10 Great Remakes that Deserve Another Remake

Remakes can be great. They can spruce up archaic elements of a classic game, give it a face lift, and offer it to a whole new generation of gamers. While some gamers may think this can 'ruin' the original experience, many times these remakes are targeting a different type of audience: One that really wants some great gaming experiences, but great experiences with modern sensibilities in mind.

Of course, remakes can get old and archaic as well… or in some cases, they can just be kind of bad. Here's ten remakes that could use another remake.

10. Diddy Kong Racing DS

There's something about the kart racing genre that makes it keep rising from the dead. Recently, with Mario Kart 8 and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, new life has been breathed into the genre again, especially with the former staying in the limelight due to DLC offerings.

Since that's the case, why not see the return of a lesser known kart racing classic? Diddy Kong Racing first released on the Nintendo 64 around when Mario Kart 64 blew the lid open on the genre. The game was pretty revolutionary in its own right, at the time: Not only would you race with karts, but also in airplanes and hover boats, lending a variety in the gameplay that most kart racers did not have. In addition, you could drive around a hub world of sorts from track to track, and collect golden balloons to advance the plot and unlock new areas.

Diddy Kong Racing DS is a fine remake for the N64 classic, as in addition to keeping the main game intact, they also added in new tracks and characters. But, with the recent resurgence of the genre, what better way to gauge the market than with another, console based remake? Diddy Kong Racing with some redone, HD graphics would really look nice on the big screen, even if nothing more is added from Diddy Kong Racing DS… and who knows, maybe it'll sell well enough for the series to finally get a sequel!

Posted: 7th Nov 2014 by gaiages
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