Top 5 Most Underrated Video Game Movies

It's no secret that most movies based on video games are terrible. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find any video game movies that are actually considered to be good. That being said, some of them aren't actually quite as bad as gamers have made them out to be. Here are the top five most underrated video game movies.

5) Hitman (2007)

Starring Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, Hitman wasn't a bad movie at all. Gamers universally disliked it though. Sure 47's back-story didn't follow the plot of the video games and there were a few parts that made no sense at all, but overall it is an interesting action flick with lots of killing and some cool fight scenes. Olyphant's portrayal of Agent 47 is a big reason this movie makes the list. 47 is a highly professional, always serious, and initially taciturn world-class assassin and Olyphant played him really well. It is unfortunate that he won't be reprising this role in the upcoming reboot.

This movie's main downfall was the plot which was pretty nonsensical. Without spoiling too much, a client literally hired the Agency to kill 47. I'm not an expert on organizations that have hitmen in their employ but I'm pretty sure you can't just hire them to kill their own out of the blue.

The movie also portrayed Agent 47 as too much of a “guns blazing” type. In the games, players are highly rewarded for completing missions based on stealth and subterfuge and yet there is next to none of that in the movie. This is explained when the Agency gives him his mission because they tell him it has to be public and they appreciate him “deviating from his normal methods,” but that doesn't mean they couldn't have put some stealth parts in later on. At least he donned a couple disguises.

In the end, Hitman wasn't a good movie but it wasn't as bad as gamers made it out to be. It's definitely a lot better than the 3.7/10 average score it has on Rotten Tomatoes. It is very entertaining and doesn't have any dragging parts. The way 47 has to constantly fend off attacks from other Agency assassins makes it feel almost like a poor man's Bourne movie. Plus the fact it has Olga Kurylenko topless should make it a 6/10 at the very least!

Posted: 3rd Sep 2014 by Alexander Hinkley
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