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Copy items

First you need to have two different kinds of arrows, once you have that go to you're inventory, equip one of you're arrows then, pull back the arrow bfore it gets all the way back go to you're inventory double press you're other arrows then it should say. Cannot equip item then drop the item you want to copy.

Added 9 Feb 2008, ID #2116, by Wildcats707 and get

Cool Potions & Poisons


1.Become an expert of alchemy
2.Get some harrada, spiddal stick, milk thistle seeds and some vampire dust
3.Mix them all together
4.And you will get a poison that does: damage health, damage magicka, frost damage, paralyze AND silence!!!


1.Become an expert of alchemy
2.Get some aloe vera leaves,somnalius frond,sweetroll and sweetcake
3.Mix them all together
4.And you will get a potion that does: restore health,restore fatigue,fortify health AND feather!!!

Hope this helps!!!

Bye for now!!!

Added 3 Feb 2008, ID #2087, by gamesmaster285

Fin Gleam Helmet

There is a weird helmet called Fin Gleam which is good during the night and breathing under water. It is found west past Anvil on a small island. Look for that then go a bit more west and under water and it's between 2 rocks. I've found it and love it, the best ever for any quest.

Added 3 Jan 2008, ID #1958, by tjw9dabest

The Real Money Cheat

Go to the imperial city and go to Dorian's house, talk to him and do the bribe thing (NOTE: you don't have to use money) Then close the wooden door and kill him, if he runs outside DO NOT GO OUT (if you do you'll get caught by the guard and you won't kill Dorian) wait for him instead he WILL come back in. When you kill him, loot him and take everything except the money, then loot him again and take his money and you'll be able to take it as many times as you want. Doing this will get you about 100,000 in a minuit!!


Added 31 Dec 2007, ID #1948, by smokey32123

Immunity to Vamparicy

If you never want to become a vampire and you still want to slay them without contracting the vampires disease there are two main options.

1. Wear diesase resistant equipment that adds up to at least 100% resistance and you wont get the disease therefore never will become a vampire.

2. If you have other worn equipment with effects you want to keep on, Use the Dupe Item Glitch/Constant Effect Glitch on the disease resistant equipment and you will become immune to the disease as well as all the others PERMANENTLY. And you can still wear your armor with all the effects that the pieces of armor have and still be completely resistant to disease without wearing the disease resistant gear as the constant effects are still in place. HAVE FUN SLAYING VAMPIRES WITHOUT WORRIES!!!!!!!!

Added 23 Dec 2007, ID #1920, by darkshadow1450

Undo patches

First turn on your console then go to settings the click on memory. Then hit the yellow button or the Y botton. The press X,X,LB,RB,X,X or blue,blue,left bumper,right bumper,blue,blue. Then a screen should show up the click yes. The shut off your consle the turn it back on. Then when you start the game a screen should pop up it should say updates or aviable.instaLL OR SOME THING LIKE THAT. THE THERE YOU CAN DO muliplie items, or floating paintbrushes, and infinite MONEY glitch. SO GO HAVE HECK OF A WILD RIDE DOING YOUR CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S THANKS FOR READING THIS

Added 1 Dec 2007, ID #1848, by evil gamer

Easy Conjuration Skill

This is nice if conjuration is one of your major skills. Simply keep summoning your basic skeleton from your initial spell, beat the poop out of it, and repeat. Not only with your conjuration go up, so will your combat stats!

Profit of regret

Added 27 Nov 2007, ID #1825, by Profit of Regret

Duplicate Item Glitch

If you want to duplicate a non-stolen item you do this
1.Have 2 different sets of arrows.
2.Pull your arrow back.
3.Open your inventory.
4.Equip the set of arrows you already have again.
5.A on-screen message will pop up saying something like "You already have these equipped" or something like that.
6.Highlight the other set of arrows you have and equip them 2 times (hit A twice)
7.Then drop whatever item you want to duplicate.
8.Exit the inventory.
9.The arrow will automatically shoot and hit the item and duplicate.
10.If it didn't work you may have to try again.
PS:I don't know if this will work or not if you have downloaded patches for the game off of Xbox LIVE.And it may cause your game to freeze, so I advise you to save before you do it.
Happy Glitching! ^-^


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Added 24 Nov 2007, ID #1818, by Chao Ninja

Locatiing The Fin Gleam (Enchanted Glass Helm) At Any Level.

Fin Gleam Helm (Glass Helm)

Fin gleam is a unique glass helm which can be found at any level,
Very useful to a low level character, although it is obviously a very
Unattractive piece of kit if you don't like glassn armor.

To find fin gleam, head west from anvil until you reach the waterfront.
There should be a small island a few yards from the shore, most likely
Populated by numerous mudcrabs, use your map and you will see the small
Island just offshore. Head onto this island and go to it's west side,
Then into the water.

Follow the slope of the island right down the the sea bed, and you will
Find a skeleton not far from the island, nestled between some large
Rocks. On top of this skeleton is Fin Gleam. To make things easier,
Equip something with a nighteye enchantment or a spell and look
Around without moving just below the surface until you can make out the
Skeleton. Don't be discouraged if it take you a while to find it. Oh
And make sure to grab the nirnroot that is on the island.

NOTE: Fin Gleam is blessed with the following enchantments:

**water breathing
**night eye
**detect life 20 feet

Added 18 Nov 2007, ID #1779, by bile777d


Hello,AOS117 here!I found a Unicorn around arcane grove,and I tell you,its a powerful horse,and if nearby it,dont pull weapons out,or else it WILL attack you,but I'm pretty sure there is only 1 unicorn in all of the game!Well,you'll have to fight tauren,wolves,goblins,and if the unicorn attacs you,run to a stable,trap it in there,then wait an hour to make it stop attacking you.You will have to do that if the Unicorn attacks you.

-Aos117 signing out!

Added 3 Nov 2007, ID #1715, by Ace Of Spades 117

Flying (well sort of)

Hi guys

Who says you can't levitate on oblivion, well I proved em wrong. If wanna fly heres what you do:

1)get in trouble (if you havent a lot of money then just trespass it's only 5 gold but if not and you wanna try this now then just attack anyone)

2)when the gaurds come, be swimming or if your not swimming resist arrest then go swimming and give yourself up when the gaurd is swimming to. (as long as your swimming thats the main thing)

3)when your are teleported back to the according prision you will be flying (then when you move you see you not flying your just still swimming)

But be aware if you move to another hight eg up some steps or off of a kerb then you will be walking again so be carful if you wanna keep up I havent found out if you can go through doors yet as I wrote this as soon as I confermed it worked (the second try lol) so tell me what you think and if I'm the first one to post this because it will be the first glitch I found (so yay me) I don't know if this works on shivering isles and knights of the nine but I dose for me ob the original.
P.s only tryed this in layawin so far

Cheers for reading hope it works for you

Eye of god


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Added 12 Oct 2007, ID #1640, by eyeofgod123

Item duplication and never ending well of money money

These cheat's will probably not work if you got a patch
Item dupeing
Equip some arrows unequip weopons(except arrows)
Then punch the air or the ground then before the arm extends fully go into the invintory press A on the equiped arrows then X on the item you want to dupe. WARNING: don't use more than 100 arrows because the game might freeze.

Never ending well of money
Do the cure for vampirism quest then keep asking the cout of skingrad for your reward and wah-lah 5000 gold every time you ask I made 300,000 gold in about 2 minutes.

Added 28 Aug 2007, ID #1529, by Gameking17


To duplicate an item drawback your arrow by holding RT. When the arrow is completely drawnback click B and enter your inventory. Click the arrow that is currently being used. If clicked it will say "Cannot change weapons while attacking." Now scroll down and find the item you want to duplicate such as repair hammers, or lockpicks, whatever. Click X and drop the item, the click B and the game will pause a few seconds and pop comes out duplication of whatever you have.

Note: The item will be duplicated by as many arrows that you have, and you can only duplicate by 229 at the max, but as many times as you like.
Example: 209 arrows duplicates an item 209 times. Email me about this cheat. Angusyoungjr

Added 25 Aug 2007, ID #1504, by angusyoungjr

Light Armor but also Heavy

Ok so heres the deal you need to make sure that your Armoring skills and Conjuration skills are at Level 75 or higher then next you go and buy the summoning for the boots, greaves, gauntlets, curass, and sword or axe at the chorrol mages guild. After you do that go use one of the summonings and after you use it; use your repair hammer and use that on your armor that you summoned but you must make the health level on the armor more them 100 next drop the armor that you summoned wait one hour then you can pick up your new light armor but heavy Deadric armor. It is about the same as the old verson but better because it don't weght a thing. You do this to all of you armor and you will see how nice it is to have light armor.

Added 24 Aug 2007, ID #1501, by beaver_reaver


You must have two kinds of arrows to to this,Hold An arrow back press B and change your arrow choose the arrow twice, drop what you want duplicted press B again and it is duplicated


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Added 10 Aug 2007, ID #1472, by Stormwind

See underwater just as clear as on land!

This is a simple glitch that can really help with missions such as 'go fish' or other underwater missions

Okay, first, jump in deep water, funnily enough, everything goes dull and blue. Now, look at the part where the land becomes water and move around the right aralog stick around in tht area slowly eventually, you should be able to see underwater, but totally clear and not dull or blue at all.

Happy glitching !


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Added 30 Jul 2007, ID #1430, by milleniummanp7

Levitation Glitch

This glitch is completely useless but kind of fun... At least to me it is. First, you need to go to the Arena in the Imperial City. Then go inside and go a little bit past the short hallway that the door opens into. Then, turn around, activate sneak, go back in the hallway and take an imediate right in to wall. If you did it right you will rise off the floor and be above the doorway. Like I said, it is completely useless but I have had some fun with it.

Added 21 Jul 2007, ID #1385, by norbie007

Easy Money, Armor, And weapons

Are you finding yourself short of cash to buy new a hourse to travel around on? Keep blowing your money on Skomma? Can't even afford to replace your old rusty armor and weapons?! Well there is no need to be so broke that you can't even pay attention, let alone afford to pay the high prices to live in the province of Cyrodill these days!! Because I,Razors Edge 2.0, have the secret to easy gold, armor, and weapons! Don't worry, you don't have to pay me for it! I'm already the richest, most armored, and weapon ready man in all of Tamreiel. Perhaps you can join me?
Alright! Lets get started! First, you have to spend some gold to get some gold. Get some decent armor, and a good weapon. If you can, get it enchanted. If you don't have acsess to the arcane university, than get a sigil stone that does Fire damage, frost damage, or shock damage. And if you wan't, enchant your armor. Now that you have your armor and weapons, lets go exploring. Depending on what level you are you might get some decent armor,and weapons. The higher your level, the better stuff you'll get. This is a big change from morrowind. If your about level 20 or higher you should visit fort wooden hand. This fort is a little west of Gotsfont priory. Which is a little west of Skingrad. Off the road leading away from the west gate. Fort wooden hand is Marudurs inside,which is,as you probally know, more equiped than the standerd bandit. By "equiped" I mean that they have heavy armor instead of light armor. I go there every couple of days. I suggest you by a house that has more than one cubard. Have one cubard be just for your armor, and the other for your weapons. I also suggest that you have at least two sets of the same armor. And multiple weapons of the same make. With wheatever other weapons and armor you do not wan't to keep, sell them.

Another way to make good cash is to get a good weapon that costs more than 200 gold. Equip it as your current sheathed weapon, hop on your horse and go to Kvatch. When you get to the camp, stay on your horse,and look for the orc smith. Talk to her when your on your horse, select barter, and highlight the weapon you equiped before, and sell it. A little messege will tell you that you can't sell it, but you still get the gold for it. You can do this as much as you wan't but if you sell a weapon that you don't have equiped, you will sell it as if you were selling it to a normal merchant.


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Added 16 Jul 2007, ID #1369, by Razors Edge 2.0

Almost invicible

To almost be invicible you need this 100 resist magic or 100 spell absorption and 100 reflect damage the refect damage is able to be obtained by getting these 3 items Ring of the iron fist, necklace of swords/amulte of axes, and escutcheon of Chorrol... The only weakness is posion and bows making tresure hunting alot easier

Added 9 Jul 2007, ID #1345, by The Bam Guy

Infinite Money (Dorian Glitch)

When you get out of the imperial prison sewers and get to the imperial city fast travel to the middle and look for a door that says Dorians house and go in and bribe him as much as possible then close the door and kill him. Then when you loot him you can loot the mony from him for one week in the game after that the cheat will go away.happy spending.(note: make sure that you close the door and stand in front of it so he can't get around you.)

Added 6 Jul 2007, ID #1338, by skiler10001
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