Top 10 Historical Inaccuracies: Assassin's Creed

07. America (AC3)

The story of America - as told in AC3 - was a rather exciting and interesting one. Especially as we, the player, are permitted to be present at some of the pivotal events of that story!

We got goose-flesh when we jumped up on the rampart as the cannons fired, and the American Flag waved above!

Yeah, but the thing about that is that the flag that gave us goose-flesh? Well at THAT point in the conflict it - and America as a concept - did not exist.

There are many more examples of this so the bottom line for Number Seven is America: the presumption.

No, seriously, the story of America is so well known - not just in America but all over the world - that it is almost understandable that the wizards behind the game at Ubisoft made that mental leap (call it a mental assumption) that it was an idea so powerful it literally sprang into existence on its own, overnight! But the thing is, it didn't.

Maybe it is sort of petty to point out that the succession of flags that were used by the rebel forces at least in the beginning were a mixture of political propaganda (remember “Don't Tread on Me”?) and variations of either private or colony flags, the actual stars and stripes flag did not exist until 1777!

We are not nit-picking here mates - even the first UNOFFICIAL flag - which was called The Continental Colors (aka The Grand Union Flag which really was not the first flag used) still did not come into existence and wide use until around 1776!

The point to this is that the flag that we know did not exist at the start of the fighting, which is when it was portrayed in the game.

And the same is true about the unofficial one (it sported stripes with the Union Jack where the stars would eventually be) as that one was primarily used by the Navy, was unofficial, and again did not appear until later in the conflict.

Conflict officially begins in the game - and in reality - early in 1775 - but the imagery that is used to represent the forces at play is taken out of historical context. Many of the ideas that were the root motivations for making those images had yet to occur to the principal parties.

Still, great story right?