Top 10 Things We Hope To See In Pokemon Sun & Moon

There are still so many questions left unanswered from the craze that has recently become Pokemon Sun & Moon, and there is really barely information known about what are considered to be the first of the Seventh Generation. No one knows what to expect at this point, but all Pokemon Fans are hopeful in a few things they hope will come with these next games. And in this here article, we are going to go over the Top 10 things we're hoping to see in either Sun & Moon, or what comes along with them.

All of the aspects we will go over revolve strictly around Pokemon, but some many do with the Anime Series while others might revolve about the game themselves. And stil others might be focused around a few things that were seen or not seen in the Sixth Generation. If you're hoping for one thing in general, odds are it will be mentioned here (whether about the games or some other concepts).

What to share your thoughts? Think we nailed it? Or did we come up short? Whatever the case, don't forget to Comment Below! And don't forget to check out the other areas of our famous website!

With further adieu, let's get started shall we?

#10 - Permanent Female Companion For Ash

And this is solely based upon if, and only if, Ash returns once again to explore another region in the Anime Series. He has been the face with his companion Pikachu for over twenty years with this aspect of the company, and though this would lead you to believe there is none other than him, it could be time for fresh start. The definition of psychosis is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and since Ash and Pikachu have run a successful show for twenty years now across sixth different regions, it would be crazy to think of life after them. However, all good things must come to an end, and that will one day include this fantastic duo.

If Ash does return to explore the next region, then it should finally be time to give him a permanent female companion. If you actually think about it, Ash has had a revolving door of companions since Misty (how really only lasted two regions): May ended with Hoenn Saga, Dawn finished with the Sinnoh Story, and Iris concluded with the Unova Chapter. Each Pokemon Fan has a personal choice of who they would like to see him travel with (and perhaps ultimately get with), but that has yet to be seen.

Whether they bring back Misty for a nostalgic revival of the series, keep Serena and continue her crush on Ash, or introduce another new young face, all that matters is keeping them for longer than one or two regions. A story is all about character development, so what can you possibly accomplish if all the supporting characters keep getting thrown off the evergoing carousel? A permanent Female Character, as well a close bud or bro, would finally end this cycle and perhaps might make the show as once as great as it use to be.

Posted: 31st Mar 2016 by Warrior13
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