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2 for 1 money

For all you new thiefs in Oblivion, I present you with the knowledge that pickpocketing can make you get three gold, or even a hundred gold with a bounty of only 1.

Added 6 Jan 2007, ID #784, by BEGGER and get

Walking under water

This works for me but it may be more handy than it sounds. If you are walking on water and want not to be because for some reson you are stuck with water walking, look down at the water and do a power attack. I learned with trying to kill a slaughter fish. If it is just a scratch in my disk I'll find out. But if it's not, you think you could save me the work by tipping me of. P.S. You may have to try a couple of times and it works with a sword.

Added 6 Jan 2007, ID #783, by BEGGER

Level up

When you get the staff of the everscamp from rosentia gallenus on the fighters guild quest in anvil go anywhere and get out a weapon of you're choice or you're fists then keep killing the everscamps and when you do they reappear so you can train and train and train until your satisfied or just keep them for company they help because some enemies attack the everscamps instead of the way the everscamps are harmless as long as you kill them in 1 shot if you don't just hit them again obviously

P.s sorry if I sound all posh and smart I'm only trying 2 help sorry

Added 1 Jan 2007, ID #757, by oblivion prince

1,000,000 Gold

Get the cure for vamp. Then bring it to the count, he will give it to his wife. After that he will tell you to come back the next day. Find a place to wait then go back and talk to him. Ask for a reward, he will give you 1000 gold. Then just keep asking him for another reward. You can do this as much as you want and will keep getting 1000 gold. Me and a friend did it so we now have 1,000,000 gold.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #748, by Suckitpeta

Duplicating items

First unequip your weapon to where your barehanded. Next equip a set of arrows (the more arrows the more lagging) now punch and before the attack ends press B and unequip the arrows and it will say cannot unequip when attacking then drop the item you want to duplicate and by how many arrows you equiped is how many items. (some items wont work)

Added 12 Dec 2006, ID #699, by stikky

Get Money The Evil Way.

To perform this cheat you will require Lockpicks and some money. Go to the Talos Plaza distric in the Imperial city.
Find Dorian's house and enter it. (Enter between 9am and 9pm)
Find Dorian and bribe him as much as you can.
Leave his house.
Wait until 9pm and then enter his house again. (You will need to pick the door's lock)
Find Dorian and kill him as quickly and as quietly as possible and do not let him leave his house.
Search his body and take all of his gold. (Do not press X)
His money will not run out until his body dissapears in seven days.

You will have loads of money eventually.

Added 12 Nov 2006, ID #586, by ollieww

How to copy items:

To copy an item equip a bow and some arrows. (how many arrowsyou equip determines how may copies you will get) Pull back an arrow but don't let go. When your arrow is ready to be fired, go into your inventory. (press B) Then, press A on your arrows and then drop the item you wish to copy. Exit your inventory. (press B again) Your item will have been copied. You can use this cheat for getting extra health potions or you can copy armour and weapons and sell them. I am sending more stuff soon

Added 11 Nov 2006, ID #579, by ollieww

The real way to clone!

Get about 30-40 arrows in any bow! You CAN clone lockpicks but it may crash the game if you use to many arrows(i know I tried). Now draw your arrow back and don't FIRE IT or it wont work,press B and select your arrows it will say ''YOU CANNOT CHANGE WEAPONS WHILE ATTACKING'' now drop your item you want to clone.
P.S. This WILL work with staffs only if they've not been used or are not DAMAGED! This is the same with weapons but NOT WITH QUEST WEAPONS! As you cannot drop quest items.My brother is wondering wht to do about Umbar if he should give it away or keep it.

Added 11 Sep 2006, ID #416, by foggy990

Suicidal Troll

Honest to god 100% not some cheat this has, actualy already happened on the game, and was meant to be there....

For those of you who know where the panthers mouth is head there for those of you who don't, South East of Bravil is a river, Panther river, swim down this,not far, you should come to a bridge crossing the river, in the water beloew the bridge is a Dead troll search the body and retrieve A Poorly Scrawn Note which reads,

"Mee Wurst Troll Evurr"

"Nobuddy Pay Brijj Tole"

"Me Nott Sceary Enuf"

A comical refrence to the fairytale troll under the bridge, coincidence I think not....

Added 6 Aug 2006, ID #350, by super_sonic

Unlimited iron arrows

Go to the battle arena and stand next to the guy shooting the arrows when he shoots them grab them then he will go up to the target and walk back do this as many times as necessary

Added 5 Aug 2006, ID #348, by tjgame70000

Steps to heaven... Lol

Hey I found this out by cloning the wrong item... Well get a paintbrush and clone it about 200 - 400 times and then if you drop 1 you will see that they float so just drop 2 next to eachother and then you got a homemade step... Jump on the step and make annother one... Carry on doing that and then you will be able to get anywhere you want...

Ps. Don't try to get on the big tower in the center of the imperial city, you will just fall through and it takes very long because you keep on falling...

Added 19 Jul 2006, ID #310, by la-li-le-lo-lu

The gates of aetheries

It's a can get it from a doom stone near bleak flats cave

Added 14 Jul 2006, ID #302, by stz

Amazing stats

Ok. For this little cheat you NEED to have completed the dark brtoher hood and become the listener. Go to your speaker in the cheydinhal sanctuary and attack her. She has a knike that does 1 attack so you'll be safe. Beat her over and over and over again. Your stats will go up and there is NO consequense. If you start dying then surrender and she ALWAYS accepts. Wait a little bit then do it again as your heath is back up and so is hers. By the way she als Never dies, she goes unconscious. Have fun with this as i do.

Added 27 May 2006, ID #235, by BNMAN

Money Cheat

To get over 1 million gold in pure form with no requirements other than:

1: you will need a weapon or you can use fists
2: you must follow the instructions accurately
3: you must have some gold already and be willing to give some of that gold up for a bribe. The more you give the easier and faster you will have millions of it returned to you. ( For example I had 1345 coins and only gave up 768 for the bribe)
4: You will require 1 or more lockpicks.

Now follow these instructions if you are willing to be wealthy and rich:
1: Go to the map section and fast travel to the talos plaza district of the empirial city which is located to the center of the big map.
2: Find dorians house which is up the steps in front of you and on your right side and then it is the first door on your left. 3: Make sure it is 9 A.M. To 12 A.M. (you can use the wait button in the middle of your controller and to the left if you need to get it to this time.)
4: Enter Dorian's house and find him on the first floor.
5: Talk to him and do the persuade option, then bribe him using the "y" button on your controller. ( it is also very helpfull to keep his disposition low so you can bribe him more thus making him have more money this will come in handy for you later.)
6: Leave his house after you are satisfied with how much you bribed him and save outside his house door on a file of your choice.
7: Wait until 10 P.M. Or later and use a lock pick on his door to regain entrance to his house and to your surprise he will be waiting and awake.
8: He will tell you to leave but you must ignore him and walk into the corner of the second room by the basement entrance he will follow.
9: Now equip a weapon and some armour or a bow or you can use magic and attack him quickly or in sneak mode if you prefer and keep attacking rapidly until he is dead. (if you fail to kill him before he runs out of his house then he will get the gaurds and you will have to go to jail and repeat this entire process over again!)
10: When he dies his body will apear on the ground. Search him and click his gold using the "a" button.
11: What?!?!?!? HIS GOLD IS STILL THERE!!!!!!!!
12: Exactly you got his gold but it did not dissapear continue to click his gold and you will be rich in seconds. I GOT 5 MILL IN A FLASH... The more you bribed the more he has for you to pick up at this point.

Added 22 Apr 2006, ID #175, by Turos Ahken

Copying items

Just get a bow and some arrows, draw an arrow back, press B to go into your inventory, press A on your arrows, now drop the item you want copied. The item will be copied to the exact amount of arrows you have. (so 20 arrows will copy 20 steel helmets) this also means if you have a broken weapon and you are out of repair hammers, copy the weapon and it will appear brand new and (if it's a magical item) fully charged. P.S. This does not work with all the items on the game but about 96% of them.

Added 21 Apr 2006, ID #169, by maximus24

Double items

For this cheat all you need is a bow and 2 sets of 2 diffrent arrows (more than 2 of each arrow) equip your bow and any arrows and fire. Then click B, click the other set of arrows 2 times and drop the item you want to double, then equip any other arrows and double click them. When you exit the menu watch your item multiply and enjoy x) :P

(does not work with some items like staffs etc.)

Added 11 Apr 2006, ID #153, by Tupence

Infinite money

Note: you will need a horse.

Go to the camp site outside of Kavatch. There should be a green skinned woman you can sell stuff to. While on your horse, sell her your sword that you have equipped. It will come up saying, "You can't sell the weapon you have equipped", but you will still get the money you were selling it for.

Continue to do this and your money will fly up. I got 100,000 gold in about 5 minutes.

Added 10 Apr 2006, ID #149, by Steman
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