The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes

With all the controversy and protest over the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3 mostly behind us, now that BioWare appears to have capitulated (though just how far that capitulation will extend remains to be seen) it makes us proud that pretty much all of the controversy appears to center around how things ended, and not, you know, oh, for example, Liara's lesbian sex scene in the game... Which is either proof that we have come a long way in our consideration of the right to emotional equality for video game characters, or we can only fixate on one thing at a time?

While the lesbian sex scene between the alien Liara and the female captain of the Normandy, Commander Shepard, did not make the list of the Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes, we though it warranted inclusion here since it managed to not be singled out as controversial by video game opponents...

Now we bring you the Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes of all time, starting with the ones on the bottom (no pun intended):

10 -- The Sims 3 -- 2009 The Sims Studio / Electronic Arts

Sex in The Sims 3 -- a God game full of virtual people that the gamer controls -- brings home the message of the real dangers presented to gamers by unprotected sex in this sex scene that, while at the bottom of the heap so to speak, teaches us to listen carefully for music after having sex -- and to fear the music!

The Sims 3 is the third version of the long-running series of life simulation games that place gamers at the controls of a town full of semi-autonomous human characters (though previous games in the series include aliens as well as humans) whose in-game lives parallel the real world, with needs such as hygiene, sleep, eating, and using the toilet combined with emotional relationships and family, the need to be employed and the desire to succeed in life whether by obtaining promotions at work, having children, or by completing your Sim's rock collection and traveling to far-flung corners of the world to meet exotic people and learn about their cultures while exploring their lands.

A major focus of game play is the process of building and customizing the home of your "Sim" and earning the money (called Simoleons) to upgrade the quality and variety of furnishings and accessories that makes their lives have meaning and pleasure. Your Sims can learn how to make wine as a hobby and start their own Wine Label, or even practice the Guitar until they are good enough to make a living at being an entertainer.

In addition to traditional career paths such as law enforcement, being a scientist in a lab, being a real estate agent or doctor, and non-traditional career paths like being a magician, an inventor, or even a professional criminal, the game also allows your Sim to make use of natural talents that are part of the skills and stats inherent to their creation and development to be a writer or painter -- and if your Sim just cannot manage to thrive without structure in their work life, they can also join the Military.

The inclusion of a mechanism for building relationships that begins with friendship, moves on to dating, and then progresses to marriage, allows your Sims to explore their sexuality and have intimate relationships with each other -- including having children through an in-game mechanism called "Woohoo" that has your Sims being intimate with each other behind a blurry and fuzzy blob that conceals their intimate actions from the player.

A series of popular game mods were quickly added by gamers (not EA or The Sims Studio mind you) to remove the blurred-out censor blob, as well as add life-like genitals and breasts to the characters, with additional mods allowing teenagers to Woohoo and become pregnant -- an action in the previous series The Sims 2 that, when it was discovered by a certain ex-attorney in Florida resulted in accusations of child pornography being made against the game.

The inclusion of the sex scene embedded above, while it only managed to score last place in our poll of the Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes ever, shows how significant the inclusion of the action sequence is to gamers, who praise not only it being included in the game, but the simulation of pregnancy as a whole, with the nascent baby bump slowly maturing into the full-blown gravid belly and, after nine simulated months, resulting in a rush to the hospital where Little Sim Jr. is born.

This more realistic simulation replaces an animation in the earlier games that simply caused a baby crib with an infant in it to appear nearby the location where your Sims enjoyed some Woohoo, an abrupt and disturbing experience the first time that it happens.

Many fans of the series say that the more realistic handling of the issue of sex and pregnancy in the game adds to their enjoyment of game play, with many female gamers celebrating the biological process, while one outspoken gamer declared on the Sims chat board: "At least now we have the time to have a baby shower, and prepare a room for our baby!"

Posted: 27th Mar 2012 by CMBF
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