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Super weapon!

First off you must have access to the arcane university a charged grand soul gem a drain health spell you can use,And any weapon you want "I chose a glass dagger as an experiment." Now add the following enchantment to your weapon.

Damage health,100 points
In,15 feet
For,1 second

And you will still have room to add another effect if you want but if you just use damage health you will have 24 uses I can kill most creatures in one hit with my little glass dagger Enjoy watching your enemys fly! :3


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Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #3043, by GlitchFinder91 and get

get rich.

K guys. I have the shivering isles installed so I can't do the get on a horse sell ure equiped item cheat anymore. But I found a solution. Things you will need : a few of the same scroll spell. A good weapon. This is just one expensive item there are others all around. When you go into paradise. Fight mankar camoran take his robe and weapon. When you get back. Go to the scrolls click on them nothing will happen then drop the robe and you will get as many robes as you have scrolls. Keep doing it and get MANY robes. They are really worth 8000 gold but when I sold it I only got 1000. But take my advice it works!

Keep gaming!- obliviongmr94


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Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #3038, by obliviongmr94

Infinite Shoes, Lockpicks, and Money:: The Lucien Way

There may be other ways to get infinite money that are much more beneficial, but this is just a neat little way to do so.

{{ :: NOTE! I have the Shivering Isles installed as well; not sure if this changes anything. :: }}

1) Commit your first murder.
2) Sleep in any location.
3) Speak to Lucien when he arrives.
4) When he is leaving, pickpocket him.

He has an infinite supply of lockpicks, money (4 gold each time), and shoes!!



Added 12 Aug 2008, ID #2939, by Rashok_Ne

easy escape from prison

This is for those people who can't open the lock at the snap of your fingers. Ok it's really easy if you have a inmate if so just punch him a couple times until he starts fighting back then stop punching or your screwed the inmate will keep punching you until the gaurd comes in he will kill you inmate and then leave but he won't shut the door and you can just walk out the gaurds won't care and if you talk to them while you're inside the prison (not in your cell) they'll start saying stuff that they would say if you had talked to them in the cell so just grab your stuff and walk out it will raise your bounty for jailbreak (so if you don't want gaurds to chase you then just serve your time) anyway I'm not sure if they'll start chasing you when you leave the biulding because my friend talked to the gaurd as soon as he left the building and he started his "stop you've vialated the law bla bla bla" so if you don't have an inmate just summon something ,it works or it should anyway

Added 10 Aug 2008, ID #2924, by i z

Get Rich Quick!

This is what many want. To feel secure in an abundance of gold for bribery, paying your murder fines, and of course, nice duds. :]

1) Have a RARE, moderately visible item, not a weapon/sheild/armor. Something like the Varla stone or the Grand Soul Gem (filled w/a Greater+ soul) works perfectly.
2) Empty all items you don't need (pretty much everything) until your inventory consists only of the item you want to use as a base for your riches, any ESSENTIAL weapons/armor, and two kinds of scrolls.
3) There should be more of one scroll than the other. Hit "A" twice on the higher scroll amount, then drop ("X") the other.
4) Viola! It's cloned! Pick up the items.
5) Now, repeat the process, switching the scrolls' roles. (haha, rhyme.)
6) You can get up to 108 quickly. When you have the maximum or the number you want, double-click "A" on either scroll and then press "X" on your rare item. There's probably going to be a ton, but they don't take long to pick up so pick up all of them.
7) Head to a market (HOWEVER!: Due to frequent over-encumberances, you may want to DO THIS CHEAT in a market next to a vendor, or next to a fence if you're in the Thieves' Guild. Preferably someone with lots of gold.)
8) Drop your item so you only have 10 of it in your inventory. (it's okay, the rest will be in bulk. :D)
9) The value of the item and the amount of gold will alter how many you can sell at one time. If you have a Grand Soul Gem and it's worth 300 in the vendor's book and they have 1000, sell 3 at a time. The Varla Stones usually can only go one at a time. =[
10) Pick up your items in bulk and repeat steps 8-10 until you have one of the item left.

It took me about 6 minutes to get 61k. Good luck!

Added 7 Jul 2008, ID #2750, by Rashok_Ne

A Small Glitch (Not the Dorian one)

This is a cool glitch I found,NOTE: Chances are this wont work if you get the next updates on XBOX LIVE

Well,here are some requireents

1) Must be a Vampire (Do some contracts for Dark brotherhood,or eat some Vampire Dust and sleep)
2) Look over consequences (This includes: Cannot stay in daylight,or from 6:00 AM through 8:00 PM and people will dislike you)

Once you find a cure for vampirism (Talk to Dark Brotherhood vampire,one who offers "Dark Gift") then go to Skingrad and talk to Count Janus Hassildor,there will be a topic "Cure for Vampirism" ,click it/select it,and Janus will go into detail about how he and his wife became vampires,you must have many ingredients to find te cure,follow quest directions as stated,if you need ingredients,go to the Gilded Carafe,The Main Ingredient,or if you have the Shivering Isles expansion pack,look in your garden.After you have the cure, drink it yourself (There will be 2 doses),and you'll be cured,take the other to skingrad,talk to the steward,and follow her to a chamber,where the Countess lays,give Janus the cure,there will be a short scene,then ask about your reward (Should be 2500 gold) ,the topic should stay,and there you go,if you need money,see Janus Hassildor for money by selecting "reward" ,he will keep giving you 2500 gold each time you select "Reward"

NOTE: therre may be a few details added,I was a vampire in the game and was looking for a cure.So try not being a vampire and try this.

Hope this Helped!

Ace Of Spades 117


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Added 6 Jul 2008, ID #2743, by Ace Of Spades 117

Dup Glich

WILL NOT WORK WITH MORE THAN 99 arrows now go get a bow find a small space to do this in pull back an an arrow now press b click on the arrows you have equipped a message will come up saying you can not unequipp thie item or somthing. Now go to the item you want to coppy and drop it now press b again thi is the part that the small space comes in handy so all the stuff dos not go every where. Does not work on nirnroot, one of a kind items, and also not the best idea to do this when enemy are around.

happy duping,

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #2715, by poohead13

duplication cheats and other useful stuff

Legendary items
-moruayns peacemakers - trunchcor of submision
-the flowing bowl - fists of the drunard
-lelles quality merchendise - apron of the master artsan
-archers pardoxe - bow of inflection
-warlock`s luck - ring of tranmutation
-fair deal - rode of creativity
-novama - monkeypants
-nord winds - ponoran`s juggernuat
-hamer and axe - gauntlets of gluttong
*imperial city market distrect-
-fist edetion - document of purile bater
-a fighting chance - battleaxe of hattred
-the main in grient - mantle of the woodsmen
-rindirs staffs - apotheosis
-stonewall sheild - tower of the nine
-the best deffence - aegis of the apocalypse
-the gilded carafe - birthnight of astalon
-mystic emporium - hands of the astalvn
-divine eleporium - quicksilver boots
-three brother`s trade goods - akavari sunderblade
Jensine "good as new"merchandise - akavari warblade
-borba`s good`s and storeis - cowl of the draid
-the march rider - captians kordans saber
-mach-nas books-chroniel of sacrifice
*fire and steel - rashedals special
-northern goods and trade - boots of the swift merchant
-the dividing line - destrne`s cleaver
-souther books annal of the fire nexus
-colovian traders - vest of the bard
-all things alchical - ring of wortcraft
-hammer and tongs - helm of freocity

This is not all the legendary items if you find some you can email me at


Dupelicate items-
1.-get any scroll you want just make sure that you have 2 or more of them
2.-ok highlight them and hit A twice
3.-go to the item you want dupelicated and drop it
4.-exit out of the meunu thing
5.-now you have a dupe f that item

Easy level up-
Go to the arena set up for a fight go in the arena but don`t kill your oponent yet let him hit you till you level up or block his/her atack but this only works if you have bloking and/or hevey armor in your major skills.

Warning the dupelication cheat dose not work on every item so yea hope this helped you guys out.

Added 26 Jun 2008, ID #2704, by king_of_death

own a shop

You will have to go to jail but it is worth it go to any shop go in side (you might want to see what he/she has)then kill them,before the gaurds come search there body and get the key to the shop when you get out of jail you will still have the key and can go in at any time! Hope this helps.

Added 16 May 2008, ID #2548, by johnson385

Need Good Armor???

Hey! Do you need some armor? Then go a little north of leyiwan on the west side following the road until you reach rockmilk cave......enter at your own risk!!

Added 15 May 2008, ID #2547, by o.k._gamer

extremely easy umbra sword

Ok umbra(the person) is located in a ruin southwest of the imperial city called vindasel but watch out cause it has a couple of bad floor traps in it so after you reach the very bottom of the ruins you will see her down there and she is kinda strong but if you use the dupe items glitch then you should have no problems cause all you have to do is summon a monster to attack her while you are invisible and them equip a spell like spark or electric touch to hit her with and then go invisible again and she will die in no time also once she is dead you will get umbra(the sword) and some ebony armor and the sword weighs nothing has soultrap 120seconds and a high attack rating and if you dupe it since it weighs nothing and costs around 5500gold that is a great way to earn money as well, hope all that helped

Added 1 May 2008, ID #2470, by bam777

How to get some good Armour

Go to Leyawin and go north until you reach this place with three houses I think then go up until you see Rockmilk cave. Good luck

Added 30 Apr 2008, ID #2460, by kyo 987

Infinite money after patch, uses no glitches

Get to head of mages guild (easy to do) and complete order of virtuous blood quest. After the order quest the vampire hunters pay 250 gold for each vampire dust you give them. In the Arch-Mages quearters you have a chest that multiplies alchemy ingidients. Put in a vampire dust and wait a day or two to get a lot of them then sell all but one to the hunters. Then use that one to do it again.

Added 26 Apr 2008, ID #2443, by ricca roc

loads of money!!!!!!!!

Frist get a horse then go to kvatch save your game in the camp then talk to the orc go on barter and sell her your equipped wepon if it disappers go to desktop and go to memory press y and do x,x,lb,rb,x,x then go on the game don't accept update then load game and sell your equipped when your merchantile gose up press y and haggle to try and get more money then you can sell as much as your hearts wants.

Hoped this helped
By Xbox live lover


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Added 23 Apr 2008, ID #2436, by xbox live lover

Duplicating Glitch

Here is a glitch on how to duplicate items(doesn't work on all items and might not work at all, but try it anyway!)

1)Get a bow, the item you want to duplicate, and about 50 arrows(don't use to many or the screen will freeze)
2)Get the arrow ready to fire but don't let it go yet(point it at the ground so it doesn't hit anyone or get lost)
3)Go into your inventory with the arrow still nocked to your bow and drop the item you want to duplicate
4)If you used 50 arrows, then 50 of that item will fall out of the arrow
5)You can now let the arrow go and pick up the items and arrow

Hope this helps!



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Added 22 Apr 2008, ID #2434, by gamesmaster285


Some newbies who like vampires do this,murder someone try not to get caught sleep somwhere and your new brother will come along talk to him do what he says and do some dark brotherhood "tasks" and eventually you'll be asked if you wanna be a vampire,simple.

Added 19 Apr 2008, ID #2422, by themetalman

Easy leveling, money, and attribute gaining

For this to work you should have at least one skill of the atrribute you want to max fast as an other (something easy to level). You should replace that skill with mercantile and train in it and when selling stuff have anything that gives personality or mercantile on. Illusion is easy to level to add to your personality. When mercantile is maxed you can train other skills and each set of 5 is half way to leveling. I am level 22 and I got 3 attributes maxed this way and over 100k gold. Then train in the skill that attribute is governed by it and then manully train in the misc skill that you set for that attribute. It is fast and easy once you get started and have a desent amount of money.

Lv 22 Dark Elf Warrior
Strenght max
Endurance max
Personality max
Intell about 60
Willpower about 50
Speed about 55
Agility about 45
Luck 50
Gold over 100k


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Added 18 Apr 2008, ID #2421, by dragonmastergamer

Easy Weapons & Armor

Now for this all you need is a weapon(any will do)and be lvl 5.(you can be lvl 1 but you need to kill people so if you want a head start I suggest you lvl up)Now if you feel confident enough go to Leyawin and head out the east gate and keep following the path until you come to three houses the area will be called Blackenmarsh I think wait 'til dark(10-12pm)and enter any of the three houses(I suggest you leave the Orc 'til last)and kill whoever is in it and search their body. There will be some pretty awesome armor or weapons on the body.(it changes so it will never be the same)Do this to all three and you should have a couple of magical arrows and if your lucky a daedric longsword or an elven longsword.(as I said before it changes so you might not get them at all)Now you should be fit for a while until you find better!

Hope it's of good use to you noobs or even long-time players!!


Added 29 Mar 2008, ID #2351, by death23

'Lotta Stuff

You can get the Boethia quest from Bora ga Uzgash (Borba's Goods and Stores east of Cheydinhal's west gate) or just set a marker west of the M in Mountains (The Valus Mountains). Speak to a redgaurd named Haekwon at the shrine (you must be at Lv. 20). He will tell you to get a daedra heart. You can easily find them in Dremora or Xivilai bodies. But if you beat the game or are Just too wimpy to fight, you can go to either the four-tumbler case on the top floor of the Anvil Fighters Guild, or in a table in a big room at the top of a alyeid ruin called Ceyatartar. Come back and talk to the God (make sure you have a good weapon, armor, a few good health potions, repair hammers, and soul gems, but keep some room for other things). He'll talk a little and then open a portal to the left of him.

When you enter the place, it will be a mix of Oblivion and the arena. You'll fight every race but you're own, and these guys have A LOT of stuff, and it's all good. The races' weaknesses/strategy are:

Argonian: Stay back and hit it with spells, or if it's a female, rush up and hit her where it hurts.

Breton: Paralize him and hit him with a magic/poisoned sword.

Dark Elf: Same as Breton.

High Elf: Cast fire, frost, or shock on them.

Imperial: Same as Breton and Dark Elf.

Khajiit: Same as Male Argonian.

Nord: Same as Male Argonian and Khajiit.

Orc: Use the Male Argonian or Breton strategy.

Redgaurd: Same as Orc.

Wood elf: Any strategy will work on this guy.

Make sure you get everything before exiting the arena (you can't go back) and return to get the enchanted sword Goldbrand.


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Added 18 Mar 2008, ID #2284, by Lapmaster

Post Patch Fun

Ok so I've read most of the usefull glitches and managed to master and refine most of them, and create some of my own.

Lets start with money, because we ALL like money right. When you start the game and make it out of the sewers try to make around 3-4 thousand gold and find dorians house in Talos Plaza. When you talk to him bribe him find a subject that makes him look angry. If you do this he should start to dislike you, when it gets to about 25 bribe him up to about 80, NO FARTHER THAN 80. Let it decreas to 77, bribe again, only hit A once. The numbers should be going from 77 to 79-80 on each bribe, do this until you get bored or run out of money. Kill Dorian. Loot his body and if you notice he has around 3-4k on him and it doesnt dissapear when you take it. Continue to take the gold until you are satified, his body does dissapear after about 2-3 days in the game if you are not looting. I realize this is a painstaking and aggravating way but you get millions in under an hour. I havnt tried to Cure Vampirse quest glich yet that might work better but it's alot farther into the game.

Now for duplication fun. Unlike common belief you can dupe just about anything in the game expect for quest items and some armor. Now swords and bows are a pain to do but still possible. Things you will need

1-2 of the item you want more of

Once you gather these things make sure you can see all three in you menu screen. Draw back you bow or sword( if useing malee weapon press B before it moves forward) and go to menu unequiped you arrows(it will say you can't, this should happen) go down and drop your choosen item and leave you menu. Depending on the amout of your arrow(no more than 125 is recommended on 360) you should hav more of that item burst into the air in front of you. (keep the lockpicking duping down to about 25-30 at a time for some reason it hates duping lockpicks)

Now for some skill upping and leveling tips.

Magic skills are reletivly simple, use that class of spell on something/someone to increase it's level thus you level.
Armor is more complex but still easy. Got to the game menu(where you save and load) go to options and dumb to game level to nothing. Doing so allows you to pretty much take no damage. Now go find a guard or if your a law abiding citizen, find a monster. Hit to little or big being and let he/she/it hit you your armor skill goes up. Id keep a few repair hammers and healing potions handy for extended leveling. O and if you hit a resist arrest, if you need out of the situation flee to a seperate section and return and they will give you the option again.

Weapons are to easiest ....hit things, summonings, people, monsters, anything living or undead.

If you go to Peryites Shrine(Follow the river east of Bravil across the lake that curves north) some people in a circle but they don't move,talk, or die but you can still hit them. Use this little thing(not a glich, it's part of a quest) to level your attack spells, blade, blunt, etc..

Other skills, such as merchantile, sneak, speechcraft, etc. Can only be leveled by useing them as they were supposed to be used. If I find away to level them faster ill submit it here.

Thats all I have for now if I find others ill let you know.


Added 15 Mar 2008, ID #2272, by sledgehammer
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