Top 10 Hidden PS2 Gems

9. Katamari Demacy

This might seem like an odd inclusion. The Katamari series has actually become a relatively large series, with a bunch of titles on different (usually Sony) systems, and is one of the series that practically put 'weird Japanese titles' on the board for American audiences. However, many of Katamari Demacy's sequels tend to forget the basic formula that made the original so endearing: That is, rolling a ball and picking up anything you can, becoming bigger and bigger until time runs out. That is not to say that later games of the series are bad, but you can't deny the wonderful simplicity that is the first title of this unusual series.

So, as said above, the goal of Katamari Demacy is to pick up objects with a ball (or Katamari). You can only pick up items that are smaller than you, and as your ball grows in diameter from the numerous objects you get, you can tend pick up slightly larger objects, and the process repeats. What makes Katamari so fun, though, is the absurd nature of the whole game: The King of Cosmos accidentally destroyed all the planets, and he needs these large Katamaris in order to set things right again. In later stages, you go from picking up erasers and paper clips to entire land masses, all while insanely wacky (yet catchy) songs play in the background. It's definitely a title every gamer should try.