Top 10 Hidden PS2 Gems

3. Okage: Shadow King

Okage: Shadow King is a bit of a unique game. You play as Ari, a normal, unremarkable boy. So normal, boring, and unremarkable that you're more or less ignored by everyone around you… unless they need to boss you around for some reason or another. But, when Ari's father's attempt to heal his daughter of an unusual curse goes awry, his shadow gets possessed by the Demon King, a less than savory character that wants to take over the universe.

Since Ari is such a boring, unremarkable boy, Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV (or just Stan for short) believes he is the perfect candidate to boss around as his slave. Whether that is a fortunate or unfortunate turn of events, though, is still up in the air…

Other than this somewhat wacky plot, Okage is a normal RPG. There aren't random battles, but you run into enemies on the field, and then engage in a turn-based affair until either you or the enemy dies. Stan can helps from time to time, but it's randomized so it's difficult to rely on him for help. You explore dungeons, destroying Urns and working towards the bottom, where you fight a boss and move on in the story. The gameplay almost borders on the side of bland, but the unique perspective and world are enough to make this worth a playthrough.