Top 10 Hidden PS2 Gems

7. The Adventures of Cookie & Cream

So, this title was the exception. Unlike the other PlayStation 2 games on this list, The Adventures of Cookie & Cream was actually released as a PS2 Classic. When released on the digital service, many obscure games, like God Hand, Odin Sphere, and others get a new life of sorts: They tend to garner positive attention from a new strain of gamers, and the low price on a modern system lowers the barriers of entry for many people.

But despite that, this title still squanders in obscurity, even with the rerelease as a PS2 Classic. Why is that? Well, this is mainly because the titles above, even though they are obscure, still have niche fanbases that will essentially promote the game any chance they can; thus, by word of mouth (or I suppose Googling things in this modern era), games can get more traction, and get more exposure as time goes on.

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream doesn't have that. It's a very obscure Agetec title, complete with rather odd boxart and overly cutesy name that would stop most people from even picking up on a whim. As most gamers have learned from 8-bit and 16-bit boxart, though, looks can be very deceiving, and despite seemingly everything against it Cookie & Cream is a very good co-op game.

In this two-player game, each person controls either Cookie or Cream as they try to get to the end of the stage before time runs out. The two have to work together in order to reach the end together by pushing switches and other various tasks. It starts out simply enough, but the game quickly takes a turn for the deviously difficult, as timing and teamwork clash with you losing time every time one of the characters gets hurt. It's sure to get you and your partner intensely frustrated at one another, but the feeling of accomplishment the two of you will feel from beating the more difficult stages is quite nice. Finally, the two of you can even play the entire game with one controller, each person taking a side of sorts… though it may not be the most recommended way of controlling a game, it's there for those without a second controller.