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Cheating your way through Ustengrav

If you find that place where the horn of jurgen windcaller annoying, you've come to the right cheat. You can't skip ALL of it like this. Go to the room full of urns. Pick up a wooden plate (make it float) and put it flat against that REALLY suspicious rock... Its a door that only opens from the other side. Now, run as hard as you can against the plate. This make take a few tries, and you might have to move the plate a bit, but eventually you should glitch though the rock/door. Go to the end of the passage you find, and go though the door. Congrats, you've just cheated/glitched your way through most of a dungeon! (middle of dungeon to end of dungeon)

Added 20 Oct 2013, ID #9465, by CupcakeCheats and get

Smithing/Enchanting/Speech/Alteration level exploit

Go to the bandit camp just north of whiterun. Once you get inside, kill a bandit outlaw. The one you want to kill is the first one you see. He should have the key to a nearby door. Open that door, and avoid the traps in the area. Get all the iron ores you can. IMPORTANT- do not smelt them. Reach the end of said bandit camp. On a table near a large chest, you will find a spell book that lets you turn iron ores in silvers ores, and silver ores into gold. Use this spell until all of the iron you picked up are silver, and then until they are gold. Leave the camp, and go to the nearest mine. Whiterun works for this too. Smelt all of the gold, and make as many gold rings as possible. This will raise your smithing skill like CRAZY. The transmuting spell will level your alteration skill. If you want, you can enchant the rings, which will raise your enchanting skill like mad. Then, you go all over skyrim selling your truckloads of gold rings. As you sell then, sell them ONE BY ONE. It may be boring, but it raises your speech skill faster. Have fun with all that gold you just earned!

Added 19 Oct 2013, ID #9464, by Guest

Glitch : access the background area in Windhelm

While this glitch holds no value in gameplay, it allows a large range of exploration in terms of backgrounds and glitches.
Access to Windhelm
Shout: whirlwind sprint
1. Fast travel to Windhelm
2. Locate the second path on the right, which should lead to the "grey quarter".
3. On the left path leading to the grey quarter, before you stand between the buildings there is a stairwell down. On top there is a rock. Stand on the highest part of the rock. Whirlwind sprint on top of the left roof.
This may prove difficult.
4. Jump to the closest ledge on the roof - a ring around part of the building - and use it to reach another rooftop with a rotter wooden roof. Stand on the westmost hanging piece of wood- you should fall into it. Stay walking on the right of the wall for you will stick to it. Walk along until you fall through to the underside of town.
5. Enjoy.

Added 24 Jul 2013, ID #9319, by Guest

Easy starter pack

There is a chest in whiterun that is located under the skyforge.This chest is good in two ways: 1- about 70 percent of previous items sold to any vendor in whiterun hold will be transferred here. Along with other choice bits. 2- depending on your level of smithing you can find special armor's and weapons (including enchanted).To get these items you're going to want to enter whiterun and cross the mini moat and turn left follow this path and there should be a elevated stone ramp go up this ramp then turn left you should be facing a roof of a House jump on to the roof and keel jumping until you get to the top then Turnt right until you see a double headed dragon figure jump ontop of this head(May take a few tries).Once you get on top of the head(No pun intended) turn right again until you see a half the.wall of whiterun the wall should look kinda broken at the top leap this section (if you end up hovering don't worry it's normal) turn to the and(this is the hard part) jump forward to the edge of the wall careful not to jump outside but move back towards the wall(repeat untill you land under white run and walk under the corner until you are outside) walk around whiterun you.til you are.behind the skyforge eagle statue wall around behind that statue until you fall through the floor look up and you will see a chest jump up and press the open button and VOILA you're very own skyrim starter pack.(after doing this walk to Thee outside of the whiterun door go inside, walk back outside and go inside once again them save)THIS CAN BE REPEATED


Added 13 Jan 2013, ID #8968, by ultimopokegamer

How to get Conjuration to 100 fast!

First, Find or kill a animal or human.Second, Use soul trap on it over and over again. Tada there you go I hope this helps!

Added 7 Jan 2013, ID #8947, by XxMourSourxX

How to get Sneak to 100 fast!

First, If you created a game and your deciding to go with whoever I would go with hadvar.Second, After your hands are unbound sneak and creap up on Hadvar then keep using sneak attacks. Tada there you go hope this helps!

Added 7 Jan 2013, ID #8946, by XxMourSourxX

Replacing Merchants' Inventory

If you do not find something that you want from a merchant, then this cheat will give them a completely new inventory. First, after you have decided you do not like a merchant's inventory, save your game, unless you have a recent autosave in the same place that the merchant is in. Next, attack the merchant. It is not necessary to kill it. Then, reload to your last save. Finally, look at the merchants new inventory to see if they have what you want. Repeat this process if they do not. Note that specialized merchants will still only have items in their specialized field. For example, alchemists will not suddenly carry Daedric weapons, but will still carry mainly potions and ingredients.

Added 27 Dec 2012, ID #8919, by MNvikingsfan1

How to get 50 mil. Damage weapons!!!

First you need to have your smithing, alchmey, and enchanting very high. 100 would be best. And the perk for placing two perks on one iteam.
Make armor:chest,hands-fort smithing and alchmey
Make jewelry:ring,neckless-fort smithing and alchemy
put on your smithing gear, go to alchemy station and make a potion of fortify RESTERATION, back out ,drink, take off your gear then put it back on. You should see that your smithing/alchmey enchantments have been boosted. Repeat until very high then make potion of for smithing and fort enchantment. Then take your super potions to a enchantment table and remake your gear with new enchantments of smithing/alchmey and there stats will be crazy high. I have a bow that does 58 mil. Damage. And play around with it like I have a ring of carry weight for 56844754. Thats a lot of weight. Sorry for any miss spelling and enjoy
by Zombiebird117

Added 11 Dec 2012, ID #8892, by Guest

Easy level up for most attacking skills

This cheat works with conjuratoin, destrutoin, one-handed, two-handed,and archery. Get shadowmere, a horse that you get from brotherhood quests and attack him using the type of magic or weapon you wish to level up, don't worry shadow mere is virtally invinsible, only way to kill him is run him off a cliff. Hope this helps

Added 21 Oct 2012, ID #8749, by Guest

Easy Alteration & illusion

Learn "Magelight" for Alteratoin and then cast it alot n you'll level up,Learn "courage" n cast it on random people n that will level up, if you need to regenerate magicka quickly press back n wait an hour.

Added 20 Oct 2012, ID #8748, by Guest

Easy Ilusoin Level up

To get 100 illusion learn the "courage" spell, then go around casting it on random people.If your magicka runs out wait 1 hour(by pressing back) n it will recharge instantly.
-xbox boy

Added 20 Oct 2012, ID #8747, by Guest

Get What You WANT

For any merchant in the world, if you save your game, and kill the merchant, then reload the game, their inventory will be replaced with a new one. Of course, a potion shop will not begin to specialize in weapons, but basically, they will have new products that may be better or worse. P.S. If you specifically want one particular thing, it may take a while, or may not come up at all. I'm talking about if you want Daedric Armor from the Solitude Blacksmith or something along those lines, it will not work.


No thumbs

Added 17 Oct 2012, ID #8742, by MNvikingsfan1

"Update Map" Quicker

When you get your map updated, more locations are unlocked on your map. However, you can't fast travel to any of these locations (because you haven't been to them yet), you now know where they are.

In order to do this little trick, find a guard, any guard will do. Now, just keep talking to them (Rapidly pressing A). Eventually in in the upper left or upper right of the screen, it will say "Map Updated". That's it! It's pretty easy, actually.


Added 6 Sep 2012, ID #8642, by 1122andyozz33

Infinite Arrows

Go to Solitude and find the gaurds that are training there will be one gaurd attacking a dummy and two gaurds practicing their archery.Now go to the two gaurds that are shooting and go to thier target, there will be a lot of arrows in the target. Now you can take the arrows. They will keep shooting at the target and they wont run out of arrows so take as many as you want!

Added 16 Aug 2012, ID #8617, by Guest

Auriel's Shield

You need Dawnguard to do the following. In the Forgotten Vale you will find Frost Giants that carry paragons with them. Each paragon can be used to create a portal by placing them in the Paragon Socket located across from the Frost Giant by the waterfall. The Ruby Paragon will take you to an area where you will find a Falmer carrying Auriel's Shield. Kill him and search his body and you will get the shield. The Frost Giant carrying the Ruby Paragon will be located in the Inner Sanctum through an alternate passage that can be opened by placing the Initiate's Ewer on an altar.

Added 6 Aug 2012, ID #8602, by AK GMAN14

Secret Dragon In Blackreach

In Blackreach you will see a giant glowing ball of light suspended above the largest part of the Dwemer ruins there. Use Unrelenting Force on it and it should ring like a bell. Wait a few seconds and the secret dragon, Vulthuryol, will come flying in.

Added 6 Aug 2012, ID #8601, by AK GMAN14

Become A Werewolf Again

Should you choose to become a Vampire Lord or do something else that gets rid of your Lycanthropy there is a way to become a werewolf again. All you have to do is head to the Companions and talk to Aela. An option will appear asking her to receive the gift of the Beast Blood once again. Select it and you'll once again be a werewolf. This will also take away your vampirism that comes with being a Vampire Lord. The option is only available to those with the Dawnguard DLC and can only be used once to become a werewolf again.

Added 14 Jul 2012, ID #8530, by AK GMAN14

Gain Werewolf Experience Faster

Get the perk "Savage Feeding" on the right side of the werewolf skill tree. With Savage Feeding you won't be limited to feeding on people in order to gain experience for perks. You will be able to feed on creatures like goats, bears, gargoyles, etc. And still get the experience.

Added 9 Jul 2012, ID #8509, by AK GMAN14

Easy Restoration

Requirements: Alteration spell- Equilibrium, powerful Restoration spell such as Grand Healing, Close Wounds , or Fast Healing (Close Wounds is the one I recommend).

Put Equilibrium in one hand and your Restoration spell in the other. Then, use Equilibrium until your health is extremely low and you are about to die. Next, use your Restoration Spell as many times as you can before your Magicka is gone. Hopefully your health is full again, so you can use Equilibrium again until your heath is gone again, then use your Restoration spell and continue as long as you please. This cheat is convenient because you can use it wherever and whenever you want. Unfortunately, it does not level up your Alteration.

Added 6 Jul 2012, ID #8495, by MNvikingsfan1

Divorcing your wife

It has been asked by many, but the only way to divorce your wife on Skyrim on Xbox 360 is to kill her. Kill her inside your house to avoid the bounty.

Added 6 Jun 2012, ID #8436, by MNvikingsfan1
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