Top 10 Historical Inaccuracies: Assassin's Creed

04. Anachronistic Doorknobs (Unity)

Okay this may SEEM like it is picking at nits, but really it is not. One of the things we noticed straight off the bat while playing Unity was that doors had knobs. And they should not have.

Oh sure, there were other equally disturbing anachronisms - for example let's talk about the Catacombs of Paris - which in case you don't know were a 19th Century creation and did NOT exist during the Revolution - which was an 18th Century event.

Burial of French people in the Catacombs began in 1810 - while the game core environment happens in the years 1776 thru 1808 (not counting the special missions that can thrust you through time to as recent as World War II).

But doorknobs?! That is so in-your-face that it HAS to be addressed!

And before you start in with “hey how could you possibly KNOW that?!” we will tell you - we know it because our significant other is an anthropologist and archeologist, and as it turns out door latching devices are a significant marker for those digger-upper of dead-things people.

Can you even begin to imagine how embarrassing it was to be playing the game and excitedly pointing out to her how cool it is to be experiencing events that we KNOW relatives we descend from took part only to have her lower the book she is reading and say: “Ya know, that doorknob you just turned? And those locks? Didn't exist at the time...”

And she said it with a tone of voice that was so confident that we never even considered saying something incredibly stupid like “you wanna bet?!” Because if we had, we would have lost, and she always uses a week of doing the dishes as her bet.

For the record while it is possible that a knob-like shape may have decorated the odd door in Paris, an actual and functional doorknob - or for that matter the door locks that are depicted in the game did not.

From 1830 through 1873 over 100 patents were granted in the USA but those were mostly decorative - the first mechanical knob was patented in 1878 as a “door closing device” while the door lock as part of the knob system was patented later.