Top 10 Historical Inaccuracies: Assassin's Creed

06. Literary License (All)

One thing you can say about all of the games is that they take no prisoners when it comes to folding historical figures into the game, whether that means making Machiavelli a leader in the Assassin Brotherhood or Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin into characters of themselves.

Don't take this wrong, they did not always go overboard. Heck, the interpretation of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) is characterized with brutal accuracy.

You look in the dictionary for “Corrupt Pope”and his name pops up! No, not really, but it should. The guy was a thief on a grand scale, practiced nepotism and sold political appointments like the supermarket sells eggs!

But when it comes to other real figures out of history they got it wrong more often then right. Examples include Charles Lee, Woods Rogers and even some of the founding fathers, all of whom get words or attitudes pressed upon them in order to support the narrative that were not historically accurate.

Still, it can be argued that this sort of revisionism is necessary to the plot development, but was Leonardo da Vinici gay? How the hell would we know?! Did the Brotherhood practice don't ask, don't tell? Probably not.