10 Great Remakes that Deserve Another Remake

2. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics is also a game lauded as one of the best of its generation, though it's on a much greater scale that Lufia II ever was. Being the first strategy RPG to the mega series set lofty goals for Final Fantasy Tactics, but it managed to reach them and even go beyond them in some places. The plot was wonderful, and offered a level of intrigue that few games, past or present have been able to achieve.

Of course, there are problems with the original version of the game. The translation was really bad, leaving some of the plot details more difficult to decipher than they actually were. There were also some issues with the game's balance, with bad difficulty spikes and battle gauntlets that could ruin entire playthroughs.

The PlayStation Portable remake, War of the Lions, works to right most of the wrongs with the original's poor translation. With the reworked script and nicely animated cutscenes, the story could be enjoyed to its fullest. War of the Lions did also fix some of the balance issues from the original. However, the game did not fix most of the rough difficulty curve, nor did it try to better explain the layers upon layers of mechanics that the game runs on. In addition, the game suffers from frame-rate issues during battle.

Another remake would likely finally give the original game justice. With the updated translation already in place, Square could work on instead tweaking the gameplay experience, by evening out the difficulty curves and perhaps even streamlining some of the more obtuse mechanics in the game. Final Fantasy Tactics is certainly a classic, but another remake that makes the now archaic gameplay a bit more accessible would likely sell the game to a brand new generation of strategy RPG fans.

Posted: 7th Nov 2014 by gaiages
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