Top 10 Historical Inaccuracies: Assassin's Creed

03. Cultural Destiny (All)

This may not appear to be a smoking-gun error, but one of the very consistent underlying themes of the games is the idea of choosing your own destiny as a cultural value. The bottom line? This has only been true since the post-World War I era!

Prior to World War I and later after World War II and the opening of post-secondary education to soldiers under the GI Bill in America, the idea of people from a lower class obtaining a university education was laughable. Even in Europe and Australasia that sort of upward mobility and opportunity simply did not exist.

Gaining access to that sort of upward mobility was the dream BEFORE the dream became a house with a white picket fence and a job for life!

Invariably the social class that obtained higher education and thus at least some measure of choice in terms of destiny and livelihood were exclusively upper-middle-class and above.

But if you pay attention to the lessons being taught in the games you find that there is this underlying theme that people should not allow others to choose their path and what they believe - despite the fact that the vast majority of “people” tended to go into whatever business their family was in, be that blacksmith or merchant or domestic help.

That happened more often than not because the social system in place - read that Religion - both encouraged that path and supported it.

There was no government-sponsored entitlement anywhere prior to the post-World War I era - and mostly those programs were modeled after Hitler's Volkswerk Programs of the 1930s when the world was suffering from a global economic depression and that sort of change was necessary.

Man we hate giving credit to Hitler for anything, but seriously - in the US the CCC and Public Works programs were modeled after the German Volkswerk as was the similar efforts in the UK and Australia. In simple terms the governments needed to create jobs because people were starving to death.

From that came the idea of choosing to alter your destiny via higher education - a symbol that is hinted at in the games. We like the idea, but it did not happen in the time span that the games cover.