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Animus Fragments

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Animus Fragments

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There are 200 pieces of Animus Fragments scattered throughout the islands, town, Shipwrecks, and other locations across the Carribean world map. Below are the detailed locations of all pieces, grouped together by region:

* Uncharted Locations
- Head to coordinates - 513,770, an uncharted Island, northwest from Andrea Island

- Head to coordinates - 589, 906, an uncharted Island, North from Abaco Island.

- Head to coordinates - 585, 592, an uncharted Island, Southeast of Salt Key Bank

- Head to coordinates - 581,659, an uncharted Island, South of Andreas Island

- In the tiny isle near Abaco Island. try going here after receiving the Jackdaw and before heading to the island.

- Head to coordinates - 388, 722 , situated northeast of Matanzas.

- Head to coordinates - 268, 699, tiny isle south of Dry Tortuga fort

- Head to coordinates - 361, 815 to find this one.

- At a shore of a large island north of Dry Tortuga.

- Head to coordinates - 457, 904, a beach by the northern island.

- Head to coordinates - 723, 739, in Eleuthera, at a tiny isle in the restricted zone.

- Head to coordinates - 495, 675, an uncharted isle, north of Salt Key Bank

- Head to coordinates - 613,535, a sandy beach in the middle of Gibara and Jiguey

- Head to coordinates - 707, 629, a beach west from Salt Lagoon

- Head to coordinates - 819,644, a beach northeast from Salt Lagoon and Southeast of Cat Island

- Head to coordinates - 854,598, a tiny isle island northeast of Crooked Island and northwest of Mariguana Island

- Head to coordinates - 783,310, a tiny isle southeast of Cumberland Bay

- Head to coordinates - 167, 504, a tiny isle in the boundary of Castillo de Jagua and Conttoyor

- Head to coordinates - 269,481, a tiny beach west from Pinos Isle

- Head to coordinates - 153,248, a tiny island west of Santanillas

- Head to coordinates - 105,207, northwest from Ambergris Key

- Head to coordinates - 816, 307, tiny isle southeast of Punta Guarico fort.

- Head to coordinates - 965, 144, a Beach, located further east of Ile a Vache

- Head to coordinates - 669, 269, a beach east from Anotto Bay

- Head to coordinates - 144,402, located east of Tulum, and northeast of Chinchorro

* Nassau
- Atop the fast travel marker located in the ghetto.

- By the northwestern walls of the fort, located atop a wooden beam.

- Atop a wooden beam in the eastern areas of the fort. Slowly sneak to the fort from the south, then jump up the trees to get to the storage room beside the fort, then scale your way down to get to the beam.

- Atop a northwestern ship. Climb up the highest area of the mast to reach it.

- Located in the central swamps. Go up the tree branches to get it.

- Atop a wooden branch in the western forest. Utilize the grounded wooden trunks on the north to arrive at the location.

- Atop of the chimney on one of the homes in the plantations.

- In the central abyss, located west of the southeastern fast travel marker.

- Situated west of the fort. Go inside the fort, go up the plank and make a Leap of Faith over there.

- Atop the middle tree branches of a high tree in the middle of some homes, located north of the tavern.

- Atop the area fast travel marker situated in the chapel.

- Atop a wooden crane, located south of the assassination contract symbol.

- Atop of a hard, branch pole, situated near the tavern.

* San Juan
- Go to the underwater tunnels, find it in a tiny alcove near the air pocket.

- Atop the crane, in the caverns holding other cargo and supplies.

* Salt Key Bank
- At the wooden beam, in the center of a house and a shed to the northwest.

- Suspended on a rope in the center of two homes, located southeast of the item store.

- Atop a wood pole beside the waterfall entrance.

* Matanzas
- Atop a tree, near the watchtower in the slave fields.

- Near the eastern cliffs. Make a Leap of Faith to receive it.

- On top of a tree branch, near the other fragments.

* Ambergris Key
- Head to the temple after swimming across the underwater tunnel, then get the fragment at the base of this ancient temple.

- At the ceiling in the ruins. Go up the ramp beside the entrance to get to it.

* Cape Bonavista
- In the center of tree branches located north of the initial fast travel marker.

- Head northwest from the secondary fast travel marker, then go beside the huge tree to find it.

- Go east from the tree with the shanty, then perform a Leap of Faith to reach edge of the branch.

- Make a Leap of Faith to reach the back of the the waterfall underneath, go back up then head southeast to find the wooden beam.

* Anotto Bay
- Located in the underwater mining tunnels.

- Situated at the back of the western door. Swim under the waters and go through the northern tunnel mines. Head left, then swim upwards to receive the item.

* Florida Island
- Atop of the shipwreck's location fast travel marker.

- On the edge of the bow on a different shipwreck in the central island.

* Andreas Island
- Near the end of the huge stone in the central island.

- In a shipwreck, at the northernmost end of the island.

* Cat Island
- Reach the rooftop of a warehouse where you will make a Leap of Faith on the wooden beams to get the item.

- Atop a tree in the middle of two homes, near the western watchtower.

* Salt Lagoon
- Near a grounded wooden trunk, beside the beaches.

- Located near a tree by the northwestern beach.

* Mariguana Island
- Near the fast travel marker. Right after synchronization, you can make a Leap of Faith to reach it.

- Atop a wooden trunk, in the southern island area.

* Crooked Island
- In the middle of two homes by the northeastern tavern.

- Located on a rope in the middle of two homes on the eastern area.

- Atop a southeast home's wooden beam.

* Great Inagua
- In the ruins, beside the highest point. Climb up the ruins to locate the fragment.

- Across the main road. Go up the tree nearby the stones, then jump on a broken tree trunk.

- Past the waterfall, along the newer path. Find this on a stone ledge, go there by sprinting on a broken trunk and swing across by the vines.

- At a barren, tribal village filled with patrol.

- Right after obtaining the hideout, go northeast on the mansion to locate it

* Jiguey
- Below the wood beam on the west.

- Below the wood path in the northwest.

* Tulum
- Located at the end of the cliff near the initial fast travel marker.

- At the second forest, navigate the bushes along the walls, then locate a broken trunk. Go up and utilize the branches to avoid being detected, then find the fragment along the pathway.

- After rescuing the second group of hostages, go up the fast travel marker behind them, then make a Leap of Faith.

- Go to the north of the Templar Hunt symbol to locate the fragment on a broken tree.

- Head past the main village, then go to the southwestern narrow path ending in the woods. Climb up the tree here to get it.

* Kingston
- Beside the Parish Church fast travel marker area.

- Reach it on a tree situated southwest from the basilica fast travel marker.

- Beside the northeastern home holding the assassin contract marker.

- Near the home located east from the drunken pirates.

- Situated southwest in Fort Charles, atop the gibbets.

- At Port Royal, located northeast from the harbourmaster. Go up the tree in the end of the road.

- Below a tree branch, located near northwestern plantation. Shimmy on the highest branch and swing to it.

- Beside the house in the center of the dancers and the drunken pirate groups on the east.

- Beside the larger building on the main road, northeast from the middle fast travel marker.

- Located south from the central fast travel marker, up on the second floor walls.

- Over the south roads, in the center of the item shops.

- Outside the walls of the warehouse which is located southeast in the corner of the area.

- By the chimney to the west, Laurens Prins' mansion.

* Petite Caverne
- Beside the platform where the initial sniper was deployed.

- At the docks, on a wood beam beside some stored barrels.

* Tortuga
- Beside the bell tower. Make a Leap of Faith to reach that high-point area.

- At the southern planting area, atop a tree branch. Climb up the tree beside the fences to reach it.

* Cumberland Bay
- Beside the fast travel marker marker. Make a Leap of Faith to get it.

- On a tree in the southeastern beaches.

* Arroyos
- At a long, pole located east of the assassination contract area.

- Atop a wood pole, situated northwest in the town.

- On a tree pole, located west of the town.

* Isla Providencia
- Right after grabbing the third chest, go up the tree to find it on a branch.

- Located across the northern main road to the north, on some tree branches.

- Situated southeast from the second fast travel point, atop a tree branch.

- Atop a branch beside the third fast travel marker, located north.

- Atop a wooden bar below an improvised bridge, located west of the third fast travel marker.

* Pinos Isle
- Atop a wooden bridge beside the temple area.

- At the edge of the branch where you will make a Leap of Faith, located northeast of the island.

- By a tree positioned south from the temple.

* Ile a Vache
- Located on a coconut tree south from the fast travel marker

- Atop the roof of the area's tavern.

* Principe
- Along the main road, located on a tree branch.

- Positioned north from the first set of prisoners, make a Leap of Faith to reach it.

- In a cliff in the middle of the northern area, by the center of the location of the two groups of prisoners.

- At the end of a slanted coconut tree, on the docks.

- On the end of the branch beside a sniper tower.

* Misteriosa
- Located east from the fast travel marker, atop a wooden bar in the middle of two ledges.

- Situated east of the fast travel marker, at the end of the slanted tree trunk. Make a Leap of Faith to get it.

* Havana
- Atop the church tower fast travel marker on the west.

- On the second floor window of the Mansion.

- On an archway, located in the southern area of the Mansion

- Beside the tree situated southeast from the item store, and east of the Villa.

- Located north of the restricted zone, near the church. By the middle of the ropes and pulleys.

- Near the tree from the dancers and south of the initial store you have seen.

- On the side of the initial church fast travel marker you have climbed.

- Atop the cross, in the Church of Havana.

- By the western window of the Churchl of Havana. Drop down here slowly.

- By the northeastern wall of Castillo San Salvador de la Punta, located northeast of the city. Keep swimming around the forth until you locate a scalable area.

- On the southern wall of Castillo San Salvador de la Punta. Go up the wooden post with the sign “Pyrates Beware” to get it.

- Atop the flagpole, situated in a residential area southwest of Castillo San Salvador de la Punta.

- Atop the wooden bars in the sea, located south of the northeastern docks.

* New Bone
- Located beside the fast travel marker, hop on the windmills to make it.

- On the edge of a slanted tree by the northern cliffs, then make a Leap of Faith.

- Atop the flagpole at the courtyard of the mansion area.

* Cayman Sound
- Atop the fast travel marker.

- On the center of the northwestern trees to the northwest. Climb up the trees using the slanted trunk beside the beach.

* Grand Cayman
- Atop a tree, located east of the fast travel marker.

- Located on a wooden bar behind the home situated north of the tavern.

- At a solid pole located southeast from the harbourmaster.

* Santanillas
- On the mound of leaves in the middle of the island. Climb the near the tree and do a Leap of Faith.

- Located in a mound of leaves situated north from the second Mayan Stelae on the east.

- Over the northeastern waters. Climb up the nearby mast and perform a Leap of Faith.

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