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Fast Leveling in Skyrim no Limit hint for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fast Leveling in Skyrim no Limit

The fastest way to level in Skyrim is to action your skills in all disciplines regularly.

Jumping around and stealthily moving around will add to your skill ability.

Save your lock-picks for difficult chests as you get better skill bonus for more difficult situations. This also applies to the killing of foe and beasts.

Collect anything that is useful at the beginning like stuff for alchemy (potion making) and mine all the rock you find during journey through regions. Kill for leather as you want this for making armor and weapons which you can then sell or use yourself.

At about level 15 start using the skill trainers. Don't do it too early because you want these guys later and there is a limit for training your skill. You will skill quickly in the first levels so you don't miss out.

In order to become invincible one should work on traits like armor and deadric quests will provide you with weapons of choice against anything the standard game offers if you dual-wield deadric with the lvl90 deadric heavy armor.

Carrying load can be overcome by choosing the correct standing stone until you have the heavy armor tree completed with armor weight = 0. Or build your class with stamina and health higher than magic at the beginning as you can take more attacks and deal heavier damage than casting spells. Long range - learn to use a bow and become stealthy at taking out your target from a distance. This works on 2 or 3 skills at a time and you will soon be gaining levels very quickly.

At level 30 you should start to diversify you character class. If armored well you should be working on enchantment and selecting cheaper weapons and smaller soul gems to imbue - just for the sake of getting the skill. Sell the weapon and recycle the process till you have a level that will provide good results on your own armor. Also make armor and weapons for your follower to use. Your skill is going to be better if you practice it often and collecting junk is useless in Skyrim unless you have a strategy.

Many items can be useful but note that their weight can be annoying so storing what you find at a location or in a barrel somewhere you can return to relatively immediately after returning to town will prove valuable.

Buy at least 2 houses. One for alchemy preferably in Solitude as it has a good area and capacity for holding different items. The other should be in Whiterun because you can use the foundry to make ingots and then manufacture/upgrade what ever you like. There are a few places that you can claim for holding items - but ask yourself why you need the stuff. Sell it if it's just for looks because you will end up with lots of stuff anyway.

When you reach level 50 it is not the end of the game. In fact there is a lot of area to cover. Currently I have a lvl59 character that has discovered 317 locations and completed 278 quests. Whilst this might seem finished, I have a number of discovered sites still yet to be investigated and am still searching for my 3 final shouts which are obviously side quest material like when you get a courier message or stumble upon something out of the ordinary by just looking in odd places. Asking people in villages also puts you into places where adventure can turn into huge rewards.

At lvl59 one doesn't require potions but as good measure enchanted armor and weapons of mass damage are a must. I leave the rest behind and take my follower mainly as a mule for cleaning out the dungeons.

One thing about followers. They will not affect your hiding ability even if they rush in and attack a creature. If they get in your way tell them to stay so you can get on with the job and command them to follow afterward.

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Jul 16th 2012, ID#8534


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Sep 12th 2014 Guest
Skyrim doesn't have a level cap if you have the expansion set. If you turn a skill legendary, you can just keep leveling your character infinitely.

Also comes in handy for those skill points you may have placed in the wrong things...x_x
ID #446948
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
This is the worst guide i have seen for Skyrim, or just about any game, ever.

Almost all the tips and information is either inaccurate or just plain wrong.

Level 90? In a game with a level cap of 81?
Good luck with that...

Supercheats? Pfft!
ID #258719
Sep 11th 2012 Guest
I have a leveal 100 nord
ID #185216
Aug 12th 2012 Guest
Another way that you can fast level is when you get the Book from the Daedric Prince after completing all of Septimus Signus's quests. You go to a bookshelf with the Ohgma Infinium and read the book then select the "genre" you want to lvl up in and set the book in the bookshelf. Then "read" the book(Choose do not read) and take the book and repeat. *Proven to work because i just finished doing this from lvl 26 and now at 81* And spend your Skill Points wisely ;P
ID #175184
Jul 23rd 2012 Guest
some of the shouts are in the main quest only
ID #167593