Top 10 Hidden PS2 Gems

2. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

The Klonoa series is one that on the whole is generally forgotten about, but its few entries offer some fun, unique platforming that any fan of the genre should try. The first title was originally released on the PlayStation, and its limited print run made it a bit expensive to pick up, but a remake on the Wii made the title accessible to a wider audience. The second (and last numbered) entry to the Klonoa series, Lunatea's Veil, was released on the PlayStation 2 in a greater amount, and while the game has not been rereleased, it's still available for a decently cheap price.

Lunatea's Veil has an interesting story—one involving an unknown force causing a land to move towards ruin—but Klonoa 2's strong point is in its gameplay. Your main way of attacking enemies is not to jump on their heads; rather, you have a ring that shoots out Wind Bullets. Shoot the Bullet out, and if it hits and enemy, the foe essentially turns into a balloon. The Bullet will bring the enemy back to you, and you can do a variety of actions with this air-filled monster. You can throw it, destroying the bulleted foe and another monster if it's in the way, or you can use it to jump higher, essentially using the enemy to gain a double jump.

While it's a simple concept, its execution is wonderful. All of the stages revolve around this central mechanic, and it makes for a very different, fun platforming experience. Later stages in particular will put your skills to the test, making you chain together well timed Wind Bullets to get to higher areas or solve puzzles. However, the difficulty never becomes too much, so it leaves you feeling satisfied, but rarely frustrated.