Forza Horizon 2 Bonus Board Collections

A Smashing Good Time

The Basics

The Bonus Board collections in Horizon 2 have more than one value to them. On the one hand they are part of a collection that, when completed results in unlocking the Achievements Summer Sale (10g) Smash 25 Reward Boards, and Smash Happy (20g) Collect all Reward Boards.

Bonus Boards Collection Map 1

On the other hand and beyond the Achievements is their value: the XP that comes with smashing the first three sets results in a significant number of what amount to free levels.

The Fast Travel boards will eventually provide free Fast Travel services to anywhere - and when combined with the Skill Point reward Fast Travel Anywhere, quite literally open the entire map to the players, which alone is an incredible value.

There are a total of 150 Boards spread through four unique collections: 50 of the 1,000 XP Boards, 35 of the 7,500 XP Boards, 15 of the 15,000 XP Boards, and 50 of the Fast Travel Reward Boards.

Bonus Boards Collection Map 2

Advanced Concerns

Like a lot of things in life - and game life - there can be hidden benefits available that, when you already know about them, can make life a lot easier and productive. When you don't know about them they usually end up being things you later realize that you wish you HAD known about... In other words they are a source of regret.

Let's not have that happen here, right? Instead why don't we tell you about them and help you form a plan to get the most out of what the game has to offer, and thus allow you to live through this part of life with no regrets? Sounds good to us!

The XP Bonus Board Collections offer an important side-benefit. As you collect them you rapidly obtain new levels. New levels means Wheel Spins. Wheel Spins CAN mean lots of credits and cars. But only if you are prepared in advance...

What would you say if we told you that there was a way to influence the outcome of your Wheel Spins without cheating? Well there is.

That goal is obtained by boosting Skill Points to level the SP system so that you can purchase very useful abilities that directly impact the results of your Wheel Spins. Sounds simple enough, right?

Using the information we provide in this article - along with the videos embedded here - you can not only master this process but rule this game! That said, some care and preparation is required.

We did not consider doing these on our game until we had already unlocked the following extras:

- XP Everywhere - Earn XP When you Bank a Skill Chain

- Skill Shortcut - Your Skill Chain builds teice as fast.

- It's a Lottery - Win better prizes more often with Horizon Wheelspin.

- Show Off - You earn an extra 25% Skills in Freeroam.

- Skill Legend - Your Skill Multiplier can go to 6

So why the above abilities? Well, simply put, getting the abilities is a chicken and egg issue.

You need them to help boost your Skill Points and chains, which in turn allows you to get new abilities, which then allows you to obtain better results from the outcome of the Bonus Boards you collect.

In an ideal world you would stop collecting Bonus Boards - or never have started - and focus solely upon obtaining the abilities above BEFORE you do it!

Discovery Issues

The board collections have a shared issue among players, one that has generated a considerable amount of comment and complaint. The general consensus is that, if the board collections are combined with the Road collection, they should be an easy challenge to complete.

When the road collection is finished and all 315 roads are revealed, over 50 of the boards are still unaccounted for. That is bothersome because the assumption that was made - that the boards would be convenient to the roads, and that the efforts spent in revealing the roads should result in finding all of the boards, does not bear out.

Bonus Boards Collection Map 3

That realization generates a bit of frustration, and not simply because that last 50 or so boards end up being quite a chore to locate on your own. At least part of the frsutration comes from the manner in which the remaining boards were placed in locations that don't make a lot of sense.

When we say that they don't make a lot of sense, what we mean is really simple: the basic theory behind the boards are that they represent a sort of advertising that naturally should be visible from a road or track. After all, you don't make a billboard that people are not meant to see, right?

Bonus Boards Collection Map 4

So how do you explain some of the locations that the boards end up being found in? In the middle of a woods? Concealed behind a house? Many variations on those two themes?

In the end, if the challenge is left to the player to work out on their own, we are talking about an easy sixty hours plus of hunting and searching. The bulk of the remaining boards are not placed in locations that the player is likely to visit as part of playing the game - in fact a significant number might only be encountered by accident.

So with that in mind we thought you might appreciate having a guide to the locations of the Bonus Boards - with video to match - so that we can remove an annoyance in your real world that happens to take place in your virtual one.

All 50 1K XP Bonus Boards

The 1,000 XP Bonus Boards

The first of three XP collections in FH2, the 1K XP collection is also the largest, having a total of 50 boards in it. It is also a misleading one, because whether an intentional act or purely an accident, this collection has one too many boards in it - 51 to be exact - and that extra board? Yeah, it doesn't count for either the bonuses or the Achievements.

Phantom 1K Board Number 27

Posing as the legitimate 27th board in the collection, this one is placed behind a farmhouse off of the dirt road north of the Horizon Festival grounds.

The first indication that it is not quite right is the fact that no matter how close you approach it, it does not appear as an icon on the map. You cannot, you see, discover it.

A 1K XP Bonus Board Pretending to be Number 27 of 50

Even more troublesome? When you smash it, nothing happens. You don't receive the bonus XP, it is not incremented on the board count - it is as if they somehow left a board - or placed one - that has no connection at all to the collections! And so it seems they did.

The Actual and Correct 1K XP Bonus Board 27 of 50

The real board 27 - shown in the video embedded above - does appear as an icon and does increment as well as deliver its bonus XP to your driver.

When you complete the first Bonus Board Collection you will have obtained 50K XP Points as well as the levels associated with them. Each bonus level results in a Spin on the Wheel - which means either some extra credits or with luck, a nice new car!

You can improve the chances of getting a big credit amount or car by completing the Skill Points reward called It's a Lottery. That is a 5-Point prize and ability and requires you to have unlocked at least two of the 1-point prizes, a 2-point prize, and a 3-point prize - so some planning is clearly required if you are going to target that - but the pay-off of having it is decidedly worth that effort.

All 35 7500 XP Bonus Boards

The 7,500 XP Bonus Boards

The second of the trio of XP board collections, there are 35 boards here, worth a total of 262,500 XP - that is a very tasty quarter-million plus and more than just a few levels there.

That being the case, it might be worth it to take some time before you go for this collection to put in some time boosting Skill Points and thus, obtaining Perks!

Boosting Skill Points: Normally you pick up skill points here and there as you drive. You get them for drifting, jumps, high speed travel, trading paint, avoiding collisions and a wide and diverse array of other actions. Generally speaking, the bulk of the Skill Points you obtain are just going to happen on their own - not be something you meant to do.

Because of that the process can be felt to be rather slow. It does not have to be! You can take matters into your own hands and boost that process so that it is very fast, and very rewarding. Once of the best places to do that is the Airport on the northwest corner of the map. The main runway there is ideal for this purpose.

Even if you are just swerving from side to side and occasionally using the E-Brake to change up the drift, each new independent action results in an incremental increase in the Skill Point Bonus Multiplier. Once you get that above x5 you start talking about real points here - and an easy level or two.

The point to this is to obtain Skill Points - and thus Perks since you can spend the Skill Points from Leveling the same on them. But there will also be XP earned in the process, so really this is a win-win activity and never wasted time!

Once you feel like you have obtained the minimum amount of Skill Points - and thus the Perks - that you feel you need, you can go back to racing, or do something else - like collecting bonus boards? Yeah, that sounds like a plan when you have the special Perk Abilities to support it and provide the maximum reward for your efforts!

All 15 of the 15K XP Bonus Boards

The 15,000 XP Bonus Boards

The first thought that we had when looking at our first 15K XP Bonus Board was that it was too bad that there were not more of them. Seriously, early in the process taking just one of these boards is a guaranteed Level - which means a guaranteed Wheel Spin - which means you would be a fool to do ANY of these without already having the bonus abilities and such unlocked, because this is practically a license to print money and demand special cars!

Oddly enough this collection is one that is either placed in very obvious locations, or very obscure ones. Considering the value of these boards you would think that they would have chosen to hide them well, but that is not usually the case.

All 50 of the Fast Travel Bonus Boards

The Fast Travel Bonus Boards

Each Fast Travel Board you smash reduces the cost of Fast Travel in the game by a small percentage. Once you have smashed all 50 Boards, the Fast Travel system is FREE.

Add to that the special Ability that is acquired via the Skill Points Perks system - which is called Fast Travel Anywhere - and the world is your oyster. You can go anywhere you want instantly and without having to spend the time driving to and fro!

Ultimately that is the best aspect of the Fast Travel System - but of course it requires a fair bit of work, starting with smashing the 50 Boards that make up its collection. Fortunately you have the video embedded above to help you out.

More Information is Always Good!

It has been our experience that Gamers are a rather conservative lot. They naturally prefer to discover things in a game on their own, and only when the game reaches a point where they are having trouble do they turn to an outside source or ask a mate for help.

With that in mind, we have created the Unofficial SuperCheats Walkthrough and Guide for Forza Horizon 2 on our site - a comprehensive guide that offers the information you need without forcing you to take in spoiler content at the same time.

Our guide is divided into specific areas, covering specific information, and allows the player to obtain that information easily and directly - for free!

So if you run into issues that are not covered by this article, we hope you will consider dropping into our Walkthrough Section at and having a look around - we provide guides for the games that really need that service - and we are certain you will be happy we did - and you decided to visit us!

Posted: 17th Oct 2014 by CMBF
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