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Mission 2: Resource Operations

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Move through the hall, defeat the Possessed (try doing the first two challenges) and pull open the door on the left. At the end, use the computer to turn back power to the facility. Turn around and check out the maintenance catwalk above the stairs; you can jump towards it. Follow it to the end and check out the tunnel to find some armor. Going to the point of the armor also counts as finding a secret.

Secret Area

Go back to the hall and interact with the AutoMap Station.

Head back to the big room where you pulled the door open and click on the panel, then hop down. Continue down the path and defeat one or two remaining Possessed. Take note of the crate in the corner; we'll climb it in a second for a secret, but first, continue a few steps forward to spawn several Imps. Defeat them and collect the health pickups if you need to. The door you see here (to the left) leads to another Classic Map. To open it, head back to the large metal crate and climb it, then continue towards the armor. Move to the end of this catwalk, carefully jump on the railing and from here to the platform nearby. Now jump up to the highest walkway, where you'll find the lever to open the door. Defeat the Possessed Soldiers inside to unlock this classic map.

Classic Map

To continue, pull open the jammed door and immediately shoot the Possessed Engineer waking towards you. These are essentially walking bombs; shooting them will detonate their explosives, causing harm to anything standing close by, so be warned. Proceed through the hallway to reach a large room with many demons inside, Possessed and Imps. Defeat them all to continue; try standing behind crates to avoid incoming projectiles and stay on the move otherwise.

On the other side of the area, check out the workbench to find a Data Log. The console to your left can be used to stop the elevators on the far side of the area, which you can then jump on to reach higher ground (you'll cling onto the catwalk). You'll find a few extra items this way, until you drop down in a room up ahead (which is also accessible by the door close to where you found the Data Log).

In this room, definitely grab the Chainsaw from the corpse. This is a powerful melee weapon that can and will come in handy whenever you're with your back against the wall, or simply when facing a very powerful opponent that's about to shred you to bits. You can switch with Square (or X on Xbox) to regular weapons and the chainsaw. Any unprotected flesh will be instantly sewn through. Use it sparingly, and never on weak foes like Possessed and Imps. The room also has a Health Station, which fully restores your health should you need it.

There are various demons roaming the next area behind the door. Defeat them by staying on the move and using your shotgun effectively. The door in the far left corner of the room requires the yellow key card, so we'll have to find this first. You can continue in two ways now. One way is to climb the two crates to reach higher ground. The second way is to go right and move into the ventilation shaft. When moving over the crate transportation system, do NOT stand still or you'll be torn apart by the lasers (a crate will bump you into it). If you move over it fast you'll be fine. The same applies when you reach the higher ground.

In any case, drop down to find the security station... except that it requires the yellow keycard too. Continue through the other hallway to reach a large room with a Gore Nest in the middle. First defeat the few Possessed, then destroy the net, spwaning a lot of demons as usual. Defeat them all, then ride the elevator on the bottom level up (call it with the console).

Proceed along the catwalk and look for a Field Drone along the way; choose another weapon upgrade. Take the Yellow Keycard from the body at the end of the hallway. Before going through this maintenance door that the Possessed way lying against, take note of the door to the right. It's locked right now, but we'll be back here for a secret later on. Continue through the maintenance door, defeat the Possessed and Imp in this hall, then jump down the open hatch at the end. You'll now be back in the room with the door that required the yellow keycard.

Although you can press onward now through the yellow door, various rewarding optional paths can now be explored. Head back up (via the two crates, or via the ventilation shaft) to reach the security room again. This time you can enter with the yellow keycard. Use the console here to unlock two previously locked areas. This first one is closeby. The nearby/adjacent hall, leading to the room with the Gore Nest, has a hatch on the right side. Open it and go down, then defeat the Possessed and Imp. On the walkway to the left is an Elite Guard with a Praetor Token. Now go up at the blood-stained hatch and up the small catwalk to find a Plasma Rifle. Nice find! Now hop over the open hatch to climb the upper ventilation shaft. Kick away the metal plate to reach the Gore Nest area again.

Elite Guard and Plasma Rifle

Here, take the bottom elevator up and go past the Field Drone. Instead of going down the hall all the way, head through the previously locked door - to the right. In here, go left and find a ventilation shaft. Move to the end to reach a previously unreachable area with an Elite Guard (Praetor Token) and several other items. Unlock the gate from the inside and go through to reach the main room again with the yellow door. You can now proceed through it to continue with the story.

Elite Guard

In the area behind the yellow door, loot the body in the security room for a Heavy Assault Rifle. Use the console to go through the gate, and use the next console to go outside. Possessed Soldiers immediately start shooting at you, so be prepared to take them out right away. Continue to the right and defeat the Imps here. There's a Berserk powerup on a metal catwalk on the right side (it looks like a fire orb). When you grab this, you can temporarily instantly kill any demon with your fists. Wait with picking this up until a Possessed Security (with blue security shield) shows up. These are quite tough, so using the Berserk perk on him definitely helps.

When the area has been cleared of demons, go to the higher ground and look for a large crate with blood stains on it. You can climb it and reach an air duct from here. Move a bit to the right on it, then turn around and jump to the higher air vent. This allows you to reach higher ground. Now move to the far back (ignore the hatch on the right side for now) and look for a ventilation shaft you can enter; inside is the Doomguy collectible. Go to the hatch and open it, then drop down. (You can also reach this room by using an elevator on the ground below.) Use the console here to continue with the story.

Collectible Doomguy

Go down with the elevator, defeat the few Imps and head to the next marker, at the end of the newly surfaced walkway, under the terminal you used the console in. Head up, then follow the catwalk and grab the armor. Jump down to the large door with the green flashing light. Defeat the Possessed Soldiers (and one Security) here and continue down the hall after using the airlock with the console. Kill a few Imps and Possessed in the next room, then collect the Data Log on a desk on the left side. Use the console in the office to the right and unlock the doors.

In the next room, defeat the Possessed Soldiers and turn left. The door here leads to a short walkway where you can climb up to reach an Elite Guard for a Praetor Token. There's also a munition crate here.

Elite Guard

Continue back through the main hall to reach a circular room. Move up the crates to the left to find the Bronzeguy collectible in the shaft - oh yeah. Enter the Vega terminal room and collect the Argent Cell here that Hayden gives you, then exit the room, turn left and go to the airlock, using the console to finish this mission.

Collectible Bronzeguy

Note: Argent Cells can upgrade your Max Health, Max Armor or Max Ammo.

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