Top 5 Most Over-Hyped And Underwhelming Games Of 2013

As great as games can be, even as the pinnacle of the media, there can be a backlash brought on by some copiously spreading their enthusiasm. While passion is always good, extremism isn't. That means, when superlative opinions start bulking up a title's reputation, there is a double barrier that appears for it.

On one side, the value for a medium starts becoming harshly overstated. That's called 'hype.' Adversely, this heightened state also makes every criticism seems to come from a lower plane, creating another extremity, which grows larger and larger in gaps. In that phenomenon, rational discussion becomes tougher, since the tensions between mind frames are further removed from each other.

In 2013, there was no shortage of games that were perhaps decent as an idea, but overinflated in their sense of importance. More so than just fanboy nature trying to defend a bad game, this article recalibrates the projects that could've been decent enough. When the massive bandwagon started rolling, however, these titles started biting off more than they could chew, resulting in promises not being delivered or the marketed product feeling much smaller in result.

Here are the Top 5 over-hyped and underwhelming games of 2013:

Posted: 13th Feb 2014 by Daav
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