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Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower

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Head down into the last part of the Argent Facility and start slaying demons. A new type of demon will appear for the first time here: the Revenant, a mini-missiles firing, half-armored, tall skeleton that moves around quickly and can fly. Take these out as quickly as possible with the Super Shotgun. After clearing the area of demons, drop down and check out the locker room to the left.

You can find the Jump Boots here. This accessory is always available from now on and allows you to do a second jump while in mid-air. This allows you to jump impressive distances, as well as reach higher-up platforms that would've been inaccessable otherwise. Also grab the Data Log inside this room.

Go back to the hall and turn right. Climb the crates in the corner and turn around. With the Jump Boots you can jump to the higher ledge up ahead (with an orange and green glow coming from behind it). You'll find a Rune Trial here. It's one of the trickier trials so far, where you have to defeat 30 Unwilling with the Super Shotgun before the timer expires. Glory Kills grant a few seconds extra time, so be sure to perform these a lot.

After completing the Rune Trial, check out this platform for some armor, then drop back down. Turn right and walk a few meters in that direction, then check out the upper walkway to the left, in the middle of the hall. You can double jump towards it. From here you can double jump to the next platform up ahead. Instead of going right, turn left and hop onto the crate at the end. Jump to the metal walkway up ahead from here (as indicated with a small green light) and turn left. You can see an opening to the left with a red glow coming from it. Drop down to find an Argent Cell. Upgrading your Health is still a good idea at this point.

Mission 5 - Argent Cell

Drop back to the previous walkway and move to the end. Climb the crates here and jump to the long bridge that connects to the Argent Energy Tower in the far distance. Start moving over, sometimes double jumping from one side to the next. Kill the Imps that you come across.

Optionally you can climb the stairs on the left side of the bridge. These lead to a room with various Possessed (including an exploding one up the steps). There's also a Possessed Security up ahead, so pull out your rocket launcher and waste him from a distance. Move over the walkway and keep your rocket launcher ready for a Hell Knight that comes from the room up ahead. There are several Possessed Soldiers inside as well.

After clearing the area, go up the steps and check out the desk on the left for a Data Log. There's also a Field Drone here. Head through the next exit and follow the walkway to the right to find a full armor. Go back to the exit and drop down to the bridge below to continue with the story.

Cross the broken bridge by double jumping over the big gap and walk a few meters further. Before climbing up the platform ahead, look to the right to spot an Elite Guard all the way down. Drop to it to collect its Praetor Token. Go back up by jumping to the other side and using smart double jumps.

Mission 5 - Elite Guard

Climb up and hideous Olivia is doing... things. She's up to no good, right? Head inside the room, check out the AutoMap to the right of the elevator and collect the Super Shotgun from the body if you haven't gotten it yet.

In the next area, don't move too far ahead just yet. First use the Pistol to defeat a couple of Imps (charged shot works well) and Possessed in the distance. When these have been taken out, pull out your (super) shotgun and move on. Defeat some Hell Razors and Imps and be on the lookout for a Summoner. When it appears, grab the purple Quad Damage powerup (by going to the right walkway and jumping up to the catwalk) and use the Super Shotgun to quickly defeat the Summoner (and any Hell Knights and Razors it might have summoned).

After the horde has been wiped out, continue through the next door and open the ammo crate to the right. Quickly follow one of the containers as it passes and drop down on the ledge to the right. There are no passing containers on the lower level, so move to the platform/walkway to the right, a few meters ahead. You can find an Elite Guard, a Data Log and a Health Station here. Not bad.

Drop down again on the right side and continue ahead, then climb up on the right side. Jump onto the stagnant container, turn around, and when possible, jump to the ledge to the far left corner. Walk to the end of it and turn around to spot a ledge up ahead; double jump to it. From here, simply wait for one of the containers to pass and quickly jump after it into the tunnel. On the other side, drop down to the left ledge to find the Orangeguy collectible. Now head back to the bottom level to where you found the Elite Guard and so on.

Mission 5 - Orangeguy collectible

Continue through the hall and drop down the hatch at the end, then open the door and prepare for a huge fight. A new demon appears: A Mancubus. These slow giants are extremely powerful and should be taken out from long distances with a Rocket Launcher or Plasma Rifle. Always stay on the move during this fight and don't hesitate to empty your best weapons on the tougher demons. Pick up the armor and health pickups scattered throughout the area whenever you run low on health. After the horde has been wiped out, use the platforms/elevators to start climbing the tower.

Climb up the yellow moving platform and from here keep jumping to the next platforms until you eventually have to double jump to the central area (as indicated by three green lights). Check the map to spot a collectible on either the left or right side. It is located at the bottom part of the metal beams; you can jump towards it by first going a little higher and then carefully looking/jumping down towards the Purpleguy collectible.

Continue climbing the tower until you reach a part with moving machinery; you can climb it after the machine retracts; quickly move up and away from the moving machine to get to safety. On this level, clear out the demons. There are a lot of powerups and pickups available, including a green Invulnerability powerup on a higher-up platform. It can tip the odds in your favor.

After clearing the area, check the waypoint marker to spot the next destination and climb up the nearby drone (or use the energy jump pad on the right side) to reach it. In this area, use the console, then head back to the main hall.

Instead of climbing the nearby (green) drone, go to the opposite side of the area and climb one of the blue drones and carefully ride it all the way to the top. Jump to the platform to find a lever for a Classic Map. To reach the classic map, simply ride the drone back down all the way, drop off, and wait for it to go out of its standard position again to find the classic map behind it.

Mission 5 - Classic Map

After this, ride any of the drones up, move over the next platforms, wait for the machinery to move to the center, quickly walk over, hop onto the center ledge, and from here double jump to the walkway/metal beam to the side. Continue and defeat several Imps. Be careful of the Argent Energy bursts that some machines produce. At the end, ride the elevator up to another control room.

Inside, defeat all Possessed, including a Possessed Security, and go through the next room. A Hell Knight attacks you, so have the Super Shotgun ready. Go up the stairs, defeat a few more Possessed (try going for headshots with charged Pistol shots), then move to the upper portion after a container has just passed.

There's a Rune Trial available here. It's very easy; you need to defeat 10 Unwilling by explosive barrel damage. You only have 1 health, so stay away from them and keep blasting them by aiming for nearby barrels.

After the Rune Trial, go up one more level. Here, move to the right side and climb up. Move up the ledge that says 'Caution' to find an Elite Guard.

Mission 5 - Elite Guard #3

Continue up and climb the stairs. In this room, use the Health Station if necessary. Approach the elevator shaft and turn to the right to find a new piece of equipment, the Hologram, on the desk to the right. This activates a destraction, a decoy that enemies will attack, allowing you to search for ammo or reach a better vantage point, or prepare an ambush.

Carefully approach the elevator shaft and look down until you see a small ledge far down below on the opposite side. Drop down to it and in the last instance, use double jump to minimize falling damage. The Gauss Cannon can be found here. Use the console to open the nearby doors. After collecting the Gauss Cannon, head back up the way you first headed up. When you've reached the elevator again, jump across to a ledge, then turn around and use the pistol to shoot the red energy fuses that hold the elevator up.

Mission 5 - Gauss Cannon

Continue through the door up ahead, then stand your ground (classic Doom-style) against the demon horde until the chapter automatically ends.

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4 comments, latest first.
Apr 6th 2017 Mboxer511
In the room where you first see Olivia (where the dead guy is with the Super Shotgun) there is a Datapad to the left of the Shotgun. Additionally, the following room is a great place to get the Chiropractor (Glory Kill 4 Imps from Behind) and Overkiller Award (15 kills while using quad damage). If you mess up just jump off the side and kill yourself. You will restart in the room with Olivia and whatever kills you got so far will count.

This is also a good place to get Multi-Targeting add-on for the Rocket Launcher with the "Lock-on" mod. You need to kill 5 Summoners with lock-on. If you use the quad-kill power up you can kill both Summoners with one shot. Then kill yourself and restart until you've killed 5.
ID #716083
Jan 2nd 2017 GHOSTofWILL
There is also a "Mega Health" power up located near the second "rune trial" that is not mentioned in this guide. When you jump up pass the moving carts to get to the rune trial turn around and jump back up a level over the carts. There will be two small alcoves on the left, drop down in the second to get the power up, you should be able to see it easily if you look around a little. Smile
ID #700375
Aug 11th 2016 mishikal
In the room where you activate the drones is an argent cell. This walkthrough misses that entirely.
ID #674010
Apr 6th 2017 Mboxer511
Just to clarify on "mishikal"'s comment: At the very top of the argent tower room (the tall room with the red beam vertical beam in the middle) you will see a room with an armor in front of it. When you go inside you will see the console you must activate. Go past the console. If you are facing the console then far off to the right is a dead end to the hallway with the second argent cell .
ID #716100
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