10 Non-Scary Halloween Games

Ah, Halloween. The perfect time of the year to break out the costumes and gothic decorations, eat absurd amounts of candy, and sit down in the dark and play some terrifying horror games.

…Well, for most people. For people who dislike the horror game genre (or as just terrified by them, like myself), they can feel a little left out when gamers start talking about their Silent Hill marathons or their 20th playthrough of Eternal Darkness. But no more! Here's a list of ten fun games that keep with the Halloween spirit, but don't aim to scare your pants off.

10. Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is a bit of a weird entry, as it is entirely supposed to scare you. However, the PlayStation 1 title isn't a survival horror title, but instead an RPG. While this wouldn't seem like it'd make such a big difference, the slower pace of the battle system really drops the overall tension, and makes Parasite Eve a lot more manageable to those that aren't fond of the typical horror flair.

In Parasite Eve, you are a police woman who becomes embroiled in a battle against a horrific creature called Eve, who can seem to make people spontaneously combust at will. Aya appears to be the only one that does not explode while near Eve, so it's up to her to stop the threat that this 'advanced being' brings to New York City. While this does seem creepy, and it is, the action based RPG battle system helps to break up the horror so that you aren't likely to get scared from bumps in the night.

Parasite Eve did get two sequels. However, Parasite Eve II skews a bit more towards the survival-horror side of the series, and The 3rd Birthday is really more of a shooter than anything else… though it's hard to tell how much of a 'horror' element is in it. The first game is likely the best bet for some Halloween fun.

Posted: 27th Oct 2014 by gaiages