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Weapons and Skills Guide

Desperados 3 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Desperado 3 Weapons and Skills Guide

There are five distinctly different playable characters in Desperados 3. Each of these characters possesses unique weapons and skills which you can take advantage of in different ways to help complete the various missions. Check out our Weapons and Skills guide to find out everything you need to know about them.

John Cooper Weapons and Skills

John Cooper Weapons and Skills

Throwing Knife
John Cooper uses his Throwing Knife as a long range projectile. He only carries one knife and it must be retrieved again from wherever it landed. It has a range of 12.0 and whilst quieter than a gunshot the death throes of the dying enemy carries to a distance of 6.0. Using the Throwing Knife to stab an enemy will take 4.4 seconds so you need to ensure there is no other enemy in the area before employing this method to eliminate an enemy.

John carries the Remmington New Model Army and the Old 51 Revolvers and they both be used to shoot enemies. This though is a noisy alternative to a sneak kill as it will alert nearby enemies who will converge on your position. Your shot has a noise radius of 18.0 and an enemy that has been shot will take 5.1 seconds to die. The shot itself has a radius of 17.0 and you only have 8 bullets, so you will need to be careful as to how you use them. You can however find more ammunition in the supply crates - their locations are marked on the maps in the world atlas.

Fake Coin
John has an endless supply of fake coins in his pockets which he uses to distract the enemy by using them as a means of misdirection. On tossing the coin, the enemy will look towards where the coin landed allowing you to move around undetected.

Arthur 'Doc' McCoy Weapons and Skills

Arthur 'Doc' McCoy Weapons and Skills

Colt Buntline Special
Arthur McCoy, nicknamed 'Doc' uses a Colt Buntline Special, this a long-barreled variant of the Colt Single Action Army revolver that has a scope. This weapon has a range of 55.0 and can be modified to have a noise range of 4.5 which is quieter than normal firearms. An enemy that has been shot will take 3.5 seconds to die and you will need to wait 6 seconds before you can fire the weapon again. The Buntline only holds 5 bullets and these can only be replenished at ammo crates, if however the weapon is required for a mission, Doc will hold onto a Golden Bullet that you can use should you run out of regular ammo. This weapon should only be used when close range options are too dangerous.

Syringe and Chloroform
Doc uses the Syringe and Chloroform to kill opponents in close combat. He has an eneless supply of Chloroform and it can also be used to render the enemy unconscious.

The Doctor's Bag
Doc uses his medical bag to force an enemy to leave their post or deviate from their established patrol route. If an enemy investigates the bag and opens it they will be momentarily blinded by its contents. The Doctor's Bag must be retrieved afterwards. This trick doe not work for Ponchos or Long Coat enemies.

Swamp Gas Vial
The Swamp Gas Vial is a powerful gadget Doc uses that is able to stun 3-4 enemies at once. He has a very limited number of Swamp Gas Vials at his disposal so they should be kept as last resort.

This skill enables you to heal Doc or any other member of the group. Bandages restore 2 health points and they have unlimited use. You will though have to wait 20 seconds before you can use them again.

Hector Mendoza Weapons and Skills

Hector Mendoza Weapons and Skills

Hector uses the Axe to kill opponents in close combat, this does however create some noise. If you just want to render an enemy unconsious you should use his fists instead. Hector is the only member of the group that is able to eliminate Long Coat enemies, which he can do so by using the Axe or his fists.

Sawed-Off Shotgun
Hector carries a Sawed-Off-Shotgun that damages enemies in a cone direction from where he is facing. It has a range of 12.0 and a noise radius of 18.0. This weapon only has four bullets in the chamber and has a long reload time of 18 seconds before it can be used again. Shot enemies will take 5.1 seconds to die. This weapon is particularly effective when used against crowds of enemies. You can find more ammunition in the supply crates - their locations are marked on the maps in the world atlas.

Bear Trap (Bianca)
Bianca is the name Hector has given to his Bear Trap and it can be used to maul any enemy unfortunate enough to get captured by it. Bianca can be set anywhere on the ground, and once laid becomes imperceptible to the enemy. It takes 1.1 seconds to set up, has a noise radius of 2.0, and once sprung will take 5.4 seconds for the victim to be crushed to death. Bianca will need to be retrieved after being placed to be used again.

Hector is able to whistle which he can use to distract the enemy. His whistles have a radius of 10.0 and a cooldown of 6 seconds. Hector's whistling skill can be particularly effective when used as a way to lure enemies towards Bianca.

The Good Stuff
Hector always carries a canteen on his hip that contains a special concoction which fully replenishes his health when sipped regardless of how much damage he has sustained. This alcoholic brew which is referred to as 'The Good Stuff' has a cooldown of 20 seconds and is too strong for any of the characters.

Kate O'Hara Weapons and Skills

Kate O'Hara Weapons and Skills

Derringer Pistol
The only real weapon Kate O'Hara has at her disposal is her Derringer pistol which is small enough to keep concealed in her garter. Although this firearm only has a range of 9.0 it is a quiet weapon that has a noise radius of 3.0. It has a small chamber of 5 bullets which can be replenished at the ammo crates. Enemies shot with the Derringer take 5.1 seconds to die and it has a cooldown of 6 seconds before it can be used again.

Kate has a kick that is capable of stunning the enemy.

Perfume Vial
Kate has a Perfume Vial which when thrown will make enemies in the vicinity sneeze, and temporarily blind them. Although Kate's throwing range is 12.0 the radius of the perfume cloud it creates is only 2.0 which mean they need to be thrown accurately to be effective. Kate has an endless supply of Perfume Vials she can use, you will though have to wait 10 seconds between each use.

Within certain levels of Desperados 3 Kate will have the opportunity to don a disguise and use it to move around unchallenged by most enemies as she scouts an area. Her disguise however will not fool Long Coats and Guard Dogs so she needs to be constantly on the lookout for those types of enemies.

Kate is able to flirt if she uses a disguise, this ability will enable her to distract the enemy for as long as the flirt lasts. This skill is particulary effective for enabling another member of the group to bypass the enemy unseen or to easily approach them from behind to eliminate them. Kate's flirt will not seduce Long Coats, Ponchos, or Gunwoman. Guard dogs are also unaffected.

Isabelle Moreau Weapons and Skills

Isabelle Moreau Weapons and Skills

Isabelle carries a Sickle which she is able to use to kill enemies in melee combat. This attack lasts 3.5 seconds and will make some noise. If you do not want to kill the enemy she can use her fists to render the enemy unconscious.

Mind Control
This Voodoo ability allows Isabelle to take control over enemies and make them do her bidding. She can aim the mind control dart at an enemy within a 10.0 range. If the enemy is within the mambo's range of 35.0 no obstacles can separate Isabelle from them. This ability will only work on ordinary enemies and Ponchos. Long Coats are immune to the effects of this skill. The downsides of this ability are its very limited number of uses and that it deprives Isabelle of 1 health point every time she uses it. This ability is best saved for the most inaccessible enemies or those that interfere with the mission objectives. Isabelle's Mind Control can be replenished by finding the supply crates.

This ability allows Isabelle to connect the souls of two separate enemies so that she transfers all damage or effects inflicted to one enemy to the other. This means if you take down one enemy, the other will also be taken down in the same manner at the same time. This ability is particularly effective when dealing with enemies that are watching each other because neither will have the chance to raise the alarm as they are dealt with simultaneously.

Jimson Weed
Isabelle is also a herbalist who uses hers stash of Jimson Weed to craft medicine to use on either herself or another member of the group. This medicine gives 1 health point and has a 10 second cooldown. Isabelle has an unlimited amount of Jimson Weed at her disposal.

Stella the Cat
Isabelle has a feline pet called Stella which she can use to distract the enemy. Stella has has a range of 14.0 and the distraction lasts for 6 seconds.

Check out our How to use Characters guide to get some tips and tricks on how to use the different playable characters in Desperados 3.

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