Top 10 Hidden PS2 Gems

6. Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball

Flipnic is a pinball title. If you haven't already clicked the 'next' button in disgust, you may be wondering "How in the world did a pinball game get on this list?" Well, Flipnic isn't an average pinball video game, which… well, just replicates a few pinball tables as you try to rack up high scores. Flipnic works hard to make the 'Ultimate' in its title a reality, and the result is a very different type of pinball experience.

Don't get me wrong: At the end of the day, this is still pinball. You have your balls, flippers and bumpers, and the physics work about as you'd expect from a pinball title. But Flipnic goes beyond that with crazy tables and minigames to play on said tables. Each of the four available tables has a unique style to them, and tend to be very large very large. For example, the first table, the Biology table, consists of a river in a jungle setting, and one of the areas you can go to (with decent timing, that is) is a jungle village in which the houses are bumpers.

This may not sound all that exciting, but it's far more fun in motion. It obviously won't provide hours upon hours of non-stop enjoyment, but Flipnic will provide a good time in short bursts.