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How to use Characters

Desperados 3 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to use Characters in Desperados 3

In Desperados 3 there are five main playable characters which become unlocked over the course of the game, each having access to unique weapons and abilities. Check out our How to use Characters guide to find out how each of the characters can be used to deal with a specific situation.

How to use John Cooper

John Cooper is your classic all-round character that is average in every area of the game and probably the best character for new players to begin with while they get a feel for the game. He is without doubt the most reliable team member as he can be used in almost any situation. His solid distraction and takedown moves enables him to effectively deal with most of the situations he comes across and having two revolvers which he is able to shoot at once enables him to take out double the enemy threat and blast his way out of trouble. When he needs a stealthier approach to eliminate enemies his throwing knife is more than adequate.

How to use Arthur 'Doc' McCoy

Arthur McCoy or 'Doc' as he is usually referred to is a long-range specialist who uses his Colt Buntline Special, a long-barreled variant of the Colt Single Action Army revolver to take down enemies from afar. This weapon is the best in the game for distance which makes Doc a strong option when you are out in the field. Doc as evident from his slim frame is not a strong man and instead relies on stealth and confusion to take down the enemy. He does this using his Doctor's Bag to lure enemies away from their normal patrol to incapacitate them quietly and safely away from prying eyes using a syringe and chloroform. Swamp Gas Vials allow Doc to stun opponents in an area and his bandages allow him to heal any character.

How to use Hector Mendoza

Hector Mendoza is a hunter and the strong man of the team, he is tough and arrogant and will not shy away from facing a challenge close up and personal. Armed with his axe, Sawed-Off Shotgun, and his bear trap which he calls 'Bianca' Hector is a solid choice for most situations. Although his abilities are suited for close range combat he can still sneakily take down enemies using his Whistle which he uses to lure enemies to his bear trap or an ambush. Hector has a special brew in the canteen he carries that heals him completely when used and he is the best choice when you need to deal with Long Coats.

How to use Kate O'Hara

Kate O'Hara is one of the most valuable characters despite her lack of a lethal takedown move and only having three skills, one of which requires you to find it first. She is a master of distraction, her ability to flirt with guards makes her a key asset as it allows the other characters to move around unseen. Kate can also be used to scout an area by having her don a disguise which then permits her to walk around freely without being challenged. She can seduce enemies by playing with her garter and she can lure enemies by leaving a trail of poker cards. Kate carries a concealed Derringer hand gun in her garter and a mirror which she can use to dazzle an enemy and reduce his viewing range for some moments.

How to use Isabelle Moreau

Isabelle Moreau is a Voodoo practitioner who possesses some unique and unusual abilities which makes her a valuable asset. She can mind control an enemy so that the controlled enemy performs any action according to her command and she can connect the souls of two living entities so that they share the same fate. Isabelle carries a sickle which she uses as a melee weapon and uses her pet cat named 'stella' as a distraction. Isabelle also offers healing support using the Jimson Weed she carries and is able to climb ladders, growing ivy and ropes and also swim.

Check out our Character Guide to find out more about the characters in Desperados III.

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