Top 10 Historical Inaccuracies: Assassin's Creed

09. The French Revolution (Unity)

On the one hand the game Assassin's Creed: Unity correctly portrays the basic events - though in the game they appear to be far shorter than the actual events, which spanned years - that is not the issue.

The issue is the decision to essentially leverage modern day propaganda to portray the leaders of the revolution as blood-thirsty barbarians whose primary interest was lopping off the heads of the aristocracy.

Okay, perhaps they were interested in doing that - but that only represented a small measure of the progressive actions that were taken.

An open and free press, the removal of what were in essence personal courts, and establishing both essential human rights and liberties were a focus for the early efforts.

Criticism of the game and its take on the history of the revolution in France includes the following pretty accurate points:

Sympathetic portrayals of King Louis XVI - who in reality was a bit of a monster himself - and his queen, Marie Antoinette - who was, to be kind, a selfish idiot - but who the game celebrates as a poor little rich girl.

Robespierre is presented as something of a monster... He was a leader of the new government, and considering he was something like the American equivalent of Thomas Jefferson that really does seem to be rather a twisted view.

Of course in the end his own people turned on him after he was perceived to be too powerful in the new government, lopping off his head!