher platform and search behind the crates to find a lever for a Classic Map. Head back down to find it behind the 'number 1' pillar.

Mission 7 - Classic Map

To continue, climb all the way up again (to the platform with the crates and the lever behind them) and double jump over the gap to reach the next walkway. Continue and double jump over another huge gap, then drop down into the destroyed walkway below. Turn around to find an Elite Guard.

Mission 7 - Elite Guard #1

Enter the control room and look around for a Data Log in the far corner, then use the console in the middle for storyline info. Head through the next doors and prepare for a fight against several Revenants, Cacodemons and lesser demons. This room isn't a bad vantage point; you can hurl grenades and use the double shotgun or rocket launcher on anything that attempts to enter. After defeating the horde, go outside and check out the devastation - this is still the Argent Facility, but not as you knew it, although it is still recognizable.

The walkway to the left is a dead end. Don't go crazy about the pickups (and Rune Trial) behind it, since you simply cannot access it at this point - you'll get there in time.

Instead drop down the main area and start fighting off several Revenants. After clearing the area, pickup the armor and ammunition. You can now either hop over the crates to reach the waypoint, or do a lot of (very rewarding) optional exploration.


- You can drop down the main area, where a Berserk Powerup lies in the middle of the area. Defeat the first few demons with the Super Shotgun, then finish off the Summoner, Revenants and Mancubus with Berserk. Loot the area for some minor pickups.

- Go in the direction of the Cooling Tower, which is closed off. Drop down the ledge on the right and follow it to the end, but be VERY careful as you approach the end. Two Cacodemons show up behind you, so don't let yourself be ambushed.

- Back to the main area, go to the far other side and search around for blue launchpads. These will launch you on top of the large rocky platform, which contains a Rune Trial (In-Flight Mobility). You'll need to collect 15 relics before the timer expires. This seems tricky at first, but you just need to get the hang of it and try maybe 10+ times.

- While still on this rock, look at your map to spot a secret area far below on the side. It's difficult to carefully drop down, so crouch and look at your map so you're exactly above the ledge. Use a clever double jump at the last moment when dropping near/past the ledge to climb onto it. Here you'll find a very useful Mega Health and an Elite Guard.

Mission 7 - Elite Guard #2

- Facing the door to the Cooling Tower again (where the ledge to the right led to some Cacodemons), this time climb the left rock path up (to reach a large area with the round building). Defeat the Revenants and Hell Knights and search around for goodies. Afterwards, face the round building and move over the catwalk to the upper right. On this walkway you'll face two Hell Knights. At the end of the path you'll find some minor armor and fuel, but the purpose of going this way was mainly to increase your combat ranking. Head back to the round building.

- To the left of the round building you can head down the path to face a Revenant and some Possessed. There's a munition crate here along with some health and armor pickups (also down the rocky path where you once found the super shotgun). Head back down the trail and check out the left side to jump onto some crates and reach a walkway across; here you can kill a few more Possessed to increase your combat ranking.

Now go to the waypoint and open the door. Head through the hall and open the door at the end. In this hall you'll face a new enemy, the Pinky, or actually you'll face four of them in total. These beasts charge at you rapidly and are nearly invulnerable up front. You need to sidestep and then shoot their vulnerable back with the Super Shotgun (or rocket launcher). After clearing the hall, check out the right side of the hall up ahead for an AutoMap. Grab the Data Log from the bench as well.

Use the console to activate a hologram of a Pinky that has taken the yellow keycard - yes, the inevitable 'beast has taken the key scene'. Go outside and defeat the two Pinkies and Revenant here, then use the launch pad to reach the upper platform, where you can find an Elite Guard.

Mission 7 - Elite Guard #3

Continue up the stairs and prepare for another big battle, involving Revenants, Pinkies, Cacodemons and even a Mancubus at the end. Use the Super Shotgun on the Revenants (and Pinkies), and the Plasma Rifle on the Cacodemons, while saving the Rocket Launcher for the Mancubus. Check out the gap in the floor for some minor pickups.

Head through the door, collect the Data Log, then go to the room at the end of the hall (with a Gore Nest). First eliminate the Possessed, then destroy the nest. Two Pinkies, two Hell Knights, some Hell Razors and Possessed Soldiers all appear. Defeat them with the Super Shotgun. At the end a Baron of Hell appears. If your chainsaw fuel allows it, saw it in half. Otherwise grab out your rocket launcher and give it all you've got. Grab the Mega Health after the intense fight to fully heal up - and better even!

Drop down to the lower level and use the console to move a crate to the walkway allowing you to climb it. From here you can reach an upper walkway to the right that leads to a Field Drone.

Mission 7 - Field Drone

Head outside through the door below and go left. Defeat the Revenant and drop down to the next walkway. At the end is the elusive Rune Trial you might've 'heard' at the beginning of this mission. You must defeat 8 targets before the time is up. The targets are: Two Unwilling, Two Imps, Two Possessed Soldiers, a Hell Knight and a Pinky. The problem is your insanely low health, making especially the Hell Knight a threat. Stay away from it as much as possible and keep shooting at its head. When the Pinky appears, try having a Possessed Soldier around. Sometimes they hit the Pinky with a charged shot, which can help. Otherwise you'll need to dodge and move behind it carefully, all the while pumping lead in it.

Back in 'reality', go to the end of the walkway to reach a big landing platform where a large battle unfolds against Revenants, Cacodemons and a Mancubus. After clearing the area, check out the rock platform on the side you came from and jump towards it. (If it helps, when facing the door you need to go through, this rock platform is on the right). Drop down the rocks to find an Argent Cell.

Mission 7 - Argent Cell

Go through the door to finally find the Pinky with the Yellow Keycard. Before continuing, spot the blood-stained upper ledge just above the small steps and double jump to it. This secret area contains some minot pickups and the Patriotguy collectible (the worst colored and worst named collectible in the game, ugh).

Mission 7 - Patriotguy Collectible

Drop down the elevator shaft and before continuing, check out the vent shaft inside the elevator shaft to find an Elite Guard. Continue through the door and you'll be back in a familiar area. Go through the nearby yellow door on the right side and use the railway to finish this mission.

Mission 7 - Elite Guard #4
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Apr 9th 2017 Mboxer511
Not mentioned in this guide is a Data Pad which is located at the gore nest near the end of the level by the Argent Cell. It appears right where the gore nest was AFTER you have destroyed the gore nest and all the enemies.
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